Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby E Bites The Dust

Baby E literally
Bites The Dust!
All the cousins met
on Father's Day.

The girls are always
so excited to see
Baby E.

C'mon SweetCheeks~
Want to go down the slide
with Baby E?

Yes she does!
Here comes BabyE..

SweetCheeks is behind him.

Somebody got a face
full of dirt.

Somebody doesn't
know quite what to think
about that!

All better...
Wiped clean!
Maybe the swings will
be safer..
maybe not!
Here's our boy
riding home
after his long, hard
day at
with his cousins.
God Bless
these innocent
days of childhood.
They don't last
nearly long enough!
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  1. Awe, what sweet photos even with the dirt eating. What a face he made! So cute. If I were him, I would always be BEHIND SweetCheeks and not in front of her. Lesson learned.LOL
    Craig has been to the one in Chicago, but I have only been to the one in St Louis. The darn thing is on a huge hill there!
    Ever go to Cedar Point?
    I so miss the kids being small and going to all the parks.
    They used to have smaller ones locally here, but the insurance got to be too high and they closed them.
    Have a great day!
    Going to see if I can get a photo of Tucker today without getting peed on.

  2. ah... sweet little guy! My mom used to say, 'we all eat a bucket of dirt in our life'. I think she meant stuff like this. Maybe she was referring to her cooking :0 (just kidding, Mom!)

    Cute photos of your little ones having fun!

  3. Baby E is beautiful! You have the cutest grandchildren.

  4. That's so cute. I wish I were their age and thought it was a hoot to go down the slide again. Last time I did it it lasted about 2 seconds and really didn't have the thrill to it that I remembered.

  5. So cute! And BabyE is a brave boy to be going down that great big slide. I guess boys are just naturals at the daring stuff!

  6. How absolutely and utterly gorgeous. There are no more words.


  7. He's such a sweetie & grown so much since I last saw a picture of him :) oxo

  8. Oh he's such a little doll!!! I'm so sorry he got a face full of sand, but I'll bet he forgot it already!! He and Sweet Cheeks are so adorable.

  9. Well you know Diana, I have two boys and have seen the face plant many times...makes them tougher. I remember when Alex was around Baby E's age he ate a caterpillar...lol...it was funny to me.

  10. Our Miss K will be NINE in November. NINE! The thought of having her in our lives for almost a decade blows me away. In 9 more years she'll be in college...grown and gone.

    "Dear God...slow down the clock! Amen"

    Love to you~

    Rebecca PS: Sweet, sweet pics!

  11. Hi Diana!!! that Baby E is gorgeous!
    So glad everyone enjoyed themselves at the park.
    I know what you mean about slowing time down with the grandkids....they grow waaaay too fast!
    Love ya.

  12. Well hello there girlfriend,
    You just don't miss a thing do you!! How wonderful that you are always there for your family! Thanks for sweet tips on babies and puppy dogs! I will have to try that! I love that last photo and boy isn't that the truth! Have a wonderful evening.

  13. Hey sweetie pie! What a darling little boy Baby E is! Do you realize that he looks alot like you? :) ♥

    xoxo laurie

  14. Awww! The poor little guy! Looks like he was a good sport about it! Wish I could look so cute while I was sleeping! I want those rosy cheeks and long eye lashes! **sigh**

  15. Those were the best days when they were so pooped that they slept the rest of the night. I am so glad that everyone had fun in spite of the dirt in the face. :)

  16. Baby E is absolutely gorgeous!!! Those eyes, that face, those curls!!! It looks like they all had lots of fun. I can almost hear Sweet Cheeks giggling on the slide. Those are the best days. Such beautiful children.


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