Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Sass-Honey- I'm Home!

Here is where I was this 
past week!
Gotta love Waterlogue.
It can make a watercolor out of
any photo!
This is taken from the park across
the street from my daughter's house.


Oh- yeah- Home Sweet Home!
I had Mindy's two boys 
at the house in Milwaukee for the week.
They were good kids-busy-busy-
as kids that age are.
The topper is that the house has to be kept
in case there is a showing.
There were TWO SHOWINGS while I was there.
I like to put on the 
Dog & Pony Show
complete with cake on the table,
the dining room table set for show,
and fresh flowers throughout.
My best friend, SANDY, drove over from
and stayed for three days.
We ate ourselves sick and I got her 
hooked on 
She is fully addicted and now I have to send her
Season Two & Season Three
because she can't get PBS
out in the wilds of Minnesota!

We had a LOT of good LAUGHS!

Today I am off to our little 
How in the world did she get this old?
I will have pictures of this special day tomorrow
and some other news for you, too!

So...y'all come back now, ya hear?
But----while you are waiting--
Let me show you a picture of the 
Bet you can't beat THAT! 
your photo name


  1. Diana.. will you come over and stage my house when we put it up for sale? Those two little grans of yours are precious! Have a great week.

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you were kept busy! They have a cute home- love the waterlog version. Your grandkids are all so cute! It seems texting starts earlier and earlier! Little Einsteins! :-)

  3. Yay, your back! A weekend keeping grands and keeping it realtor ready, wowzers girl! What fun to have your friend there for a few days, I bet that was a hoot! Aww, Sweet Cheeks has a blessed day, oh my goodness, how wonderful. It is hard to believe it's that time in her life already! Your little one is just precious! Enjoy being home!

  4. I am sure the home will sale now that it has your touch!
    Nothing like "Time " with the grands!

  5. Diana, I love the waterlogue picture. Your grandkids are so cute. SC is growing. I remember when my grandson Jake had his first communion, Father Fred went into retirement , shortly after. LOL. I told Jake he was just too much for the aged priest.:):) Glad you are back home, we have all missed you. Blessings for a great Sunday. xoxo,Susie

  6. oh.. good, your having fun! Just as it should be! Enjoy Sweet cheeks communion day. I know you'll have a fun family gathering to celebrate.

  7. Mabuhay, Hafa adai, and welcome home!

    Happy Sunday, Sassy,

  8. Congrats to sweet cheeks. Enjoy the day.

  9. wow, that watercolor apt is amazing, I can hang up my brush!

    You certainly are a whiz bang at prepping for Realtors, beautiful!!

    What a clever beauty she is!

  10. That house should sell quickly.

    I am also addicted to Call the Midwife, an interesting, well- written show about good people, something that we don't see on TV anymore.

  11. Hi Diana, looks like you had a great week. The watercolor is gorgeous. I bet your showings for your daughter got rave reviews with your added selling points. Love the pics of the kids and the little sweetie girl is adorable.
    Glad to see you back.
    Have a blessed Sunday and Congrats to Sweet Cheeks on her Communion.
    Hugs, CM

  12. Hey, hey, hey... She's back in town... Batten down the hatches!!!! ,-))))

    Glad to see you back on the ranch!

    Busy week, but also fun week. Hooray!

    News! Hey ya'allllll, batten down the hatches again!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,

  13. How do the grandchildren grow so fast?? Of course they are adorable at all ages. Hope that house sells quickly for them. xo Laura

  14. The little sweetie is smarter than me. Of course that does not take much. I have no cellphone and certaintley know nothing about texting. Glad you are home.

  15. Your news is going to be old news by the time you get it to us, if you don't hurry...
    That is the cutest little texter ever.

  16. You and I both have done this selling/moving thing enough that we know all the staging tricks!!! Very cute photos and such a special day today for Sweet Cheeks. I look forward to tomorrow's post. Have a lovely Sunday.

  17. Happy that you have been enjoying yourself, and Call the Midwife is a real tv winner. Those Brits know how to make the best shows! For me, anyway. I actually do have you beat. My beagle Flip sends e-mail and Googles. But those babies with phones and remotes are always a kick. Enjoy your day with Sweet Cheeks and family. And glad you are still enjoying my Love Letters to my parents from 1980. There are still more to come. Oh, the days before blogging! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  18. How do you keep up with yourself, woman??!! I'm glad you had a good time with your friend. I love Call the Midwife, too...great show!
    The pics of the kids are so nice. I can't believe how big they are all getting!!!
    Have a super day with Sweet Cheeks today.
    Love you.

  19. i'm so glad you're back!
    and staging should be your second best career!!!! seriously. what fun. you're a natural for it too.
    wonderful pictures. adorable grown up now sweet cheeks. and the most beautiful baby ever! XOXO♥

  20. So glad you are back! Missed you!
    What fun you had, and all while keeping up the "show".
    The kids are darling...

  21. Close your eyes for a moment and grandchildren grow like sunflowers. I love that you had time with your girlfriend and that you got her hooked on Call The Midwife. One of my girlfriends and I were telling each other about this great book that we were reading, to find out the we were both reading Call The Midwife and we were only about a chapter apart, LOL.

  22. My mom is addicted to Call The Midwife! She keeps trying to get me to watch it. I used to read a book series that had a similar theme (the gaslight mysteries by Victoria Thompson) and enjoyed them, so I'm sure I'd like that show too. It's amazing how fast children grow, isn't it? Love seeing these pics of your grands. So neat that you got to spend time with a good friend. Friendships are so important, and it sounds like y'all had a ball together! :)

  23. That was bright eyes texting??? How did she get to be so big? It's nice that you got to spend time with your friend while watching the kids and keeping the house pristine. Have a great week...............what's tomorrow's news?????

