Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pick Your Favorite Table RESULTS AND MY Health Update AND Prayer Request Update

First of all
thank you so much for all the prayers
and good wishes you sent up yesterday
for Carol & Dr. Allen Ball.
His MRI showed that the tumor has not grown.
They are headed back to the Carolinas.
He will continue on the treatment he has been on for the time being.
Please keep them in your prayers these next few weeks.

Here are the results of the 

First Place:
2nd Place with about half the votes of #1
Third Place 
Thanks to all of you for playing along.
I love doing this and seeing 
what tables you pick 
and who you are going to sit with.
I am moving from table to table 
so I can sit with all of you.
I DO get to sit next to Ron @ The Uptown Acorn
That's because THAT MAN likes a cocktail.
I don't drink so he can have mine.
Then I can threaten to tell all of his secrets
when he gets all stuck on stupid.

Health Update:
I am back on antibiotics and inhalers.
I still have a bacterial infection that is hanging on
and on and on and on and on.....
I am laying low for this whole week doing
just what the doctor ordered.
My main source of entertainment is my laptop,
stupid TV programs and watching the 
birds dive bomb the squirrels outside the window
Life is good.
Very, very good.

This is how SweetCheeks feels when 
Nana is not around to play with her.
Notice the sucked in lip.
She pushes the lip OUT when she is pouting..
See the difference?
Do you suppose she is going to really
She has already told me that I can't come to her
wedding when she gets married because I might
"act up".
Imagine that!
Me? HAH!

Well-wait till she sees what I am 
NOT giving her as a wedding present...
and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

your photo name


  1. I missed the table post.. I always like those posts you do. sorry to hear youre still hanging on to that bug. you must be a perfect host for the little guy and his friends! lol! but really, I do hope youre feeling better soon. just not fair for poor little sweetcheeks to be missing her grammie!
    rest well!

  2. Sorry to hear that you still have the bacterial infection and hope you feel better. Hopefully the antibiotics will help clear it all up! The table setting posts look like fun - sorry I missed this one. My daughter used to make the same exact expression as sweet cheeks with the pushed out lip! Aww how cute she is! Take care and feel better.
    Hugs, Julie

  3. Diana... so sorry to hear you are still under the weather. Hope you get well soon so sweetcheeks can have her playmate back!! Stay warm!

  4. Argh! DO lay low, Diana. You WILL get well!

  5. Yeahh!! We won with #1! This is always so much fun Diana; thanks. :) Get well soon so SweetCheeks can send us a pretty smile again.

  6. Oh boy, I hope this round does the trick! Feel better an rest! xo

  7. YAY I picked the winner!! Rest up and feel better so SweetCheeks won't be mad at you;-)

  8. HaHa! You crack me up and I'm starting to think that Sweet Cheeks didn't fall far from the Nana Diana Tree. Sure hope you get over the crud soon. I have been lucky this winter. Praise Be! Hope I didn't just jinx myself. Til tomorrow.....

  9. Time to kick this bug to the curb! Rest and get well soon!

  10. You are my favorite nut! LOL... and I know you know what that means! So sorry that your still stuggling to get your health back to normal. It seems like forever sometimes doesn't it? Sweet Cheeks is too cute- obviously you guys are very comfortable with each other since she tells you things like that! LOL... Darn I should have picked #1 which was my first instinct but what the heck I'm usually in the minority anyway!! It was -9 when I got up- now they are reporting about the ice caves again along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

  11. thank you for the health update, Dearie! we worrrrrrry, you know!!!!!! ,-)

    and it helps to say that your laptop is your main entertainment, so "no one" will go off the deep end, and get her "panties in a twist," about you not following doctor's orders. just in case some excitable soul might possibly do such a thing. just sayin'....


  12. sweet cheeks better watch out!!!

    You do what the doctor says!!

  13. Good Morning Diana, you always manage to put a smile on my face. . . thanks. I can't afford nor do I want a facelift, but this face of mine always looks better with a big smile. Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather and hope that something happens to snap you out of it very soon. You are in my prayers.
    Connie :)

  14. she'll change her mind when you tell her, "Okay wedding gift from me!" lol
    Be well SOON!

