Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Much For A Quiet Day ALONE

Remember yesterday
when I was waxing eloquently
about how nice it was to
have a moment of peace
and quiet after
the hectic Holiday?

Remember that?

Soon after that posted,
the phone rang.
I picked it up with trembling
fingers because we are waiting
on a call from the
car dealership.

Hi Nannnny--
(always exaggerated and drawn out
from Nana to Nannnny when
Hi, SweetCheeks!
Whut arhe yohu doing?

I'm just ready to break into
song and dance and
go visit
Santa Claus.

Seerhiously, Nana!
Whut ARHE yohu doing?

Well, Ih wuz thinkhing.

Ih wuz thinkhing Ih couhld
come ovah and spehnd the night
cuz my sistah's are all doing sumthing
and Ih dohn't haff enything to do.

Really, Nana!
So cahn Ih?  Cahn Ih come ovah?

Okay-here's my choice..
A visit from SweetCheeks
or a poke in the eye with a stick.

I'll be there in a little while,

When?  When will yohu be hehre?
(She must be taking courses in

Soon...pretty soon.

Less than an hour later,
we have haunted
arrived at my house,
and found that good old
left a little something in
the stockings here
at Nana's house!
So much for a peaceful,
quiet day.
Lord knows what's best for me.
I think He thinks laughter
is the best medicine.
And I needed a

Oh- wait...look...
It's MY favorite show, too!
And..she brought her own
pajamas this time.
See any connections going on here?
And, Lord love a duck..
her favorite bedtime treat?
Keebler ELF cookies!
She says she likes a little
Elhf in her stummic to keehp her comphany!
Alrighty then!

I hope your day is as blessed
as mine is...cuz this really IS
a blessing....a child that loves
to spend time with you and thinks
you are just about the most
wonderful person alive.
What more could anyone ask for?
maybe a MOMENT of peace and quiet.
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Gina said...

Peace & quiet is overrated, right? Have fun spending time with your girl!

outjunking said...

I don't think you would like a day of peace and quite. Not when you have a chance with Sweet Cheeks instead. Besides peace and quite is over rated.

Tete said...

There'll be time for peace and quiet later- take the elf cookie eating, hero worshiping little Dora lover when you can get her, cuz one of these days she won't be calling...
Have a great day and hopefully you rested well.

Pam Kessler said...

I'd take a little SweetCheeks time over peace and quiet anytime.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So cute and maybe you will get that day of peace and quiet soon. Or not!

Debbiedoos said...

You know you LOVED every minute of it! What better company and conversation than sweet cheeks herself. I love those cookies too!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think that is just adorable, Diana! It is great that she wants to spend time with you. You'll have plenty of days for some alone time, but, although I think we have a second chance to slow down with our grandchildren, the time will still go by way too quickly. I'd have taken the same option as you did! : )

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a perfect way to spend the day!

julie - eab designs said...

She is so sweet! Enjoy your time together!

Blondie's Journal said...

You are the best Nana, evah!! I can't wait for my turn at this stuff! it really does sound like so much fun...and for Sweet Cheeks, too!!


Sweet Tea said...

I am so JEALOUS cause my sweet granddolls live so far away. What a pair you and Sweetcheeks are!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Sounds like an absolutely perfect day with Sweetcheeks!

Mark said...

I would have said yes too! My kids are taking turns spending evenings with their Nanny. I'm dying to find out about this power that you Grandmothers have.

Kris Adkins said...

Hey Diana, thank you so much for following my blog! Your grandbabies are beautiful!!! -Kris

Sue said...

Oh Diana...this post made me laugh and then cry.....Who wouldn't adore Sweet Cheeks....I don't know that child but I adore her as much as my Miss are so very lucky to have her close by.....I just saw Sophie for a very short week and when she heard I was coming she asked me...
:Grandma can we play hide and seek when you come?......ofcourse we can.....then she asks..."But can you count to 20"........gotta love them....
I just posted her 2012 Calendar so please stop over if you get the chance to see it....Daughter does all that work for only one copy...and that would be for ME!!! I appreciate the comments we get every year for all her hard work that goes into making it.....Have a wonderful New Year with all your girls......Hugs, Sue....

bj said...

Oh, yes, I know EXACTLY what you are saying. Anytime my grands called and wanted to come over, I left rubber on my driveway, going to get them :))
Now, may I just say that when they reach 18 and call and say, "Hey, can I come over and spend the night and watch movies with ya?"...well, it just thrills you so much that you almost forget to breath. God is so good and I am so thankful.

Kathy said...

How sweet - these days are precious! I couldn't resist that face! Love Dora the Explorer too! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
God Bless,

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Sweet Cheeks steals all our hearts!!! She is sooo gorgeous and such a sweetie!! I hope Ria is doing better!!!!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

She is adorable! Nothing like grand babes! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year Diana!

Joan J said...

I *so* understand! Mr. B. is on school vacation and my daughter has the week off as well -- so no Mr. B.! I danced and clapped when I thought of the time for sewing I'd have... until I started to miss him. It was *I* that called *him* to ask if he'd like to go to the movies (yes) and maybe come to my house and play a game (yes) and how about the next night we go out and look at Christmas lights (yes). How lucky are we? :)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

That sweet smile and elf cookies...sounds like a great night!

Donna said...

Oh, Diana,

As tired as we may be, we sure love those little ones, don't we? Mine were supposed to come Christmas night this year, but at the last minute heeded our warnings (2 lane road for 45 miles through the mountains from the Central Valley to Wine Country and beaches!) and stayed home. We had Christmas Dinner for days and days. Finally, when dinner is gone or frozen, we get the call they are coming - here we go again!!!

God bless them, Everyone!