Wednesday, August 1, 2012

M Is For Music

Yes, M is for Music.
It is also the first intial
of our little Ria's
first "real" name-
not her blog name.

Ria plays the violin
So, I thought she
should have a special
Look what I found
at a junk shop.
Yeah, I know some of
you call them
thrift stores...
I calls 'em as I sees 'em.
This one was definitely,
Pretty cute though, huh?
She was in excellent shape.
Very heavy and well made.
I didn't have to do much
to her.
I cleaned, polished and waxed
her up and then painted
the seat with
ASCP in white.
Cute? Yes?
Not quite cute enough yet.
How about an
A fancy scrolled M?
I did it with a black paint pen.
Here she is!
The seat lifts up.
When she opened her mouth
 to complain
I shoved some note filled
paper in her mouth
to cover the inside bottom.
And,  after her bottom 
was dry,
just like a newborn,
she went home with
the rightful owner.
Now-quit your grinning
Get back to practicing!
Gotta love a girl like that!
~She makes my heart sing~
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Maria Elena said...

Looove the chair! You did an awesome job! I love the initial and the idea of covering the bottom with note paper. You are very talented and creative! Please, share what you used to paint the seat. I had no idea you could do that!

outjunking said...

I love that you painted the chair seat and also made it personal with the M. She looks very focus on that violin.

Susie said...

Diana, Great clean up, shine up and I love the "M". Ria looks so happy to have her own special chair. She's a beauty. Smiles, xo, Susie

bj said...

The chair is ADORABLE....but the little gal walks away with the beauty prize.

Jettie said...

Oh I love that chair. Would be perfect for storing books and music.

Tete said...

Now that suits her well. I know she will use it every day, many times a day if she sticks with it. Great find. I finally came over to see why you hadn't posted today. On my side bar it only shows you posted a day ago, so that's maybe why not many have visited this morning.
Anyway- Ria is just super sweet and I like her big smile with her new chair.

Sweet Tea said...

You can strut your stuff today 'cause you earned it with that great chair make-over. LOVE IT!! Perfect for a budding violinist!

This N That said...

Wow..That looks great..good job..I used to "play" the violin when I was her age..Glad that I don't have to listen to it now!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Now KNOW I love this. Right up my musical ally! :)

Love the GIRL SOCKS below...tee hee....