Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Not Sure HOW Old I am-But God knows-SCheeks Video

The day is a hot,
muggy almost
90º day.
We don't have many of
those in
Green Bay, WI.

After a morning of
running kids around,
my daughter along
with SweetCheeks
and Lulu
met me for

Soon after we were
seated the subject of
age came up.
I love
the best~
Sorry about the background
noise.  We were in an
outdoor restuarant.
It WAS air conditioned
inside and being
as the sweat was rolling
down our foreheads we
could have opted for
 inside seating.
We never SAID we were
the brightest bulbs in
the Sylvania factory!

Notice all the mosquito bites
on SweetCheeks!
your photo name


  1. He did good!!.... : )
    Again.. sweet!!

  2. Yesterday seemed cool here. It only got up to 105 because we had a little cloud coverage. It was humid because we got a few sprinkles but that's as cool as it's been in awhile. 95 sounds NICE!
    And I think you should have just taken that 32 and bought Sweet Cheeks some nice treat.

  3. Aren't you supposed to go by the first guess? ;D

  4. You just never know when to quit, do you? I would have taken the first answer and left it at that! LOL
    Hope you are cooler today- we are and it's doing a little shower right now. Sitting in the the central air with a blanket around my shoulders because I have been out playing in the rain! We got cool for a few days and then right back up there...I do not like this part of summer.
    Hugs- Tete

  5. 32!
    What a SMART girl.
    Now her 32 yr old NaNa needs to buy
    her something very special!

  6. LOL that is so cute! My little grandson thinks I am 19..we'll just leave it at that! ;D

  7. Yup...I would have stopped her after the first guess.
    Hope you are enjoying the summer, Diana!

  8. You should always go with your first guess!!

  9. This girl should go into journalism!


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