Friday, May 29, 2015

Finish It Up Friday- Five Fotos For Fun

I am getting to the point where my
photo albums are getting cleared out.
That might be good or bad...

So Here We Go:
Let's COUNT shall we?

on the dock to nowhere:
That is using the Waterlogue application.
Here is what the original looked like:
Two Little Sisters Loving Each Other
while they wait for a snack after a hard
dance practice routine.
SweetCheeks  and Ria
Two All Togged Up
for a wedding.
Big Boy E & CharlesInCharge
THREE Little Schoolgirls
on their way to the car..
I promised to only show them from the 
knees up. 
Someone could NOT find their shoes!
How DOES that happen?
Lulu, Ria & SweetCheeks
Little Miss Bright Eyes
And one more cuz she is
Now- I want you to go out and enjoy 
your day!
Here is
Don't be all sedate, stuffy, and safe-
be a little daring!
You just never know what might happen!
Yeah- That would be me...
I can hear my name over the loudspeaker now....
your photo name


  1. that would be me too! have a great weekend my friend. thanks for the comment on my blog. love ya!

  2. Diana, Now I can see why your ballet career didn't make it. LOL. You make me laugh,'s a good way to start the day. I see my own grandkids growing up and then you show yours and it just seems shocking. I miss my grandgirls...they are my youngest and now almost too old to come to Nana's. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Okay, well ballet isn't the be all and end all. Lol Fun kid photos. I'm so envious of the Waterlogue app. When is it coming to Android??

  4. Okay, well ballet isn't the be all and end all. Lol Fun kid photos. I'm so envious of the Waterlogue app. When is it coming to Android??

  5. Okay, well ballet isn't the be all and end all. Lol Fun kid photos. I'm so envious of the Waterlogue app. When is it coming to Android??

  6. You can always make me smile!! Have an piece of "upside down" life today!,I shall join you!!


  7. Cute pictures! I really like that watercolor edit on CJK. And you, enjoy your day, too!

  8. I don't think there exists a baby who doesn't want to play with their parent's smarthphone. My baby niece somehow dialed 911, making her mother mad.

  9. Fun times! But I could never be the girl on the right. I'm a Firstborn!!!!!!


  10. Awwww precious...

    Me? Be all sedate, stuffy, and safe? Hahhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Not to worry, Dearie! Neither of us take that silly ol' safe rut road!

    And that's why we are so much fun!!!!!!



  11. Great pics. Such beautiful grands. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Those are all such great pics. No one would ever call you a doting grandma! I think when I was little, I WAS the girl on the right. I've calmed down now since getting older.

  13. Love the pics especially the boys by the old car- they need a couple of cap guns on their side and a cowboy hat! Love the last picture- I can completely believe that would have been you! LOL.... not me, nah... ha! Have a great weekend! XO, Liz

  14. You have such a beautiful group of grandchildren - they are all just so beautiful - sweet - and loving to each other. And I am the one on the right too. Always.

  15. The best when it covers children. Love it, especially bright eyes. She is so adorable. You have a wonderful grand group.

  16. Diana somehow I think we both are the girl on the right! Cute share of your grands,

  17. Adorable pics of the never tires of looking at those pics, do they? I am not sure I have enough 'b**" to be the girl on the right...but I try.

  18. Sweet photos . . . and adorable grandchildren. I can see you being the girl on the right . . . bravo for you :)

  19. yes that very much would be YOU!!!!

    I love is it ( Ria, ) always in dancers pose, I love it!

  20. Love all the photos! That waterlogue app is so neat. I took some pics of my backyard and used that app on them, then printed them out and framed them for the dining room. Very inexpensive "artwork." :) I bet Bright Eyes loves those phones! My boys would have loved to have those to play around with when they were little. Oh well, at least they're making up for it now. They never get off their phones! Lol!

  21. Diana, your random pictures are absolutely my favorite. All of them are cute, but my favorite is CJK on the dock. He's just going off by himself not following anyone, not trying to keep up at any pace, just being himself, and at peace. It's a very symbolic picture to me, love it, love it, love it.


  22. Love your pictures....I must try that waterlogue app....looks like fun. Lisa has a good idea. Must try.

  23. Love the pics - especially the one of the girls loving each other :) And the bare feet - my teen went to her babysitting job barefoot this morning. When I asked her if she wanted shoes she replied 'Shoes are overrated' and calmly walked across the gravel to the car. Kids!

  24. That little girl needs about six weeks at Shady Acres. LOL! Fun photos of your grands. I hope that they are a forgiving group!

  25. great pics of all the kids, Diana!! What a fun group!
    Love the one of the girls after dance....very heartwarming.
    Oh yeah....that would be you hanging upside down from the bar...still would be today....even in a skirt.

  26. SO CUTE - your grands are so danged adorable.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  27. great photos. have a great weekend, Diana!

  28. They are darling - just to cute. Great photo's...
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  29. Love all the pictures..Thanks for sharing..You have a gorgeous family..You deserve to brag A LITTLE!!! Have a wonderful weekend..

  30. Those kids have some great adorable.

  31. These are all precious photos and bring a smile to my face. Blessings to you this weekend.

  32. Great photos of the grandkids, Diana! The watercolor effect is so neat, I've not heard of that before. And I imagine you are still the one hanging upside down:) (just kidding!!)

  33. You must have been quite a character as a child.

  34. Me too. Mabel for sure. Love all the pictures. The two little guys are getting too big. Love the sisters loving each other.

  35. So cute, each and every one! But I do love the two little sisters loving each other!

  36. I love the watercolor version, the very first one – it's just gorgeous :-) thanks for sharing all of them :)

  37. Sweet post! MY daughter gave me a birthday card one year with this photo on it of the upside down ballerina! HaHaHa! That would be Noelle and it would be me too! My friend Sylvia has a five year old named Emmy! At yoga class class recently the teacher sent Sylvia an email stating that in the middle of yoga class Emmy started to bust out in break dancing! kinda girl!

    Love your photos so sweet bare feet and all! HaHaHa

  38. Every single picture was adorable. :) And, by the way, I enjoyed every second of my day. Especially when the ice maker broke and flooded the living room about three feet out toward the middle. Then I noticed the paint starting to peel off the baseboard in the corner. Other then the fact that it has to get dry before the wall paper hanger's all good. :( But other than that, it was a holly jolly Firday! :)

  39. p.s. I was jumpin' up and down when I got your note that my book is on it's way!! I"M GOING TO READ A BOOK WRITTEN BY SOMEONE I KNOW!!!

  40. p.p.s. Your little grands should have been first in line for a comment..but you KNOW what I think of them already!! CUTE! ADORABLE! So...can I have the little one?? :)

  41. thanks for the lift. loved the last picture.

  42. Cute photos! Hope you have a great weekend...they are calling for storms here this weekend.

  43. What adorable pictures! I just love those cute shots you take. I know they brighten your days so much.

  44. Love all the pics but especially the first one!

    And a good laugh at the end. LOL!

  45. Love all the pics but especially the first one!

    And a good laugh at the end. LOL!

  46. Darling pictures of your grandbabies!!! Isn't it fun to be able to use fun editing programs with pictures, the watercolor picture could be framed!

  47. I found your blog through Junk Chic Cottage last weekend. I was going to your blog and found the pictures of the 5 ballet girls with one hanging up side down....that is my grandchild Maddy. I have looked and tried to find where I could buy the print to no avail. Do you know what web sight it came from? Please email me at and let me know...thank you so much and your blog is great....Vera


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