Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blondes Have More Fun Giving It Away~

Did you come here
thinking this was going to
be a "racy" post?
C' know who
you are.
You thought this was going
to be some story of
passionate longing..
and misdeeds.
Admit it.
Raise your hand if that's
what you thought.
I have my eyes closed
so your secret is safe.

Well, this IS about a blonde.
And she DOES seem to have
As a matter of fact,
she is having SOO much fun
that she's hosting a giveaway

Her name is
Isn't she beautiful?
This is Jane and The Husband.

I like that -
The Husband...

Her blog is called
where she got THAT name
from I will never know!;>)

What's she giving away?
Give up?
She is giving away a
$50 gift card.
Where can you use
the gift card?
Give up?
Pottery Barn.
Now I ask you...
Who doesn't love
Pottery Barn?

if you want to win the
card you need to pop
by her blog,
say Hello and
sign up as a follower.
It's as easy as that.

And, guess what?
Once you find your way
over there you will be
hooked...cuz Jane is
way beyond nice.
And pretty..
And sweet...

Oh,'ll just
like her a lot!
Now get yourself over
there and sign up...
Tell her I sent you...
just so she knows that
the chick that lives in
Wisconsin keeps her promises.
Cuz us WI chicks are like that..
'Deed we are!
your photo name


  1. LOL- I'll check out Jane when I wake up a bit more. I have never been to a pottery barn- we don't have one around here! Suppose I could order online if I win or just send you the card-hmmmm...
    Hugs- Tete

  2. didn't have to do this. I am so flattered! I should just send the card to you!

    Where did you get that big heart of yours? Must be all that fresh Wisconsin air!

    Thanks so much Diana. You are a true blue friend! :-)


  3. I love her blog as well, she's so funny and kind and creative,,kind of like ,,, you!

  4. Pottery barn?!! How cool would that be?! Almost as cool as you!!

  5. Signed up for Miss Jane's giveaway already. She is so kind!~

  6. Jane is fabulous! As is The Husband.

  7. Awww, how fabulous!!! And you are the sweetest friend, Diana!!!


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