Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Asked About Her Cut-SweetCheeks Video

Did you ever ask someone

You know, a question
What time is it?
and they tell you how to
build a clock.

Well, Mama went to school
with SweetCheeks.
To graduate from
you have to have all 4s.

SweetCheeks has not hit
yet- she is still in
4 year old pre-school.
Mama wondered how
SweetCheeks was doing.
She was at all 2's and 3's

She can build a story like
no one else in her class.
She has complete thoughts
and sentences.
Seriously?  Our SweetCheeks?
A story teller?
She has a 4+ in that area.

Proof in point follows!
I noticed she had a little
owie on her finger.
I made the mistake of
So, how did you cut your finger?
The D is the D Key on the piano..
How does she know that?
AND that story leads right
into the
which I will share another day.

Glad you didn't break your leg,
Imagine THAT story!
your photo name


outjunking said...

Are you sure shes not a 5+. I don't think she left out anything. She may have gotten your gift of story telling.
Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

How do you keep from laughing? She sure can tell a story.I bought my granddaughter, Emma, a tablet to write her stories in.:):)Emma has a talking in cless problem:( Yikes.Susie

Anonymous said...

I think she has your gift of storytelling! Amazing!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha! You've got to have patience when you listen to kids stories sometimes, Diana! My kids were a little older than your Sweet Cheeks when they would take forever to get a story out and I would tell them, "Give me the Cliff Notes version please".

Patty said...

You gotta love a kid with a good vocabulaty! Just don't say anything in front of her that you don't want repeated! *LOL* I can only imagine where that might lead!

Debbiedoos said...

hahahaha...wait a minute she was going on to the next story...I guess to be continued by dear sweet cheeks!

Donna said...

So, what - she's not talking at school??? Or, does the teacher have trouble keeping her in the "box" they'd like them all to fit in and she talks too much?

I'd love to hear her talk about imaginary friends! My little we one does the same thing, Grandma sometimes has to tell her, I need the fast reason right now and we'll sit and chat later! Nah - doesn't work for me either! Too cute at this age!

I need to start remembering to do what you do Diana and record her more often!

Thank you for sharing,

PS How is your daughter coming along? She's so blessed to have a mom so close to help her - you're a gem!

Unknown said...

Love this child! She's is just adorable & so fun. Makes my day every day.

Merry Christmas

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Too cute!

mo said...

She is adorable.



Pam Kessler said...

Wow. I kept expecting to see a big bandage on her finger or something with that story. So cute!

Simple Home said...

This little girl should have her own YouTube category :) She's so much fun. I wish you could see the smile she puts on all of our faces each time we watch her!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

She should get even higher than a 4+. She's a great story teller. Any Irish in her? One of my kids was a great story teller like that but if you dared interrupt him he had to start all over from the beginning. Exhausting but worth it!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh--she is just tooo adorable! She should write books, I tell you!!! She'll be famous on Amazon and we'll all say we knew her when!
And congratulations--I saw you won a giveaway on Tina's blog--how awesome!!!! XO Cindy

Unknown said...

Do you think she knows she's a blogging star? Lol....Always a treat to watch. She makes my day.