Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It seems like only yesterday
that you were born.
Look at your 
holding you close!
Who knew back then you would be so cute
that first year?
Here you are at one year old!
We had a party for you but you won't remember that.
neither will I cuz I can't find my 
one year old birthday pictures of you...

Then you got sick.
You were so so sick and a blogger friend of Nana's
most likely saved your life.
You can read about that here/Kawasaki Disease
Once they figured out what was wrong 
and treated you
you recovered quickly.
.We were so happy...
And then you GREW...
You have always been such a happy little guy.
Before we knew it you were
And now another year has gone by...
We watched you grow some more
and watched your personality change
from darling to devilish....
And now you are THREE.
We had your birthday party a couple of days early.
Mom worked hard making everything perfect-
Right down to 
Yep-You STILL love your CAKE
after you blow out your candles
You can
HAVE your CAKE and
And I might even have had one of these myself!
OKAY-ya little tattle tale!
I mighta had three two cupcakes!

We have several names for him.
At school they call him "A Handful"
I call him "Boy-o"
His Daddy calls him CASH
 (cuz he never knew how
much it cost to have kids 
till CJK came along!)
Wait'll the kid gets to college---
Daddy ain't seen nothing yet!

Happy Birthday- CJK-

I'll be at the VA-Enjoying my time with the veterans!
your photo name


  1. Happy Birthday, Boy-O! I like that name best. Hope you have a lovely day at the VA. I know the vets must get a kick out of you. You got any tattle tales down there? What's their name and phone number? I'll be needing them. Lol!!

  2. Looks like a fun party- the Cars birthday theme was cute! Happy Birthday CJK!

  3. This sweet boy could not be more adorable! Wishing him the best birthday ever!

  4. I call him a miracle because I remember how very sick he was! He sure looks like his daddy's boy!

  5. Happy birthday to that sweet boy! What a rude!

    I think cash is a good nickname for my kids too. Particularly the eldest who will soon be 22 and who I want OFF the payroll! ;)

  6. Diana, I love the photos. He sure is a cute kid, takes after daddy. He's a blessing to all of your family. Hope everyone is doing well today. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  7. Happy birthday CJK! Looks like he (everyone) enjoyed it. I just love that age..........they grow up so fast............but we still love 'em to death.

  8. Happy Birthday to cjk! I loved his party decor......remember what we had "back in the day".... those little candy letters on top of the cake that spelled happy birthday. That was the simple extent of our party decor...maybe a few balloons! hugs...

  9. Ke is sooo adorable! And so big! LOL Happy Birthday to CJK!

  10. he looks soooooo much like his daddy! Wonderful birthday celebrations!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to your grandson! He is so cute. Loved his little "car" cupcakes.

  12. Happy Birthday! I remember your blog friend recognizing his symptoms and advising you to tell the doctors. Isn't God wonderful?? Praise the Lord. Loved these photos.

  13. What a cutie!

    And what a story is, the first years of his life.

    And what a cutie is his Daddy!!!!

    Sorry, I know I am supposed to pay all my attention to the little Birthday Boy. But... But..... When I see cute/handsome, I just have to mention it. 'Cause... 'Cause..... 'Cause that's just the "way I roll".... -giggggles-

    Don't push those Vets around too fast now Dear. 'Cause remember. CJK might have gotten his nickname "Crash" from his Nana!!! ,-)))))


  14. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! What a fun party!

  15. Oh my gosh, he's 3!!!!!!! I for one could not be more excited to see that sweet precious little boy happy and thriving. Every time I see his little mischievous smile, I think "God has big plans for you". So thankful all turned out the way it did 2 years ago.

  16. Oh my gosh! He is adorable! Time flies, huh??
    What a lucky Nana!

  17. What a blessing things turned out so well. He looks like he might be a brother to Dennis the Menace. Just being a real boy.

  18. Awe...... CJK is darling. I remember him being born and I remember praying when he was so, so sick. I'm so glad that blogger came forward with a suggestion that lead to a diagnosis and he was able to be treated and get well. He is such a beautiful blessing. I can't even imagine your blog without an occasional mention of little CJK. I'm glad he had a nice birthday celebration!

  19. You know that saying. Some are born with good looks and others behind the door have the brains.

    Well your family never went behind the door ever.

    God wrapped them up in swaddling blanket' and said to you. You have Great looking sibling family and Grandchildren,

    This guy has come along way with all those prayers to a typical energetic boy. With a talented, good looking Grandmother.

  20. Oh he is precious - I read every word - and your right - wait til college. Happy birthday CJK and many more.

  21. Handsome beautiful child. God bless him, what a battle he fought. Sweet Birthday wishes CJK.

  22. He is darling! Cash! That's funny! After vet bills, it's tempting to call pets CASH, too. We don't have any pets now and I don't miss that $ part!

  23. I think he is going to make a few girls cry when he gets older.....ha...maybe he already has??

  24. Happy Birthday CJK!!
    Been catching up with you over lunch and love the you brought back the Magazine Mockery...always loved those!!

