Monday, June 1, 2015

Romantic Homes June 2015 Review & A Sweet Wake Up Call

Here it is JUNE!
How the heck did THAT happen?
It still feels like April here most days.
We had frost a few nights ago and
LAST NIGHT it was 28 degrees
in parts of Wisconsin.
Oh-Well-The calendar tells me it is June
whether it feels like it or not.

Anyway-Here we go-
The June Romantic Homes 2015 Issue:
There is lots of food in this one!
Diane Sedo/Jickie Torres-photographer

I would like MY CUPCAKE served out here
under this pergola!
Devlin Smith/Mark Tanner/Photographer

These two lovely photos are part of 
a 12 page spread
on the home of Angelique & Jan Hammond
A beautiful sideboard in the dining room-
And here's a peek 
at a sun-filled room in the same home.
Devlin Smith/ Peggy Janssen-Photographer

I love that we are seeing blue make a comeback
and could that be a 
BRASS Light Fixture
in the home of 
Richard & Joey "Dixie" Dylla ?
Anne Lorys-Article & Photography
Ah..and now on to a restful blue bedroom:
Gotta love that beadboard wall!
Written/Styled/Phot0graphed by Melinda Graham
This chair in the same bedroom sits next to a
sweet faux fireplace.
See it?
The faux fireplace-see it?
Guess you will have to buy the magazine.
I can't show you EVERYTHING you know!

So-- HERE is the cover you need to look for!

Someone's Mama was looking for a romantic 
new home in another state and 
this sweet girl went with her.
Here she is waking up in the hotel room.

Good Morning Baby Bright Eyes!
Look at those lashes!
Wait till she learns how to use those lashes
on the boys some day.
They are gonna be a goner!

If I haven't visited you recently-I apologize.
I have had a LOT going on here.
Hopefully, things will settle down soon.

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  1. Happy June! I didn't know blue was ever out? My living room is that shade of blue!...LOL

  2. So many pretties, especially the last one...adorable!! (yep, he'll be a goner!)

  3. I don't know how it got to be June either; Beautiful issue this month.

  4. Yep, June already and soon it will be Christmas!! Love that blue hutch and oh, my she is the cutest thing. Yes, she will surely learn to use those beautiful lashes. BTW. type-o in title.

  5. Crongrats on your new book. I can't wait to read it. Hey June 1st, my favorite day of the year. It is my birthday and I shower my sweet mother with love on this day. Love your sweet blog. Jo

  6. Your adorable Bright Eyes is gonna be a heart breaker for sure!!! Have a blessed week....hugs...

  7. Beautifulness again but those little Bright Eye lashes stole the show!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Thanks for sharing images from the magazine again. I always enjoy your preview. I'll be sure to look for that issue. Baby Bright Eyes is beautiful! She has the most beautiful face and hair!

  9. Well, now I have to go the store and buy this issue before I head to the laundromat. That and a giant mocha are the two things that get me through the experience of lugging our clothes back and forth. Ugh. But I digress. I LOVE the blue in the dining room. The contrast of the chairs with the stained wood table is so pretty.And the outdoor dining is ultra charming. Thanks for sharing, Diana. I hope you get some summery weather there soon. Hugs, Nancy

  10. What is up with this weather? Sure does not feel like June. Beautiful pictures, but my favorite was the last one. She is a cutie. :)

  11. So pretty. But I'm kind of wondering if the only ones able to keep they're homes so perfect are widow ladies who live alone. The minute I clean-decorate-arrange something here - someone comes along and messes it all up. But - I'd rather have things messed up than be lonely.

  12. We've had frost advisories here the past few mornings, and again for tomorrow...grrrrr.
    I love the blues, too, Diana...I'm glad to see them coming back.
    Your little angel is the prettiest image in your post.
    Love you.

  13. Diana OMGosh the rose icing flower on the cup cake served in a tea cup ... I'd like to start my every Monday like that! No scheduled things to check off my must do list, just a yummy and pretty cupcake greeting my Monday!
    Bight Eyes is sure a beautiful baby.

