Friday, July 8, 2011

WOW-A Pow-Wow! Before and After

We have a special segment
of America
right here in
Green Bay.

It is the
Oneida Tribe.
Every summer they put
on the most wonderful
You can read more about
the Oneida Tribe here.

As you know,
I had to work this
4th of July weekend but my
daughter & her hubby
took the 3 girls to the
Oneida PowWow.
What an experience!
She shared her pictures
with us.
Thanks, TPot!

There are native dances

with beautiful costumes
for females..
and for the males too!

and food

and Lulu wearing a native necklace.

and Ria,
with her mouth full
of food,
drinking a beer...
uh...that would be a

and Lulu and Ria sipping a

Did you know that slushies were
Native American drinks?
Well...they're not..
I lied about that part.

And SweetCheeks is
sucking up her slushy
wearing a dress that
Daddy bought her from
one of the booths.
Do you know that the
other two girls never
complained about
not getting one for themselves!

All in all it was a wonderful
day...a day that they wished would
last forever.
was very sad
when she found out it was
time to leave.
Poor SweetCheeks.
Is that not the saddest
face you ever saw?

Here you have it again.
And you thought there
were only
Befores and Afters
for furniture.
You were wrong!
your photo name


Kathy@ Gone North said...

Looks like a fun day!!
(& that Sweetcheeks.... she sure knows how to work it, with her face.... : )

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a great before and after!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that was the BEST post, the indian pow wow was great,, we have them here also,, Ojibway live all around us here but sweet cheeks before and after,, the very best of the best,,

The enchanted home said...

So cute!! What a fun festival that must have been, so interesting too. The kiddos are so cute and sweet cheeks, I see a natural born actress in the making!

Patty said...

We have Pow-Wow's here from time to time, too. And Indian Tacos. I love Indain Tacos and could eat them every day, but my husband is not a fan. Too bad... because it's the one Indian thing I learned from my Granny. I have passed it down to my daughter, though, so the tradition will go on.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Those costumes were so colorful and beautiful!


Blondie's Journal said...

My hubby loves this sort of thing. I think he would be wearing a necklace as well. Looks like a lot of fun!


Diana Ferguson said...

Fun times!!! Have a good weekend.

Tete said...

Love, love, love the colorful costumes! But you are going to have to go with them more. Lulu looks topless and Ria with a beer...boy, howdy, do they run wild away from Nana.
Now miss SC there, that sad face is so cute. They could have traded her for another necklace for Ria. Oh, don't tell her I said that!
Would love to do a PowWow- they have them around here, but couldn't do the all day thing anymore. You can tell her that you know a card carrying Cherokee, though, and that my dad's an elder in the tribe.
No- I don't have a teepee. I do have TP.
Just to clear that up before she asks.
Hugs- Tete

Laura said...

that sounds amazing diana, what a shame you werent able to go along with them.. I soo need to visit america one day, it just looks as though there is so much to do and see.. so much culture and history! And that is the saddest face!! how could anyone not give in to a little sweetcheeks looking so sad? I am afraid i would!!! happy 4th of july week to you diana! love and hugs, laura xx

Leo said...

That looks like such a cool festival. And the girls were obviously having a great time. And poor Little Sweet Cheeks. Nothing that a little bit of ice cream wouldn't solve. :)

Blooming Rose Musings said...

The girls all look like they were having a great time. I love the before and after pictures of Sweet Cheeks. It is hard for the kids when a fun day comes to an end.
And...I LOVE the idea of chocolate gravy on biscuits! Yum!!!
And, how could anyone resist SweetCheeks belly laugh in the video! All fun posts. Thanks, Diana.

Brenda said...

Had a friend pour this over chocolate cake. Instead of icing.
Warm and delicious. .men loved it!