Wednesday, August 1, 2012

M Is For Music

Yes, M is for Music.
It is also the first intial
of our little Ria's
first "real" name-
not her blog name.

Ria plays the violin
So, I thought she
should have a special
Look what I found
at a junk shop.
Yeah, I know some of
you call them
thrift stores...
I calls 'em as I sees 'em.
This one was definitely,
Pretty cute though, huh?
She was in excellent shape.
Very heavy and well made.
I didn't have to do much
to her.
I cleaned, polished and waxed
her up and then painted
the seat with
ASCP in white.
Cute? Yes?
Not quite cute enough yet.
How about an
A fancy scrolled M?
I did it with a black paint pen.
Here she is!
The seat lifts up.
When she opened her mouth
 to complain
I shoved some note filled
paper in her mouth
to cover the inside bottom.
And,  after her bottom 
was dry,
just like a newborn,
she went home with
the rightful owner.
Now-quit your grinning
Get back to practicing!
Gotta love a girl like that!
~She makes my heart sing~
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  1. Looove the chair! You did an awesome job! I love the initial and the idea of covering the bottom with note paper. You are very talented and creative! Please, share what you used to paint the seat. I had no idea you could do that!

  2. I love that you painted the chair seat and also made it personal with the M. She looks very focus on that violin.

  3. Diana, Great clean up, shine up and I love the "M". Ria looks so happy to have her own special chair. She's a beauty. Smiles, xo, Susie

  4. The chair is ADORABLE....but the little gal walks away with the beauty prize.

  5. Oh I love that chair. Would be perfect for storing books and music.

  6. Now that suits her well. I know she will use it every day, many times a day if she sticks with it. Great find. I finally came over to see why you hadn't posted today. On my side bar it only shows you posted a day ago, so that's maybe why not many have visited this morning.
    Anyway- Ria is just super sweet and I like her big smile with her new chair.

  7. You can strut your stuff today 'cause you earned it with that great chair make-over. LOVE IT!! Perfect for a budding violinist!

  8. Wow..That looks great..good job..I used to "play" the violin when I was her age..Glad that I don't have to listen to it now!!

  9. Now KNOW I love this. Right up my musical ally! :)

    Love the GIRL SOCKS below...tee hee....



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