Monday, July 18, 2011

Ria The BalleRIAna!

My little Ria was so
She was one of 10 kids
in our area that got selected
to take a
ballet workshop
with a NYC ballerina.

Every year this woman
comes to Milwaukee to take
summer classes.
This year she offered to share
her talent with 10 girls .
Ria has taken a couple years
of dance classes
and learned a few basic moves
but NOTHING like she
learned this week.
She was with girls who have
all taken classes at this
particular school.
Ria takes lessons
 at a different place
so she was a bit of
an "outsider"
to start.

Ria, being Ria,
soon endeared herself
to everyone.

Today was her
The 10 girls all performed
together to
music from
The Nutcracker.
Each girl made their own
A Rat's Face

And a wand
and crown..

And they got to wear
REAL ballerina outfits..

At the end,
each girl got to perform
a routine she had
devised for herself.
Ria did a beautiful job.
She is SO graceful..
and feels the music.
I think
is going to be her

We were so proud watching
her..and they saved
her perfomance for last.
She did a wonderful job!
Her big sister, Lulu,
was very proud of her!

Tomorrow I will show
you how Sweetcheeks
fared at this "party"..
'Deed I will~
your photo name


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

How sweet to be picked in that group. I took ballet when I was six and then when I didn't get moved up to toe shoes with my friend I quit!

Anonymous said...

beautiful,, what an honor,, lucky little girl,

Tete said...

Congrats to Ria! Isn't it wonderful when they bloom? Sounds like she has found her passion at such an early age. I love it when professionals come in and help inspire the kids today. What a fun thing to do and I know the kids will always remember her taking time to do it.

Anonymous said...

An experience she will never forget! How adorable!!

Kathy said...

Way to go, Ria! I love ballet!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Congratulations Ria! Wishing you and yours the very best... and keep dancing! Have a blessed week sweet Diana.

ShabbyESP said...

What an honor to be one of the chosen 10 and how wonderful for you to have a "Ballerina" in your family!!!
Can't wait to hear what Sweetcheeks said!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Pamela said...

How wonderful for Ria!!!! I absolutely love ballet and my room growing up was all ballet. Too bad my mom refused to put me in it.
I was wondering what Sweet Cheeks thought about all this...I can't wait to find out! I've missed her!!!
Pamela xoxo

Sweet Tea said...

Perhaps she was "born to dance", which I can hardly imagine since I do well to walk a straight line, let alone dance. What a lovely gift and as usual, she looked adorable!

Gina said...

That is soooo exciting! Congrats to Ria!

Donna said...

What a cute little ballerina! And what an honor that must have been for her! I bet you were so proud. Wish I was half as gracefull, haha!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Diana, how exciting! Please tell Ria congrats!!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Congratulations! Sweet Ria!!

Leo said...

So cute. Ria looks adorable in her ballet outfit. So pretty!!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh sweets...congrats to Ria! I took ballet in 5th grade. I was so short with these tiny little legs. I soooo wanted to be a ballerina. Wasn't in God's plan I suppose because I never could do I sew and paint instead.

Blessings upon Ria as she finds EVERYTHING she loves in life!


Cass @ That Old House said...

What a wonderful memory for Ria! And her smile in that last picture says it all -- she had a BLAST and that's the most important thing.

One of ten? Wow ... she clearly is something special! I'm sure there were lots of young ballerina hopefuls wishing they'd be chosen.

You make me impatient for grandkids!
ps Everyone needs to install a sump pump where you live? That's kind of nuts -- and a bit over the top on the part of the authorities but my kids say I have "issues" with authority figures so maybe that's just my reaction! C

Something Nice and Pretty said...

How proud you must be of Ria, so great to get chosen like that, she sure looks pretty in pink!
Tell her congrats from me too!

Anonymous said...

Ria looks like a graceful ballerina.
Congrats to her for being chosen for this special class. No wonder your Proud!!
My six year old granddaughter is moving closer and I am so excited that Ill be able to go to her recitals now.

Judi said...

What a wonderful experience! She is just glowing and how proud she and everyone else must be. Good job....future ballerina.

Gypsy Heart said...

She is gorgeous and has such a precious smile. I know her performance was wonderful! I love The Nutcracker...the music is divine. Please tell her how much we've all enjoyed the photos and hearing about her.


Pam Kessler said...

What a great honor for Ria. Love that rat face!

Annesphamily said...

What a great honor! I love seeing young kids see their dreams unfolding! Love Anne