Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I wrote this for Memorial Day

a while ago but I think it is

relevant every day.

This means even more to me now that I am

volunteering at the VA Center here. 

Memorial Day is here once more,

We fly the flags above our door,

We plant our flowers that mark the grave,

Of every solider that was so brave,

They fought for freedom for everyone,

Many lives snuffed out by a sniper's gun.

We proudly march in our little bands,

As daybreak filters across our lands,

But I wonder if we can truly see,

What cost it was to make us free.

Confederate soldiers fought the Yanks,

Some brothers fought brothers in those ranks,

To free the downtrodden that were lost,

To free all men at any cost.

My father was a medic in World War One,

A war not talked about by anyone,

Some men lost limbs and some were gassed,

Some were picked up by comrades, others 


World War II! How tragic indeed,

People standing by watching others bleed.

Souls thrown to the winds with no remorse,

Foreign government standing on their own 


Vietnam was not a war they said,

Then how come so many soldiers ended up 


No heroes welcome for them in sight,

They slunk home in the dead of night.

Should I go on-with Korea & Desert Storm?

Iran? Afghanistan? Are you getting warm?

Do you feel the pain you see in their face?

Does it make you squirm in your warm, safe 


I've just one more thing I'd like to say,

It's about celebrating Memorial Day,

Look around and everything you see,

Was paid out in blood so that we are free.

Put your hand on your heart,

For the blue, white and red,

Raise your eyes to the flag,

Say a prayer for the dead.

Because of a solider I can have my say,

So ~God Bless you this Memorial Day~

And To All Our Soldiers-

© Diana Kosmoski 5/31/10

I will be back on Monday.

Thank you for all the positive and wonderful

feedback on my book.

You are all

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  1. There is not one life unaffected by the sacrifices...those ripples go out for a long, long way. Thank you for making me think about the sacrifices this Memorial Day weekend. It is good to remember what freedom costs.

  2. What a nice tribute to the reason we are free. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Diana, This is a beautiful tribute to our armed forces. There will be ceremonies in our town and at the cemetery for our service people. Hope your family has a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  4. Diana, This is wonderful. A powerful reminder of what freedom cost.
    God bless you and yours.

  5. Beautiful Diana! May God Bless all those who served, are still serving, and especially the families of those lost in war.

  6. I don't think I want to write my opinion on war and who starts it and who benefits from it. But I will say that my heart cries for all those young people who die or lose limb! May God bless them all and those suffering family members who are either left to pick up the pieces or just simply left behind! Tears, tears, tears! Wishing you a lovely weekend, dear Diana!

  7. Beautiful poem Diana. I loss my cousin in Vietnam. Last year my Dad who served in WW ll passed on May 26th, 2014 which was Memorial Day.
    I too always thank those who have and are serving. I believe the Red in our flag symbolizes blood shed in war.

  8. You do such a wonderful thing volunteering for the VA. That poem was great! It's very fitting for Memorial Day.

  9. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Diana.


  10. "Vietnam was not a war they said"

    this is one of the most interesting things about current American history. WWII was the last "war" by the United States. The others after it were just "conflicts" or something like that.

  11. This beautiful poem brought tears to my eyes when I think about all those who bravely marched into battle and gave their lives so that we may be free. God bless them all and God bless those serving today.
    Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Now I'm off to see your last post that I missed.

  12. Beautiful post Diana. Love your poem. So much we take for granted.


  13. Lovely and deep poem. Thanks for sharing sweet lady.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend, as the ones that died for it is what they would like to see, Americans free and happy.

  14. Well done, Diana. You said it all.

    We have SO MUCH to be thankful and remember on this Memorial Weekend!

    Hope yours is safe and happy. God bless.

  15. Amen! Have a wonderful weekend with that houseful of family! xox

  16. Amen from Carolann. Very beautiful!

  17. Beautiful post! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Amen... all the Patriotic pics on my Facebook have been making me think....did you ever think about this?..If you are American you are very lucky. I think every one of us has someone in our family...grandfathers, great grandfathers, fathers, brothers etc..who have fought for this country. For that we should be thankful... AND remember that if they hadn't come home, we wouldn't be here.

    Think of all the families that have never been. :(
    I hope I said that right.

    Take care, Janet W

  19. This is so beautifully said and thank you for speaking for all of us who love our country and the men and women who have fought, survived and died for our freedom. My Dad was a Pearl Harbor Survivor, my brother a Vietnam Vet.
    Thank you Diana!

  20. I thank all that have served and remember them too.

  21. What a great poem. So many truths that many wouldn't remember. We have a family of soldiers as well. The latest our son that served in Afghanistan and Bosnia.
    I ordered your book. Can't wait to read it.
    It's been a really hard day. Poor Izzy was turning blue so it was time. Miss her so much already.

  22. Nice tribute Diana. It is amazing how these men and women through history put their own lives on the line to keep us free. We are blessed in the country. Have a great Memorial Day.

  23. BEAUTIFUL poem Diana...have a great weekend!

  24. How beautiful and heartfelt diana.
    Have a blessed weekend,

  25. I did a lot of volunteer work during the Vietnam war, even visiting hospitals at the big base in California, Camp Pendleton. I saw the injured returning and said good bye to boys leaving and wondered what would happen to them. Some cried in my arms about what they had seen and done. It was not easy but I felt I had to be there for them.

  26. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt poem and taking time to thank all those who sacrificed for us.

  27. Beautiful post, Diana!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us this Memorial Day weekend.

  28. Such a beautiful sentiment, Diana. Jane

  29. Beautifully said Diana, thank you so much.

  30. Amen! How wonderful and meaningful for you to volunteer at the VA


  31. Beautiful! I love it. Thank you for putting it so nicely in writing!
    Bless you and your family.

  32. What a wonderful poem saluting those who have paid such a high price for our freedom - may we never forget to be thankful! Hope your weekend was blessed and surrounded with love and your family :)

  33. OH my, what a moving poem. It really brought tears to my eyes. My father was in WW2, and "won" the purple heart twice, and three uncles were military, my brother, and my youngest son was a marine. This message of yours is so important..loved it very much. Thanks for posting a message that all of us should read!!


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