Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Very Hard Post For Me To Write- ASKING FOR PRAYER- Once Again---and A Judy Health Update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post
about our friend, Dr. Allen Ball here

One of the reasons my daughter and I 
did a road trip home was specifically to see him
and his wife, Carol.
We met boating in the mid 90's and have
been fast friends ever since.

Dr. Ball was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer
 last summer.
The optimistic outlook at that time was 
eighteen months.

Two weeks ago,
when we saw him in the Carolinas,
he was just coming home 
from the hospital and
doing quite well.
He talked with us and he
remembered some times we had shared

His wife, Carol, 
contacted me yesterday.
Allen is failing fast.
They were on their way to Baltimore
 to see the neurosurgeon
that did his initial surgery.

It looks like they will be stopping chemo
and starting hospice care when they get home.
Carol is NOT READY for this.
Are any of us ever really ready for this moment?
No-we're not-no matter what-we're not.

Please pray for Allen & Carol
and/or send best wishes/thoughts their way.
Pray that they are able to turn things over.
I know they are Christian people 
and they are assured of their
Heavenly Home
but I also know that they love their 
Earthly Home, too.

My heart is aching for this wonderful man.
He was a bright light in the field of medicine 
and I can't tell you how many babies in NY state
are named after him.
One day I will tell you 
some wickedly funny stories he shared...
but today---
I am having a hard time 
finding humor in this moment.

On a brighter note,
is home, groggy, but doing okay.
She thanks all of you for your prayers
and will fill us in more at a later date.
For now- she is starting the healing process.

Thank you - All of you!
Thank you for taking your precious time 
to offer up a prayer for friends that need them.
Bless you-as you bless those that need it!

I'll have a little lighter post tomorrow!
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  1. I prayed for Allen and Carol. Judy, too. God is gracious. Bless YOU, good lover of people. ❤️

  2. Diana,
    So sad... Sending prayers his way ..... One does not want him to suffer longer than any one person should..

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  3. Praying for healing for Allen and strength for Carol. and for you too!

  4. Oh sweet friend, it's such a trying hard for families when they have a terminally ill loved one. I'm having the Rosary prayers today and they will be on my list to pray for, along for Judy and you.
    Thank you for always dropping by to visit, it sure makes me happy.

  5. I am sorry to read this! I will keep Dr Ball and his family in my thoughts and prayers.
    You are such a good friend to us all Diana,.. Love you.

  6. Praying for your friend and his family. It is so hard to let go of our loved ones, but knowing they are in God's hands is a comfort.
    Praying for you all so Diana. Hugs

  7. Will be praying Diana, Thanks for sharing & giving us the opportunity to pray for your friends.

  8. Praying for your friend. Such a difficult time- may God ease this time for both he and his wife.

  9. Will definitely keep the Doctor in my prayers. Happy to hear that Judy is home and on the road to recovery. Enjoy your week, Diana.

  10. Sending prayers for the whole family. Life is so difficult sometimes. xoxo Maria

  11. Definitely uplifting your friends in prayer and God bless you for caring so much.

  12. Prayers for all. God Bless. xoxo

  13. Yes, I will pray this morning for these needs! You are right about never being ready to let go of those we love!
    Hugs to YOU, Roxy

  14. that evil beast cancer, when will there ever be a cure,,, I will keep them all in my prayers, take care sweet lady,

  15. Will lift both the doctor and his wife up in prayer as well as continued prayers hot Judy. I remember that word "hospice" - it just scares you to get that diagnosis. So hard.

    Thanks for bringing these precious people to our thoughts.


  16. Yes, life can change in an instant. Praying for Carol and Allen.

  17. Yes, life can change in an instant. Praying for Carol and Allen.

  18. Thanks for the update. They're in my prayers.

  19. Definitely praying for Allen and Carol and Judy too. Keeping them in my thoughts. The power of prayer is amazing.

  20. heartfelt prayers for all and carol.. may God's loving light carry them through this....

  21. Diana, I will be praying for your friend and his family. God Bless them and help them find some kind of healing.

  22. Keeping your friends in my thoughts Diana..It's a difficult time for everyone..

  23. Will continue to keep them all in prayer. This has been a difficult week for so many I know and it is only halfway over. Praying for peace and comfort for all.

  24. Good Morning Diana, I love the prayer chains that you create and know that many people have been helped because of them. You are a angel on earth. It is wonderful to hear that Judy is going well, and as soon as I stop typing this I will start praying for Allen and Carol.

  25. Prayers said for Allen.
    Good news about Judy.

  26. Sending prayers for Carol and Allen! I know what a difficult journey they are traveling!

  27. Diana,
    I understand the heavy heart when one must say their earthly goodbyes. I have been praying and I am sending you a warm cyber hug.
    Sending love

  28. Hugs and best wishes for your friends and families.

  29. Remembering your friends in prayer today. I know they appreciate you.

  30. My problems never look as bad when I see and hear of others problems. Sadness is all around us. Only consolation is that God sees and understands our fraility. He knows our needs. Praying for that perfect healing.

  31. Oh this is so's hard to know that even as we are happy and carefree other people are fighting for their lives. And yes Diana, I will pray for them..