  25. Happy Birthday to your adorable grandson!!

  26. Happy Birthday to that precious little boy! I think you should have had three cupcakes because he was three years old. Sound right to me, doesn't it to you?


  27. Happy Birthday to your little CJK! What a special little guy! How blessed your family is! xoxo

  28. Aw! What a cutie pie! Takes after his Daddy.... Happy 3rd Birthday, CJK! So glad that you are well and happy! And stop tattling on Nana. She deserves those cupcakes. Besides, it's a sin to waste. Just sayin'. xo Karen

  29. Oh Diana, what a cutie pie! Oh, i happen to have one of those that went from darling to devilish....and in this Nana's eyes, still darling! What a handsome CJK, like his daddy! Good looking genes going around in your family, Missy! Oh okay, I must say, bet those VA friends of yours love to see you coming!
    Can't wait to get your book!

  30. Love the pics! I remember when he was sick... what a scary time. Happy bday to that darling little boy.

  31. What a cutie - and how awesome that a blogger was able to help recognize the disease he had! The benefits of blogging never cease to amaze :) He has a handsome child... and it is amazing how fast they grow! Hope you had fun at the VA today! :)

  32. Totally jealous! I will have grands one day.

  33. How adorable he is!!! Happy Birthday!!!


  34. Wow, I can't believe he is three already,Diana! What a big boy he is, and still so cute. A picture of his Daddy. I am so glad he is healthy and strong and happy! Devilish??? I wonder who he gets that from??????!

  35. Happy Birthday sweet little boy.

  36. Happy Birthday, CJK. You are a sweetie pie. Hope your cupcakes were good. Did Nana leave you one?..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  37. Happy B'day little man!!! just went and read about you learning of the disease from a blogger....so cool! and Thank God!

  38. Happy Birthday to CJK! He's so handsome; good looks run in your family! Thank goodness he's better now; I remember that so well. Your daughter throws the best birthday parties! I love seeing what she does with the theme she has chosen. Hugs to this special boy!

  39. I remember when that precious little boy was sick. And then was so glad another blogger, I remember her, helping you all out. Blog World can be a wonderful place!

  40. He is beyond cute....
    Precious to the max.
    Love his adorable smile.
    Happy birthday CJK!!

  41. Hi NanaDiana, I haven't been keeping up to reading my blogs or posting lately. Gardening takes a lot of time! You certainly have a darling little boy there!!! Glad he is healthy and well now. Also congratulations on your new book!!! Nancy

  42. Hi NanaDiana, I haven't been keeping up to reading my blogs or posting lately. Gardening takes a lot of time! You certainly have a darling little boy there!!! Glad he is healthy and well now. Also congratulations on your new book!!! Nancy

  43. Oh the changes in your little man. He will have a big boy face soon and then a man's face in the blink of an eye. Grandkids and puppies, if they would only stay small.

  44. Where does all the time go, Diana? What a precious little boy.
    Love you.

  45. Happy happy 3rd birthday, little man! You sure are lucky to have such a devoted grandma!

  46. may you be blessed with many more birthdays

  47. Happy Birthday to that very sweet boy you call Boy-o AKA Cash!

  48. I loved this beautiful glimpse into your boy-o and his daddy, Diana. So sweet. Happy birthday to the little tike. xo

  49. I remember praying for this little dude….so sweet!
    I was over at Deweena's blog and I saw that you're a writer!!! YAY!!! I had no idea. I'm adding your book to my summer reading list.

    I'm back from a long break due to homeschooling Shelley this year….It has been the busiest year of my life! :) It was a great year….we had a blast!


  50. Happy Birthday CJK and you would never know that you were so sick. He is a cutie and all boy.

  51. He is a doll! I remember when he was so sick...made me so nervous during that time. But what a blessing that he got the help that he needed and that another blogger helped you with his diagnoses. Such an adorable party! And he looks like he is having the time of his life!! Happy week my friend!!! Nicole xo

  52. These little guys grow up so quick! The days seem long but the years go by fast. I just can't enjoy them enough. You little grand is so adorable. Happy Birthday to him.Have a loveky week. Jo

  53. How time flies ...so adorable. I remember him being surrounded by prayer during that scary time...he's a little blessing. Well, "a handful" of blessing, ha ha.

  54. How time flies ...so adorable. I remember him being surrounded by prayer during that scary time...he's a little blessing. Well, "a handful" of blessing, ha ha.

  55. I just have been amazed as I was thinking this morning how we really do impart and impact one another. And we rejoice and laugh and sigh over all these milestones and what we call life. I am so happy to have you and your loved ones in my life via friendship and this little thing called blogging! I am still going to order myself a book here soon, I sure hope it will be signed by you! Hugs, Roxy

  56. What a terrible time it was when he was so sick and how wonderful that there was a blogland friend with the information that helped him get well. I'm sure his birthday is even more special after coming so close to losing him!

  57. What a cutie pie! Sending birthday wishes.

  58. Happy Birthday, CJK! I remember reading your posts back when he was sick. It is such a blessing to see him happy, healthy, and thriving! Oh - and CUTE!

  59. Happy birthday little CJK. He's a doll. And with cupcakes like that you deserved 2 or 3 :)


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