Saturday, July 9, 2011


My daughter's last
BFF that is still single
is getting married today.

MyHero is performing the

I will feel very safe at the wedding.
Why? You ask.
Well, it's because she is
marrying one of
Green Bay's finest men.
One of our local
Yep!  Somehow he has
managed to escape
the handcuffs everytime.
He was a confirmed bachelor..
until he met Kristin.
Wait!  Wait!
Hey! Where are you going?

Here's a little sneak peak...
We will be seeing
something that looks like

And something that looks like

But in THIS color.

And eating something that
looks like

And there will be two
little girls
wearing dresses
that both my granddaughters
wore as flower girls
in 2 weddings.
This is the 4th or 5th time
these dresses have been
loaned out.
Aren't they sweet?

These were taken when
my youngest daughter got
Lulu & Ria made cute
little flower girls.
We just change the
sash to match the wedding colors.

Confused yet?
Are you wondering
if any of this is real?

If I don't eat too much
or sleep in too late..
I will show you some
REAL pictures
of the REAL
I promise!

your photo name


Karen said...

oh, Happy day! Congratulations to the couple, and have a great weekend!

The enchanted home said...

What a wonderful day you have in store!! Hope you will share the details and highlights....congratualtions to the lucky couple!

Debbiedoos said...

Ohhh congrats Diana!~ What gorgeous colors and mmmm...I love wedding cake! I may miss the pics tomorrow but will go back to the post when I get some down time on vaca.

Patty said...

Have fun at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

have a great time, I can't wait to see the photos,

Robyn Story said...


You know how i feel about those wonderful men in blue! Enjoy yourself and let's chat when you get off all those clouds!

Debbie~ said...

It looks like everyone will have such a wonderful time, I love weddings! I don't know why, but I almost always cry. The little flower girl dresses the girls wore, are adorable, I can see whey they're so sought after!I can hardly wait to see the pictures later. Congrats to the bride & groom! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

AnonyaMouse said...

Sounds like someone will be having a great time, and I know who she is. Enjoy.

I'm supposed to attend a wedding shower tomorrow, the cake is getting decorated as I type.

Sweet Tea said...

What a happy time of year to be getting married. I am going to a wedding this evening (an outdoor wedding and it is currently 102 here. LOL). I also have a cousin who is going to a wedding tonight. Love is in the air!

Simple Home said...

Congratulations to the happy couple!! Have a wonderful day :)

Gina said...

I hope you enjoyed the wedding! Gotta love a man in blue.

Roeshel said...

I love weddings and look forward to seeing the pictures! ;)

Hope you're having a great summer, Diana!


Heaven's Walk said...

PLEASE behave yourself, Diana! No dancing on the cake table or running away with the groom, ok? lol!

xoxo laurie