Tuesday, June 23, 2015

HONEY! I'M HOME! Back Up And Running!

What do you do when your 
baby's crib is all packed up?
Why you put in the baby in a
of course!
I am back-well, almost back-
 full force.
Give me a day or two to get
myself organized again.

opened again today.
I will continue to run the book sale
The Mystery Of Lucy
until this next shipment sells out.
The price is $14.95 

I will autograph the copy if you like.
I have had so many wonderful
personal emails from you!
Thank you so much for all your
wonderful, uplifting feedback.

So far, so good.
Amazon has it at a solid 

I will be back tomorrow 
on a regular basis.
If I don't get around to visit you today
I will be there tomorrow...or try to be...

Can I cry just a little when I tell you
that Baby Bright Eye's house is being packed up
as we speak and the moving company
will be taking them further away 
from us....
Wonder if I could stuff 
a few clothes on top of 
Bright Eyes
and bring her home with me?
In all the mess of moving,
Mom might not miss her for a 
few days.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!
I'll be in the bathroom crying a bit....
 over at the VA with my "old boys"!
your photo name


  1. I feel for you. The farther they move, the harder it gets. Hope they are at least within a 6-hour drive.

  2. yes go ahead and cry a little...oh my is this ever an adorable photo!

  3. yes go ahead and cry a little...oh my is this ever an adorable photo!

  4. I am sorry your family is moving away! I have been out of the loop. Did you write a book? What is in your Etsy shop? What is the name? So sorry I am so out of touch.

  5. I hope the move goes smoothly for your family...it is bittersweet. A new place to visit for you and your home will always be home to them.

  6. Great to see you this morning. bummer about the move, though. We stay in touch with far-away family via all sorts of methods, but it's not the same as being nearby.

  7. Glad to have you back but sad your Bright Eyes is moving away. I hope it is close enough that you can see the grandkids now and then. Loved your book. I'll be by to buy a paper copy to share with some of my friends who have been asking about it.

  8. Oh...one of those working vacations. Take your time getting into the pool... She is adorable and I am sorry that she will be a little further away.

  9. Oh, that precious baby. . . I know you have mixed emotions about their moving farther away! You're so glad for your kids to have good opportunities, but wouldn't it be cool if those opportunities were to come right down the street?

    I still haven't gotten my copy of your book. I'm out of town for a few days with unsecured internet access. I'll be ordering a copy when I get home. I'm eager to read it! :)

  10. Hello sweet friend! I'm glad you're back. The laundry baby is ADORABLE! The packing is HAPPENING, I see! Wow!

  11. Congrats on the success of your book, Diana! That's wonderful!!!
    Baby Bright Eyes looks adorable sleeping in the laundry basket....sigh. I don't blame you if you spent the rest of the day in the bathroom crying...good thing you had to visit the VA today.
    Love you.

  12. Welcome back, dear friend! xxx Maria

  13. Cry all you need to and then remember how loved, appreciated and needed you are. Miles wont make the heart less intense..
    cyber holding your hand and shedding a few tears with ya.. no fun crying alone...
    love ya bunches

  14. You'll sure miss them! What a little bundle of sweetness. I'm happy about your book too! What an accomplishment! Enjoy your day my friend. Hugs, Diane

  15. Oh boy. I can't even imagine. My family is all close by and I would be so sad if they moved away. You're going to need a vacation home in their new town!

  16. Adorable picture of the baby in the basket....
    So sad they are moving....understandable I'm sure, but painful....

  17. So sad..... You will miss them so deeply. It's hard when you know they are not just around the corner anymore. You better mark off some holidays with them on your calendar right now!

  18. It looks like the laundry basket works just fine! And I know you are a little sad about your babies moving. I've been through that - and it is heartbreaking. I want them all right next door. But - even though I don't get to spend as much time with my girls as I did before they moved to Texas, Texas has been good for them. They have activities with like minded people and are exposed to a lot less sin than they had been in our area. I love the town we live in but there is a lot of crime here. Texas is more family friendly. But - of course - they have been on the news lately with that riot at the McKinney swimming pool. The world is not perfect anywhere.