  14. she is a beauty!

    I am so tempted to buy some blue paint and white paint and go wild, I just adore that blue furniture,, it goes so well with vintage white,, thanks fo showing us the beautiful home ideas!

  15. That baby is gorgeous! As for that magazine, I know I say it every month, but I have still not picked a copy up yet. Maybe I'll finally get around to it this summer. I'd love to see it in person, becauseI just photographed and featured a house that I think I would probably be perfect for that mag.

  16. Oh if I could only crawl into those pages and have my home so orderly! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Now if I could only figure out how to get rid of Google + grrrrr! Right now I'm. Just lucky I have my Kindle.

  17. The last pic should be on a cover of a magazine!!! What a little doll!!

  18. Love all the pics from the magazine. However, Bright Eyes steals the show for sure!!

  19. OH she is a cutie...and the magazine looks great, too!

  20. I'm impatient waiting for my subscription to come. I'm not renewing because for some reason I don't get it in the mail until mid-June, while it's in the stores way before then. What gives?

  21. What a cutie! Isn't it relaxing to cuddle up with a magazine that you love and slowly ponder over all the pretty pictures to get ideas.

  22. PLEASE print out and frame that picture of Baby Bright Eyes!!!!!!!

    PLEASE! It would be a cryin'-shame, for you not to!


  23. Hi Diana, thank you for the eye candy review! Love all of those rooms and the adorable little gal!

  24. Great review of Romantic I don't need to run out and buy it. :-)
    I'll always be a fan of blue whether it's "in" or not.
    Mary Alice

  25. Well, isn't that the most beautiful baby!!! So sweet! I want her p.j.'s too. :) I love these previews you give us. I was already craving cupcakes and now I'm REALLY craving them! That brass chandy is making me rethink painting mine. Decisions, decisions. :)

  26. I LOVE RH so much! Favorite!
    Aw, that little eyelash-batter is adorable!
    Go down and throw rocks in the bay today, ND. Those water views are so restorative!
    God bless you, sweet nice person.

  27. Hi,
    I love that photo of Bright Eyes! :-))
    She is so sweet. xx oo
    I am praying. I have heard about breast cancer in men. Please keep us posted. Sending prayer!

  28. That baby is so cute! What a darling photo.

    Glad that someone is buying and reviewing's the only way I am intrigued enough to purchase one myself anymore.

  29. Beautiful baby. And yes, those eyelashes will definitely cause trouble down the road. I love getting my Romantic Homes and just sitting down and going over every page. I still get it and Country Living. I like to look and look again.

    Have a great day!


  30. Beautiful baby girl.....
    Hubby and I watched our grandson this weekend...boy, am I tired! We had a good time...and hard time because he hates to take a nap of any sort....and fights it....
    I had forgotten midnight feedings and soothing babies back to sleep...
    Have a great week...

  31. Oh Boy! The boys are going to be goners! What a sweet picture!

  32. What a precious photo! And I am praying for your family, too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  33. Baby Bright Eyes is a DOLL!!! I don't usually buy magazines, mostly because all the Stampington magazines I love are so darned expensive, but I like this issue of Romantic Homes you've showed us. Love all the white (which my home is not) and love that aqua blue (I know it has a much more romantic, clever name than 'aqua') paint. Also, love the leaded window against that beadboard wall to create the illusion of a mantle. Hey, I have one of those windows around here somewhere. Actually, no I have two. Honestly, I have three. No, I am NOT a hoarder. It's just that Mr. C. brings those wonderful windows home when they've been discarded. I do have plans...

  34. How are you my 'old' friend? I haven't been by in so long. Just too much going on in my life and no time to blog. Things are FINALLY calming down and I am going to try and get my life back. A long, long two years behind us. Adrienne and Micah moved out this weekend. Bought their own home after being here 10 months. Just couldn't find what they loved. remodel is almost done (SHOUT FOR JOY!) and I'm so thankful for some measure of peace. :)

    I hope you are doing well. I'll backtrack a bit to catch up. Always LOVE RH Magazine. Always changing but still so lovely.

