Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies-A Story And Recipe

Girl Scout Cookies!
MyHero's favorite?
Thin Mint Cookies.
I will get to the recipe
in a minute...
but first I want to share
a quick story..
as if I have ANY quick stories
My little Mimi
got an award

for selling
the MOST girl scout cookies
in 1984.

You know how that happened?
That happened because
MamasBoy and his big
brother went into the storeroom
where we had the packages saved
and ate a few cookies out
of EVERY single box of
cookies..and sealed them
back up...
MamasBoy was only 4
so you can guess who had the
big idea to eat them.

Anyway, we paid out well
over $200. for those stinking
That was back when a mortgage
payment was about $200.
Yeah..and we were young
and broke.
We sure had a lot of cookies
for desert for a few months.

Then, as now, the
are always the first to go.

So, here is a quick and easy
version to make your own.
This is SO EASY!
How easy you ask?
Well, this is
SO EASY that even
can make them.
Yes. She. Can.
Gotcha, Laurie

You need:
Andes Mints.

Unwrapped, of course.
(got that part, Laurie?)

Melted in the microwave.
It took one minute in my mic.

You need:
Ritz crackers

(Unwrapped, Laurie)

Then you simply
dip the crackers one by one
(use a fork & let the
excess chocolate run back
into the container)
(I can't find that picture-UGH)

And place them on
Tin Foil.

I tried the rack..
Not pretty coming off.

I tried wax paper..
that was worse..

Then the
Buttered tin foil.
These are the backs
coming off the foil.
Let cool and eat.
MyHero is a
Happy Camper.
He likes them frozen.
If he can wait for them
to freeze.

See, Laurie...I told you
these were easy-peasy.
If THIS blond can make them..
Now Laurie might not be a
great baker,
but she IS a
and so darned cute
you almost want to
hate her.
But I don't!
Here she is with her
sweet husband...
Laurie- Eat and Enjoy..
Because the more
you eat, the fatter you get..
and the better
your photo name


  1. What a story! You sure did have a couple of cookie monsters in your home. The recipe looks great! Happy to know how to get them off of the buttered foil.

  2. Oh, that's funny! Doug had to sell candy bars one time for scouts. Yeah, the kids got into them and we had to cough up some dough over that.
    This looks easy and those are our favortites, too, and if you and Laurie can do them, then I should have no problem, right? After all, I'm not blonde...even though there are some days that DH says my roots must be.
    Have never heard of using buttered foil- so thanks for that tip- might work in other things, too!
    It's going to be a lot cheaper than the $5 a box now for 8 cookies!
    Have a fun day!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. LOL.. ooooh boy..

    And yes Laurie, you're to damn cute, so eat up and unwrap first..

  4. Thank you, and yes, a lot cheaper than the 'originals'. I will try them the next time i want to 'bake' cookies.

    The kids always sold candy bars, I've had to buy my share over the years....

    What kills me is the cookie dough the kids now sell, $15 and it makes about 20 cookies. I would prefer to donate the money to the school.

  5. Such a cute story! The cookies look great & seem so simple to make. I'll have to give them a try.

  6. Oh my gosh! how did you ever figure out the cookies were missing?
    The fun never ends at your house.
    Enjoy your day Diana!

  7. thats so cute,, only the best of friends can poke fun like that,, I'll give these a go for sure,

  8. You had to buy all those cookies? Oh no!! This recipe is easy and that is good. I like easy and the mint cookies are my favorite, too.

  9. From one BLOND to another...
    Maybe I could actually pull these off too!
    Wow! that was a lot of cookie's to purchase back in the day...great little ha-ha story.
    ain't life grand!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. Keebler sells a grasshopper cookie that taste just like the thin mints - only a lot less expensive. And Walmart has a Great Value version of it, too. They also have the peanut butter patties that are chocolate covered with the peanut butter inside - for about $2.00 The Great Value cookies are really pretty good. You should try them. You should try a lot of them. Because Sweet Cheeks will be disappointed if you get skinny, so you'll need to be eating extra cookies just for her!

  11. YUMMY! I will have to try this recipe. What a funny story. Yes you are right I remember the days of 200.00 mortgages, that is what my Grandparents was. Amazing how things and costs have changed. Not to mention those thin mints are half the size now too.

  12. Oh, Diana...you are a hoot. Love Laurie, she is so darn cute!

    The story of the cookies is funny. Gosh, I really did not enjoy those Girl Scout years, but the cookies made up for it...sort of!

    Thanks again for the info on the climbing roses. I don't care about thorns, just how pretty they are!

    Stay cool today, it is supposed to hit 100 degrees here!


  13. That story was hilarious! Sounds like something my own rascals might do! And I'm going to try the recipe for sure. :-)

  14. I needed a smile today and you gave me one! I am going to try this recipe! Your Thin Mint cookie story reminded me of when I was pregnant with my first child. I ate almost a whole bag of M&Ms. Yes, the big one. The unfortunate thing is, I still don't have the weight off from that and it was 26 years ago. =0)

  15. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  16. Great Story!!!
    I kept seeing you everywhere I left comments and thought I should come meet you! You hav a really fun Blog! I'll have to try out those cookies.
    I'd love it if you'd stop in to see me ... I'm having my first blog party and month long giveaway!
    I'll be back!

  17. That is a riot....such a funny story, a very expensive funny story! Your posts always crack me up..clever way to make the thin mints..will have to give it a shot sometime, though it could be dangerous as I have NO willpower around anything chocolate, then you throw in mints, sweets and cookies...its all over:)

  18. Thin mints never last long in this house!

  19. LOL! What a great story :O) I love thin mints (probably waaaay too much!) and must give this little recipe a try.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week!


  20. Very cute post. Love it....I have to make these but then I would eat them all...! They look so yummy.

  21. Lol at the cookie story - I did something similar once with bread - just picked a hole through the middle of a fresh loaf, and resealed the packet. That recipe looks so scrumptious. Mint and chocolate are my fav combo.


  22. Oh wow! I love these Girl Scout cookies and thank you for the recipe! What a great story you have about Girl Scout cookies! LOL!

  23. Oh your a hoot Diana, really cute post!
    Love the recipe too, so easy!
    And the story reminds me of when my Mom made dozens of cookies for Christmas and froze them in our freezer. She was due with my sister in December and wanted to be ready.
    Well us older kids found them and ate them frozen. My Mom went to fetch some and couldn't believe they were all gone!
    Hugs friend,

  24. A recipe I can make! I love, love, love thin mints. And I love them frozen. I'm off to Kroger's to buy some Andes now.

  25. Oh My Goodness, That was some Cookie Bill~ Love the idea for the thin mint cookies, I will certainly try this, I Love Chocolate & Mint~
    also loved the whip cream video...
    btw, do you want me to save the leftovers of the wood grained contact paper for your bath? I wonder if they still sell that stuff ~ I remember when I mom did an entire book self, then that reminded me of the Faux wood finishes in paint, she did that too, Ahhh, the 70's~
    Have a great week

  26. You crack me up and made me hungry for cookies now! LOL!


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