Saturday, December 17, 2011

A SweetCheeks Original Christmas Song-Video

So, Nana, didju knohw I
writed a speschul
Chrissmass song?
Wehll I did!  Do yohu
wanna heahr it?

Well, you KNOW I do!
And, because
have asked for more
you get to hear it, too!
This was the first
SHORT 10 second version.
Then I asked her to please sit
and sing the
WHOLE song
so that BigBoyE could hear it.
Can you
This is the 45 second version.
Make sure to listen
for the
at the end!
Yeah...You better be
looking over your shoulder!
your photo name


The enchanted home said...

Too cute! A star is born:)

Debbiedoos said...

Sign her up now Diana, she is ready for the big screen LOL...too cute.

Anonymous said...

Diana, Sweetcheeks is a joy. You gotta love all that music. Smiles, Susie

Unknown said...


- KAT -

Marti said...

Lady GaGa watch out, you have serious competition. What a little sweetheart!

Kathy said...

Way too cute - such a blessing!
Hope you have a wonderful day,

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Darling!!!!!! Hey, she's got talent and a sweet heart.
Merry Christmas, you lucky woman!

Anonymous said...

I have said it before, that child will be on the big screen someday!

Seawashed said...

Yes the song on my blog is from One Day...have you seen it? I love the movie too. Merry Christmas to your wonderful family!!!

Elaine said...

What a sweetie and a great little entertainer

Diane said...

OMGosh,SweetCheeks is headed for Hollywood Ÿ This reminds me when my granddaughter would practice her clarinet her brothers would hold their ears, lol, but I always told her she sounded GREAT Ü

Ivy and Elephants said...

A star is born!!!!
Get that child an agent!
She is adorable.

Julie Harward said...

That is sweet...she is so cute..but please keep her away from Hollywood! She is too special for all of that. Merry Christmas Diana! :D

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I loved when she got up and did like a Broadway twirl! Lol...she just cracks me up. You must have so much fun!
Happy Holiday's sweet friend,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

It was so cute to see her jump up and put everything into her song!! She is one in a million Diana...thank her for me!!