    Big Hugs~


  35. You really are cold- we are cold here, for us, but nothing like that. I want that baby.

  36. She is a doll!!! I wish they didn't have to go so far but your meetings will be that much sweeter! And those homes up goodness I would take bits from each and every one of those beautiful rooms! Happy week...and June...I have no idea how that happened! Nicole xo

  37. Please don't worry about visiting/commenting. I understand. The magazine photos are so pretty. I love Bright Eyes' photo - she is a sweetheart. Take care of YOU.

  38. Bright Eyes - what a cutie! Lots of prettiness going on in Romantic Homes this issue. Thanks for sharing. I need some romance to keep me warm in this wacky Wisconsin weather we are having. I have a tank top, long sleeve shirt and a jeans jacket (pants, too, of course!) and I am in the house!! Brrrr - but still happy to be alive, lol! Jane

  39. That last photo of the bright eyes and long eyelashes is a winner. Looks like there's fun stuff in Romantic Homes.

  40. Is Bright Eyes moving away from you???!!
    I've been wondering about you.
    I understand you're very private, but still wondering...

  41. I can't get enough of her..She's too darn cute!! Send me some of that cool weather..90 yesterday !! Yuk...

  42. Bright Eyes is precious! I think dad will be standing at the door inspecting the young men that will inevitably be coming to date her some day! I love that blue color. That with some whites and roses would be gorgeous! Got my books- so excited for you about it all!

  43. She is so beautiful. I am glad that blue is making a comeback as it never left my house LOL

  44. I loved the June issue and looked thru it several times. I sure hope RH doesn't change things up again, they finally are doing it "right" again, I think! And little Miss Bright Eyes couldn't get any cuter if she tried! Just look at those eyes and lashes and super sweet smile!!

  45. Hard to believe June is already here

  46. Very pretty romantic homes - I like the one with the glass white doors and sunlight. My favorite is the last one with the long eye lashes!!!

  47. My sweet friend, how I have missed you! Ah, it was so nice to have some time this evening to stop by your blog for a visit. Your precious Bright Eyes is such a pretty little girl - what a blessing she must be.

    And those homes.... *sigh* Such loveliness. Happy June, dear Diana. Hugs to you!

  48. I just got this issue and LOVE it! And what a darling you have there! But I mostly just wanted to stop by to congratulate you on your book. Congratulations! No small feat. It must feel wonderful to finish and get into publication. Enjoy!

  49. I would love to enjoy a cup of tea and a dainty cupcake outside under that pergola too! Enjoyed your tour of the newest magazine :)

  50. You are a teaser with these Romantic Home posts, I'm sure you must get a little 'cut' for everyone of us who now has to go out and purchase the magazine :) Praying for all things! Blessings, Cindy

  51. I'll pick up a copy at the grocery tomorrow. ;-)

  52. Congrats on your book Diana, and the romantic homes magazine I have it, what a great issue, and what about the Desert Rose China that will be certain to make a new retro come back now!

    See you soon,

  53. I loved the rooms but tha t precious face!

  54. I have always liked that magazine, and yep yep yep...........Baby Bright Eyes is a beauty!!

  55. Oh that photo of her almost looks as if it is a painting...the way the lighting is / what a gorgeous shot!

  56. Oh that photo of her almost looks as if it is a painting...the way the lighting is / what a gorgeous shot!

  57. I love the brightness of each room. It looks like June and summer in those homes.

  58. She's a doll! Looking forward to hearing more soon about that move...

  59. Baby Bright Eyes is a beauty!! Great features Diana...thanks for giving us a peek!

  60. Oh, these are pretty rooms. I have to say that I'm not an all-white girl, so that turquoise hutch and chairs got to me right away. I gotta have me some color in my home. And this room is gorgeous. Bright Eyes looks incredibly sweet in this picture. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CJK! He is a precious child in every sense of the word.

    Have a nice day at the VA today, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  61. Beautiful rooms! And thank you for teasing us all!! LOL


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