  19. I have a lump in my throat... I know what it feels like to "miss" my sweet ones...


  20. Welcome back, my Dear.

    Awwww 'Baby Bright Eyes' moving farther away. Awwwwww....

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,

  21. I have an idea ~ let's have a decorating the laundry basket party! We could add little rockers to the bottom and turn it into a cradle. Your little peanut looks all snuggly and comfy in the basket. I feel sad that she is moving. Maybe she should stay with you until they get moved and settled. About two or three months should do it don't you think? :-) Congratulations on the success of your book! So proud of you girl friend!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  22. Welcome home! Oh, I'd be crying too. That little bundle in the laundry basket is too precious. Darling photo!
    Congratulations on the success of your book. That is fabulous! What an accomplishment!!!!

  23. Glad you are back -- I missed my morning cheer-up from your blog. Sally

  24. Glad you are back. I still have to get your book on my iPad.

  25. absolute sweetness... and I love the laundry basket. I'm sorry that she'll be moving. I remember when my daughter moved away.. lots of tears. Hugs to you! That's wonderful about your book! I just submitted my Etsy order :) Best wishes for your day <3

    Tamara XO

  26. She is just precious! So hard to be far from loved ones. Ok, heading over to order my copy. Meant to do it the first time around, but things have been overwhelming here the past month. I will fill you in when I come up for air.

  27. Good to have you back Diana, you've been missed! Bright eyes look on her face, looks like she isn't too happy being in the laundry hamper!

  28. Diana, Bright Eyes looks precious in the laundry basket, and I know this will be a difficult time for you when it's time to say good-bye. Please know you're in my heart right now.

    love, ~Sheri

  29. So sad that she's moving away from you, dear Diana! You might just need to start traveling more, eh?

  30. Hope the move goes well. I know you will miss them so much. You can always make a pit stop by me when you go to visit to break up the trip.
    Glad you are back from vacation and getting into the swing of things again. Happy Tuesday my friend.

  31. Welcome back! We missed you. Moving, packing, memories, OMGosh the stress!

  32. I know how you feel about loved ones moving far away--That cutie pie in the basket is precious! ♥

  33. Hello, So many changes for so many of us! So glad your back, we all miss you so much! Hugs, Roxy

  34. Bless it! She looks all snug as a bug in a rug. Hope they aren't moving so far away that you can't see them on a regular basis. I thought my heart would rip right out of my body, when my daughter and grandchildren moved away. I'll whisper a prayer for you!

  35. Bummers...........the visits will be longer for you and them. I am loving your book and I don't want it to end, you will have to write a sequil, or at least another book.....hooray on the 5 star rating. "Lucy" is my late afternoon reading on the front porch with Kylie and a glass of iced tea. Glad you are back.

  36. her little sleeping face doesn't look too happy about it either!
    heart wrenching when families live far apart.
    i lived 1400 miles always from my mother whom i literally adored.
    such wasted time. BUT! you are retired and free to travel ... so you and your hero will burn up the highways! xoxo

  37. It's good to have you back! I know you're going to miss those babies tremendously. Thank goodness for Facetime, etc. That is the sweetest pic of Bright Eyes in the basket!

  38. I think trying to keep the baby longer would be worth a try. I have missed you, but want you to know I'm proud of you and your book. I need to get on amazon and put it on my wish list. Xoxo to you and I'm sorry your family is moving away. I know the feeling. :-( Knowing you, you will find lots of creative ways to be with them.

