Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Pink Tree

I want to thank everyone
that has been visiting me
and commenting.
You know I love you!

I have been so busy with
new baby and trying to
get ready for
Christmas that I haven't been
around commenting as much
as usual.

I got most of my daughter's
Christmas stuff up for her.
Would you believe she put
her outside lights up herself
a day or two before she
Charles In Charge?

We have been back and
forth...her house to my own.
She lives 120 miles South
of me.

But..when I came home last
night I wanted to get
the tree up that fills the
little girls' room with
Christmas Cheer
when they sleep over.

So...here you are
It's about 3 feet tall
and sits atop a little decorative chair
between one twin bed
and SweetCheeks
"ohwn liddle bed".

The only new decorations
I bought this year were
some white ornaments
from Hobby Lobby..
on sale.
I spent less than $10 for
all the glittery white
and pink ornaments.
Can you see the little Santa
that is also a crystal?
A friend gave him to me many
years ago for helping her on a project.
And this little angel in a rosebud
has been around since
my first daughter was born
in 1976,
This is one of the balls
with beautiful glitter on it.
A few more sparklies
and pearl strands that I've
had for 100 years..okay
maybe 30 years!
And, nestled midst the branches
is a little book from a blogging
friend of mine...one that she crafted.
She wants no recognition
for the books or the tags she
sent me but I will say
that she is
Here's one of the tags
that she made hanging
in the
The room is painted cream
but with the tree lit it
glows a soft pink.
I would have loved to had this
when I was a little girl.
SweetCheeks has to sleep
with her head at the other
end of the bed
so she doesn't have
Because when she looks up
she sees
The Invasion Of The
Towering Pink Tree.
Maybe I'll slip a little
vodka in her
pink lemonade so she
sleeps through...
Hmmmm....Do we even HAVE
any vodka?

Just kiddin' , MOM!
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Debbiedoos said...

What a precious tree Diana. You are the best Mom and Nana ever...will you adopt me. Oops, don't think my Mom would let you...I have a good Momma too!

The enchanted home said...

Now thats a tree that every little girl dreams of! Just fabulous Diana......they are lucky to have you:) Good luck getting through the Christmas chaos :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That pink tree looks so good, Diana! Love the ornaments and the little book and tag your friend sent along. They fit on your tree so nicely and suit the pink girly theme!

Gina said...

It's a tree fit for a princess! I would love a tree like that.

Debi WeeFaerie said...

Awwww.... just like my girls' tree. Isn't it the sweetest thing, all that pink and glitter! I haven't been around much either, I think it's just a really busy time of year for everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season :)

Anonymous said...

what a beauty, its the ones from friends and family that shine the brightest,

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Such a pretty in pink tree. You are such a good Nana.

Anonymous said...

Diana, Even I would love to sleep over.lol. I tell my Emma, she's lucky to have her own room and her own bed. If she sees this she'll want her own tree:):) She did make her own from folding a magazine. xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

Love the pink tree. Such cute ornaments. Your little girls must love sleeping in that room.
Are you home now for good? (((((HUGS))))

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Adorable tree! The little girls will always remember it!

Flora Doora

Unknown said...

LOVE the pink tree. I'm generally not a pink person but this is just gorgeous and perfect for a little "SweetCheek". Merry Christmas Ya'll from Houston, TX

Kaybe said...

That is the perfect tree to encourage sugar plum fairies to dance in your head. xo

Tete said...

Love the white tree! I need to get me another one- the last one the kids destroyed by throwing stuff on it in the shed and by the time I found it, it was smashed and I couldn't get it to come out of it.
Hope you are getting some time to catch your breath and rest up a little bit. And where are all those baby shots you were supposed to be getting???????
Gloomy and rainy here today but warmer. Have a fun day!

Donna said...

Just the cutest little tree! I love it from top to bottom! I'm with you - with all we do in our homes now, I would have loved having this in my room, or even in the room I stayed in at Granny's!

You sound like us with the liquor. I'd have a shot if we had anything in the house to have a shot of! he he he!


Donna said...

What a beautiful tree, Diana! Your grandkids are all so lucky to have you as a very doting Nana! I still want you to adopt me! Please, pretty please? And I'll have a mug of that pink lemonade and vodka!!! Or rum, rum would work just fine:)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

That pretty pink tree should help them drift off to see visions of sugar~plums in their dreams!

Pam Kessler said...

You are such a great Grandma. I've said it before, but you keep surprising me with new fun things you do for the grandkids. A pink tree is a princess's dream.

Janet said...

Your granddaughter must love having a tree to sleep by at night! It looks like mine!

Leo said...

Love the little pink tree. So cute. How thoughtful you are to decorate their little guest room!