  15. Take care of yourself and keep Sweet Cheeks right by your side to keep you cheered up.....hugs....

  16. Poor poor Diana! I'm so sorry you can't shake this. I'm praying for complete healing and fast! And...poor little Sweet Cheeks, tell her she'll have her Nana back! Now I love love the hydrangea table and you had better watch that Ron that he doesn't get dog slobbering drunk! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. So sorry you are still feeling poorly. Hope you get lots of rest and relaxation this week!

  18. Prayers for Carol and Allen, and for you to feel better soon. My pick didn't make the cut, but I really liked them all and it was hard to say which one was the prettiest. You know SweetCheeks will come around to a big smile sooner than later. A big batch of cookies might do the trick.

  19. The girls love you so much - you will be at their wedding! And you need to rest and feel better. And your friend - I am glad his tumor has not grown. Love, sandie

  20. No more fun for you! Well, that's ridiculous! You can make fun out of twiddling thumbs. Oh-oh Nana's been put in the wedding corner. Too cute!

  21. This winter is dragging on, where is spring! Hope you feel better soon!

  22. You are always welcome to sit next to me, and yes! I will drink your cocktails!!!!! Cheers, my friend! Cheers to great HEALTH and HAPPINESS. xo

  23. Good Morning Diana, I will continue to say prayers even though I didn't send a comment yesterday. Too much on my plate at the moment. I will feel better after I have my doctor appointment. Always get up tight when I have to go for myself. I chuckled when I read you couldn't go to sweet cheeks wedding. Really you might act up. I will keep praying for you all that you all get better. My son-in-law was told that antibiotics wouldn't work that it was just going to have to run it course. Have a good day even though you don't like your entertainment. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  24. Diana rest and fully beat this awful virus that has chased you for months. Be well my friend.

  25. Take care of yourself! A bacterial infection can be hard to beat, so boring as it may be, you need to take it easy so that you can come back - full force!!!
    Love the photos of your granddaughter!

  26. So nice to see how big Sweet Cheeks has gotten! Time goes by so quickly. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems and that of your friends too. I'll pray for them. Blessings to you my friend! So nice to catch up :)

  27. Oh, btw, I have a friend that rents out plank tops to attach to folding tables. They are the most beautiful things! Her husband made them for their daughter's wedding, and now they have a little side business because of it. I too, am partial to the plank top table setting :)

  28. Oh no! I missed the table setting! I love the winner though. So pretty. I'm sorry you're still battling this bacterial thing. Hopefully this round of meds will do the trick. Rest up! Feel better!

  29. It's just an opinion but I seriously think you need to go see a specialist. Antiobiotics are not taking care of this. Maybe IV antibiotics. I am concerned for you. Missed, the tables but glad I didn't miss Sweet Cheeks. Yep, I am sure you will act up, lol.

  30. yay! My table setting won! It was really hard to choose too. So sorry to hear that you're still not completely well. I bet you're so tired of not feeling well. I get impatient if I'm sick too long. And I know how busy you stay so this is probably getting in the way of things you want to do. I hope your meds will get you better soon and you will be able to look back at this as just a bad memory one day.

  31. Hi Diana,
    You have had this crud for way too long. I sure hope and pray you get rid of it once and for all, and are back to your feisty old self soon! That is good news about your doctor friend. And I will have to join you at the hydrangea table for happy hour:) I love the winning table, but I still love my original pick the best, runner up #2! Oh, is your Hero not part of your entertainment???

    1. Hi Donna,
      Not sure why this isn't coming through my regular inbox channels. Just wanted you to know I saw it and am responding. Let me know if you see this, will you?

  32. PS: Almost forgot to add that Miss SweetCheeks has quite the sad eyes:) And just look at those puckered lips!!

  33. Prayers for your complete recovery .wanting you well and happy~!!

  34. i hope to be around when sweet cheeks is a STAR of stage screen and tv. i can say i knew her on her nana's blog!
    get well. soon.
    just had a thought.
    this is the universe's way of finally making you slow down! LOLOL. the universe doesn't know you very well. :D
    such wonderful heartening news about doctor ball. it will be good. it will be all good.
    love and hugs to you dearest bean. and prayers and white light for your OWN recovery! xoxo♥

  35. I love it! My pick is the winner....yay! They were all pretty and I'd be happy with any of them, actually. Hope you kick that bug to the curb real soon! Drink some pineapple juice and take lots of naps.