  39. Baby Bright Eyes is just precious, Diana! I know you will miss your daughter and her family dearly. Good thing they aren't moving to the other side of the country, at least. I hope they have a special Nana room at their new home! Best of luck with your book sales! I loved it, and would have given it a 10 if Amazon would've let me! Missed you, welcome home:)

  40. Diana, It is sad when our children move away. I still miss my girls. Angie still lives here in town. MY twins are 36 miles away and Kathy is 2 hours away. so I can still have some time with them...not near enough. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

  41. It is so sad to be far away from them. I miss my babies so much and can't wait to be near them. Welcome home. We missed you. xo Laura

  42. It's always sad when they move away not to far I hope.

  43. Precious pictures. Missed you - glad you are back home!


  44. Glad you had sometime off, but happy to see you back. I certainly would not like not being able to see that precious child more often.

  45. Hello,
    I am reading your book!! And I am loving it. I really can not put it down! Well done! I am really proud of you.

    Yes, you can cry. ;-) I am sending you a big HUG!

    I love the photos today.

  46. Bright Eyes is so cute- I just want to hug her! So sorry their moving away :-(
    Welcome back- get rested!

  47. Welcome back and sorry that they are moving further away....

  48. I know you will miss them so much. God bless them. Such a sweet photo. xo

  49. What a darling picture of Bright Eyes! I can only imagine how you are going to miss your sweet darlings! I'd come in the bathroom and cry with you.. seeing loved ones move farther away is so hard. My heart goes out to you, but hoping that your day at the VA brought a smile back to your heart, visiting with the ole boys... and hoping that when all the dust settles you will be able to find a rainbow in all this :) Many hugs sent your way, and a tissue too :)

  50. Diana, how do you keep up with all of these wonderful comments. You are amazing. I love the laundry basket and yes I have used one before, it works perfect for a babies bed. Have an amazing week. Jo

  51. Yes. You are definitely allowed several tears. I hope you can visit them often. That is the most precious photo...sigh. I hope your day at the VA helped lift your spirits. Thinking of you!!

  52. It is hard to watch them move away (been there, done that), but they have to make their own life like we once did. Darn them , though, for taking our grandchildren with them.

  53. Oh, moving time is so hard! I know you will miss those kiddos tremendously! Praying for many visits!! Bright eyes sleeping arrangement is so sweet :) Many blessings ... and don't be to bossy with those old guys at the VA, Cindy xoxo

  54. So sad for you that they are moving farther away. For many years when we were first married...we lived away from family and it was hard to be so far away. Then my hubby got an offer for a job back here at home and we have been here ever since then. Love the picture of your grand baby in the laundry basket...so sweet.

  55. That is the sweetest picture! I remember you saying that Baby Bright Eyes and family were moving far away :( That's a tough one! Congrats on your book!

  56. My son has still not ruled out moving out of state so I know exactly how you feel. With my first grandchild, my son lived a couple of blocks from me. I kept the Grandson every Friday night and visited a couple of times a week. With the granddaughters at an hour drive I rarely get to see them until Granddaughter comes to stay for a couple of days. She starts school this year so more during the week stay-overs. Sad when we don't get to see those babies enough.

  57. Hi Diana, what a beautiful bundle in the basket. I bet there will be many getaway visits in the future. I know it's sad to see them move away. Continued success on the book. It is a fabulous story and my hubby and I so enjoyed it. Congrats on the Amazon stats!!
    Enjoy the day!!
    Hugs, cm

  58. Yay! Your Home-- I know the feeling about being so far from family-- one of the big reasons WE didn't move. I'm still reading your book-- no other reason except -- I'm busy! It's on my kindle-- and well, I forget about charging it!
    I'm going to finish it this week! So far I've enjoyed it...😊

  59. I remember my mother speaking about us napping in a dresser drawer...baskets work too! :)
    Sorry about the upcoming move...must be so difficult!

  60. SO glad you're back..Your book was great..Will there be a sequel??

  61. Oh dear, your little darling will be moving farther away. I don't think your plan to keep her for a few days will work LOL. Congrats on your book.

  62. Welcome back and if that isn't the sweetest thing in that basket. Oh, just sneak her home. Mom won't notice. She's too busy!

  63. Oh I really wish I could buy a copy of your book! :-( You are so precious and I am so happy I know! :-)


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