  32. So many need people need our prayers. Makes me grateful for every day. Sorry about your friend, sending prayers.

  33. Hi Diana, praying for your friends. This is so sad and brings us all to the reality of knowing how precious life truly is. So glad Judy is recovering nicely.
    Sending many prayers, Hugs and Blessings, CM

  34. Sorry Diana about Allen. I am so glad you got to spend some time with him on your way home from Florida. A memory you will have as he prepares to go to his heavenly home. I will keep Carol and Allen in my prayers and you too my friend as you prepare to say good bye to a good friend. I am sorry the news was not better. Glad Judy is recovering nicely too. Sending prayers.

  35. This is always sad news.

  36. So sorry to hear this. I had a college friend die of brain cancer when she was only 46. It's such a cruel disease that I hate with all my being. This is the part of life we don't understand, but prayer and faith are the things which bring us strength.

  37. So sorry about your friend. Hospice is such a God send. I would have never made it through the last month of my mom's life without the wonderful Hopsice staff. Prayers for them all and a prayer of thanksgiving for Judy to be home and groggy :)

  38. Praying for your precious friends. God bless you for always visiting me,and you may use all my photos for your screensaver. You are such a doll. Xoxoxo
    hugs and sparkles

  39. I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about your close friend. I know how difficult it can be dealing with a loved one in their final days. My MIL has been in hospice care for a while . She is bedridden from a stroke and it is difficult watching her slip away so slowly. I hope that God can lift your friend up in spirit and give him peace during this difficult time. I'm glad that Judy is doing well after her surgery. I hope she continues to make a good recovery.

  40. Such a terrible thing Diana. I think that it would be very hard to be ready for that!! I will definitely include them in my prayers!

  41. Sending prayers. Friends are so very special to us. I am glad you share your prayer requests. xx oo Sending prayers for you too.

  42. May the peace of the Lord be with your good friends, Dr. Ball and his wife. They look so sweet in your photo.
    Continued healing for your friend, Judy. Praying for them all. xx

  43. Glad to hear Judy is home and on her way to recuperating, Diana.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Thoughts and prayers to both Dr. Ball and Carol.

  44. Sending prayers for your dear friend and his wife. Such sad times.

  45. Diana I am truly sorry to hear this news about your dear friend. I am glad that you were well enough to take the time to visit with them and what a blessing! I continue to pray for All and including you! <3

  46. Consider it done! My prayers and healing thoughts for this amazing man. Like you said, is anyone ready for these kind of things? Many blessings for them and yourself Diana. You have been through the ringer. xoxo

  47. Yes, I will keep them both in my thoughts and prayers....

  48. Praying for your friends to have time to talk things through and to prepare for healing on this side or healing on the other. My prayer is always for healing. So glad that Judy is on the road to recovery.

  49. I am so sorry to hear of this development with your friends, Diana. Prayers offered here. xo Nellie

  50. You know as long as I live here on earth I will never understand why good people suffer. I don't know if once in Heaven we will see the answer or it won't matter - but I will pray. That is really hard.

  51. So true Diana, we are never really ready to say goodbye to those we love. I will pray for this couple, and that the Lord brings them peace and comfort. You are such a good friend to spread the word on behalf of so many who need prayers.

  52. Oh my heart breaks for them. We cared for my husband's brother when he was dealing with terminal cancer. Hospice was wonderful, but it didn't help the hurt and hopelessness you feel. Only Heaven is the hope, and a miracle, God willing.
    Friday it will be one year since I lost my little brother to cancer at 63...A sad time.

  53. Diana, I'm so sorry that Dr. Allen is failing so fast! Praying that our Heavenly Father will keep Dr. Allen and his family in His loving arms! It's never easy.

  54. So very sad Diana. I'm so sorry, and I will be sending prayers their way.

  55. The voices of even strangers offering prayer and consolation is always appreciated. I know it meant a lot to me when my husband was ill and enduring physical pain as well as frontal lobe dementia. I appreciated the many kind words and thoughts from others. I continue prayer for her and her husband, as well as for Judy during her recovery.

  56. They both have been included in my daily prayers. So glad that July is doing well and I pray for a miracle for the Dr..

  57. we will never be ready for anything like this. Yes, he knows were he is going...but he also knows who he is leaving behind. And that is hard truth. Praying for healing and comfort.

  58. Prayers for a quick recovery and for friends in need. xxoo

  59. I just said a prayer for your friends, Allen and Carol. I'm so sorry to hear about this, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  60. Diana, So very sorry that your friends are walking through this journey-I'm praying for peace that passes all understanding and a Divine Touch.
    I have a good friend here who is going through a similar journey with her hubby-it's so hard to stop and wonder how these women will walk through it and survive-but they will. So glad to hear that Judy is home and on the road to takes awhile, but each day she'll feel stronger.
    Sending you big hugs as well.

  61. I am very sorry to hear that your friend is going into Hospice. Sometimes life is so very hard.

  62. I'm praying too for your friends. Nothing can prepare one for the days ahead but God does carry us through it all. Blessings ~ Lisa

  63. This is so sad Diana. No one is ready for something like this. I'll keep them in my prayers.

  64. Prayers going out for both of these dear people!


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