  36. My daughter is sick. So glad she got to go to Cuba on her Birthday and then back with us for her 50th as you seen. Now she has the coughing like you. Bummer. I kid her and tell her it is her hair cut she got. She got her hair cut off to her shoulders but wears it tad curly. I love it also.

    I missed your table deco also. Which table was picked. I like # 2 . I cant see the rest choices. It is hard choice as they all are dolled up. Mine I picked is a dress wedding table I presume. My daughter was born with those puckered lips. Not sure how she got them. I sure don't have them. And her's is real by the Lord. They used to call her lustrous lips all through high school. Get better soon.

  37. That lip!!! She is such a peach! I'm glad that the doctor's tumor has not grown.....I will send out prayers for them both. And rest up so you can finally kick this thing!!!! Hang in there friend! Nicole xoxo

  38. Sweet Cheeks is the funniest! You will be the star of the wedding - oh maybe that is what she is worried about haha!!
    I hope you get better soon.

  39. I'm not really sure I blame her on the wedding shunning. I think she knows you pretty well. I can't believe you are still sick. Especially after your nice warm vacation. Keep resting, my friend. xo Laura

  40. SweetCheeks is so cute! Love those pics! Praying these antibiotics will kick that infection to the curb for good. Get lots of rest and watch plenty of tv. :) I need to up my tv watching too...I just got an email from Netflix that my queue is empty. What?! How could I let that happen? I immediately added new movies. I'm a tv addict. :)

  41. So sorry you are not feeling well - again! Stay in out of this crazy weather and get well.


  42. I am sorry you still have to take Meds. Think a dose of true spring weather will be the best medicine!

  43. Love those tables :) Continuing to pray for Dr. Ball and you! So sorry you have not totally recovered! That is one nasty bug you have carried around this winter! Time to put it out with the trash girl!! Sending hugs for healing! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  44. Sweet cheeks has your number..that's for sure..xxoo

  45. Prayers still going out for you and your friends. YAYYYYYYY for table #1. I 'd love to watch the birds and the squirrels. We have both here but they are not that entertaining. Each species keeps to its self. lol

    I do pray for you to get better dear. Not fun for it to go on so long :(

    Take care, Janet W oxo

  46. They need to find something to knock that nasty bacteria out. But, in the meantime, do what they tell you to do and take care of your silly self.

  47. Ha, you would act up. :-)) I love it.
    xx oo
    Sending you a big HUG and prayers to get well. You will be back to 100% soon!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  48. Love the winning table! What fun!
    I think Sweet Cheeks has your cute personality and spunk! Hummm, you had better watch out! :)
    Do take care and feel better soon! XO, Betsy

  49. Good to hear your friends' tumor is unchanged, I am so sorry to hear about you not being able to rid yourself of this infection. I'm sure they've done a culture and sensitivity to determined the right antiobiotic? I so hope you are well soon and Sweetchecks has you back in full swing soon!

  50. We Nana's never act up, we entertain! LOL

  51. Oh Diana, I am so sorry that you are still sick. Please take care of your self, you don't want to end up with COPD. Poor SC she must really miss her Nana Diana. You are so close to her.
    Please take care of yourself and listen to the DR. Prayers are being sent your way and I am so happy that the Dr's cancer is not growing. Prayers do work.
    Take care my dear friend.

  52. Hi...thanks for popping by my happy to see Miss Sweet Cheeks and her pouty face....she's such s doll...has she lost her teeth yet...Miss B is missing all her front ones...she looks hysterical...and sort of whistles when she talks....gotta love this age....and you can tell she's getting older her voice is changing...

  53. Keep improving! Love all the tables!


  54. Get well soon, that precious face of Sweet cheeks is enough to make you want to! She misses her playmate!

  55. Every single one of those tables are just gorgeous. I'm guessing it's pretty hard to say no to that adorable Sweet Cheeks!

  56. I continue to pray for you and the others too. I am almost 2 weeks into this 'being sick' thing and I'm so tired of laying around. I haven't even felt like blogging but it's sure better than tv. lol Take care of yourself my friend. Feel lots better soon! Sweet hugs, Pitiful pearl Diane

  57. hugs and prayers for healthier days ahead, diana:)

  58. Dang! We need to get those germs out of you once and for all! I hope resting will do the trick! Hugs, Leena


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