Sunday, August 5, 2012

Alphabet Laughs-A Is For Avacado And Apple And Agile

I have decided to do
what I am going to call
The Alphabet Posts.
Where do I start?
Why with
of course.
A is for Avacado,
The fruit of the Gods.
is also for Apple.
Delicious and Tasty
worm spots and all
(okay- what is worse than
finding a worm in your half-eaten
apple?  Well...finding
HALF A WORM, of course!
And...last but not least...
A is for
sometimes forgets
that he is on the
cloudy side of 60.
You know the side..
the one where you get
The time of life when
your get up and go has
kind of got up and went.

Grow old?
MyHero can run
and play with the best
of them.

You know he likes to sit,
and snack
Okay-either he has spilled
glazing on his shirt or
he has really bad dandruff...
can I get an EEEEWWW?
But once he is 
his seat
you might find him
diving over the chair
he was sitting in.
for his age, huh?

I think they ought to have
a special place in the
Olympics for
guys like him...
don't you?

That's MyHero.
So.......How's your 
old boy doing?
your photo name


It's All Connected said...

What the...! You can let your yard boy go with that frisky fella around! ~ Maureen

Debby said...

How did you catch that shot. Same thing happened with my husband a couple years back. The chair he was in flipped and so did he. Uninjured and quite funny. Hope yours wasn't hurt in the filming of this act.

Susie said...

I give your hero a ten for that amazing feat. My guy and I spent our morning cleaning up after the storms last night. Picking up branches and limbs and cutting them into manageable sizes. Not the morning I had in mind...but at least we got about 2 inches of rain. Smiles, Susie

Anonymous said...

It definitely looks like it could be a new Olympic sport.

Patty Patterson said...

You'd better give that man a gold medal because I don't think anyone will ever beat him at chair diving.
And I had thought about playing olympics and getting those little gold wrapped chocolate coins and putting red white and blue ribbons on them - but there was no gold wrapped chocolate at Walmart - so I didn't get the medals made. Oh, well.... we'll find plenty to do and anytime there is a winner there is also a loser - and I don't feel much like losing right now, anyway.

Ruth Kelly said...

No one here but me - no old boys around. Although, I am on that cloudy side of 60 too.

Susan said...

Diane, my old boy is in better shape than I am. He is 68 and he rides 10 miles daily on his bicycle and plays golf twice a week. He thinks he is 21 years old. I keep reminding him he is not.

Debbie said...

My old boy is right in the middle of the road of the 60's. He is still working out(he was Mr. Michigan in 1986), and looks pretty good for an old geezer! He decided to buy a Harley...he misses his old bike(we're not talking a Schwinn). So, he's doing pretty good.
I must say, your Hero does well in the chair jumping catagory. Did he take the gold medal? I couldn't tell without seeing the landing?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Haha! I enjoyed your post! You really make me laugh! Oh, and that half worm thing, yuck! lol

Thanks for sharing.

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah

Shopgirl said...

A is for Arney......Arney is 67 and is amazing to me. He left working on Auto Air conditioning and went to work as a tool man at Lowe's about 4 years ago. And believe me it is hard work. He is not standing around waiting for a customer. He climbs ladders, lifts heavy things, builds things, and stocks. All on cement floors. Then does all the yard work, and now doing a remodel on the bedrooms upstairs. He is my hero...yep, they just keep going.
Thank you for reading my story, I know it was long, but somethings just need to be told. Or maybe I just needed to write it. Love, Mary

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How in the world did he get up in the air...over the chair? Are we going to hear 'the rest of the story'? OH MY! My guy just ate lunch with me and we had guacamole with smoked chicken! I love avocados!

Shopgirl said...

Your Hero is adorable, able to fly over tall building or chairs at the speed of amazing!
Your, Mary

LANA said...

Love avocados! I'd say that's pretty good hanging over the chair like that!

Anonymous said...

is that really your husband?You are such a jokester I'm not sure,,,if it is how the heck did he do that! Was he hurt, gosh I hope not!

Anonymous said...

Ah the alphabet will open up many posting possibilities! Great blog. Made me laugh.

I'm your 500th follower!

Have a great day!
Michael Lounsbury

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I love avacado's

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

it is good to be able to laugh about and with our spouses! laughter is a good medicine!

Beth said...

Your hero is amazing!!

I miss my hero so much.

Jann Olson said...

You must enter him into the Olympics. My hubby is 61 and I'm getting close. I tease and say I have one more good year left. lol! Our get up and go is a bit more slow, but just happy that we are able to get up.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Chair diving??? How many broken bones?

Grammy Goodwill said...

While I don't think my "cloudy" hubby can top yours in the chair event, he's great at getting down on the floor to play with the grandkids, no matter how tired and sore he is when he comes home from work.

suzyq said...

LMAO - this is just too funny Diana -
Love love love that photo -
I'm now following you too - with many thanks for your visit

FABBY'S LIVING said... cracked me up pretty girl, how funny this shot is...How did you ever captured this!!! Too darn funny for words, you made my Sunday! Hope you come on over for a more serious note..well, not so SERIOUS!!!
Have a blessed week my friend.

Kay G. said...

Ha! My old boy is in the kitchen cooking my dinner just like he should be!! Really!!

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I excel at that same sport!!!!! We call it "Clumso the Clown!" said...

Wow you man is amazing. No bones broken. Then he is ready for the
Olympic . I never expected that shot of your hubby yet you do have him many. I am sorry I did laugh some, well alott.

You and your camera.

Donna said...

Ok, how on earth did you happen to catch that smooth move, Diana? How funny is that! My hubby can be entertaining, too. You never know what those guys will come up with next!!

Sweet Tea said...

Is that his version of "planking"?
Great shot of your Hot Shot!!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Amazing shoot! He's definitely agile! I give him a 10! Looks a little dangerous with those chair legs pointing up!What hero! Mine is doing well- still sneaking a cigar every now and then!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

LOL! I know my old boy is not diving over chairs! I'm impressed!



Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

This post gets A+!!
Love this idea!

Gretchen said...

Mr. Bird Nest doesn't have a t-shirt without a stain on it somewhere. I think he must have been a real test for his mother. Great POST!!!

missy said...

Chair Diving !! New Olympic event..What a hoot...Avocados..Yuk :)

Miss Kitty said...

Oh my gosh! Did he do a roll-over after this shot? This looks like he did it "on purpose"...I might break a bone or two if I tried this.

Keeping it Cozy said...

I enjoyed reading all your Alphabet posts this evening! :-)

sleepy headed mom said...

haha. I really enjoyed this post and the picture. :)

Annesphamily said...

I think you are very blessed! All the family around around you are amazing! You are a good person! :)