  24. Bright eyes too adorable texting. Probably can text better than me!! Ok you got me and Terry hooked on Call the Midwife. That show should give you a royalty. One of our new favorite shows. Have fun today at the communion.

  25. Happy Sunday and wow first communion for Sweet Cheeks! I love the watercolor. Sounds like you had a very busy, interesting and fun week.
    Welcome back!

  26. So cute. Enjoy the day, and congratulations to her. xoxo Su

  27. Welcome back. Now, I hope you can get some rest. xoxo

  28. It's good to see you back here, Diana! Baby Bright Eyes is just a little doll, I can't believe how much she's grown, Sounds like you've had a super busy week with the boys and helping with the showings. Wow, you really do put on a dog and pony show!:) Can I rent you out for awhile? All of the showings we've had here have really worn me out. SweetCheeks doesn't look like a little girl any more! Big congrats on her 1st communion!

  29. Welcome home! I know you loved your time with those babies but ours wear me out after a while (LOL)! Love how you said ya'll come back now ya hea! You DO have some Southern blood running thru your veins!

  30. Nothing like precious time spent with grandchildren - regardless of their age!


  31. I've always known you are an amazing grandmother and what is neat is that you enjoy it so much! I'm sure those grands had a blast with you. And now you know you can always find a job as Super Stager.

    So glad you're back. Did your Hero miss you?


  32. Being a Nana does keeps us hoping, doesn't it?!?! I wouldn't trade it for anything this world could offer! Looking forward to your news! Blessings, Cindy

  33. I know you had a great time with friends and family. Blessings!!

  34. I think PBS is glad they can get really good British shows.

  35. Beautiful babies and Bellissimo table setting. I must try that waterlogue site, never heard of it before. Glad you are back....miss you lady!!!

  36. Well, send her down here, I could learn a thing or twenty about texting! I love Call the Midwife!!!

  37. Sounds like you had a wonderful! That's what it's all about…family, friends & God! XOX

  38. hahaha! That sounds like too much fun!
    Keeping the house SHOW READY... is hard, no?
    I haven't gotten to watch Call the Midwife ...but I love watching Miranda Hurt in MIRANDA. that is a hilarious show. The hubby controls the remote-- rather it controls him.! ;)
    glad your home.
    My smartest one year old in the world...takes selfies of he and I in the rocking chair... He can say CHEESE!

  39. You just amaze me. How cool of you to go help for a week. . . and to keep the house show-ready! So obviously that precious one-year-old gets her brains from her Nana!

    I cannot believe that SweetCheeks is old enough for her first Communion. WHAT? She looks so grown-up in the picture. But then again, I also can't believe that my sweet little baby boy is 24 years old today. Time FLIES, doesn't it?

  40. You've been a busy girl! I really like the watercolor edit on the house...hope it sells quickly. With your special touches, it surely will! Sweet photos of the little one and Sweet Cheeks. Have a Happy Sunday!

  41. Boy, that's hard to keep a home "show" ready. Please, tell the child to learn to read before she learns to text!!!

  42. I remember having to keep the house "ready" when it was on the market and we were still living fun.

  43. So glad that your home and I know you had lots of fun with your friend. The house looks good and I am sure it will be sold quickly. How smart that baby girl is. Congratulations to SC confirmation. Yes, grandma she is growing up fast.

  44. I love Call the glad you like it to. I cry at the end of every episode.

  45. I love being here....
    Lifts my spirits......and puts a special smile in my heart.
    Love your photography. You are splendid at it.

  46. Welcome home! Oh keeping a home viewing ready is a challenge! I salute you.

  47. I missed you! Wow! The house is cute and how blessed your daughter is to have such a great stager for the two showings!
    Aw, first communion. Wonderful.
    Those boys are handsome!
    Welcome home!

  48. Welcome home! We all missed you! Wow, keeping a house show ready is tough with young children! I know it will sell because it's a lovely home. Sounds like you had fun and have returned home to more fun! Great to see you pop up in my Inbox!

  49. You did a great job setting that table! It looked so pretty. I bet your daughter is happy that you're taking such good care of her house during the showings.

  50. i love how the photo was water-colored! Hope your home sells soon for you.

  51. I love the watercolor application!!!!!!!!! I have had to live Realtor ready now for two months - how long have they had their house up and did they sell this week? Your grandsons have a pretty color red hair - that is the same color my daughter has. Haven't watched Call of the MIdwife, but I have seen the name. And first communion they do grow up fast.

  52. Okay okay, she can text. But can she drive and text??!! Just kidding. You're a wonderful grandma and mom. Love how you got the house ready for show. So nice your friend could come spend a few days too. Glad you're back!

  53. How sweet of you to babysit for a week! Not sure I could handle that. I love that show and just started watching a few weeks ago. I didn't know it had been around that many seasons.

  54. You have been having too much fun! So glad you could enjoy the boys, and your friend.

  55. You are so going to sell the house for them with all of your staging!! What a busy grammy you are....they are so blessed to you have! And I am so happy to hear that your friend was able to join you! Eating and favorite! And I haven't seen that that the same as the midwife on channel 11?? Have a great week you...your sweeties are adorable! Nicole xoxo

  56. I love Call the Midwife, too...such a great series...makes you realize how much has changed since then. Hope the house sells quickly for them!

  57. Never even heard of Call the Midwife...:(
    Both grands are so cute...and I am heartsick over Beth Marie...She was indeed a good blogging friend. I keep praying for a cure for takes so so many.

  58. Sounds like a busy week and all the kids are, as usual, adorable ! :) I love the midwife series ! I don't have cable but I get the series via amazon each year and it's worth the money because I can easily watch each episode 2x and repeat another year; it is that good!

  59. Oh I can relate to the showings. As you know, I left dirty dog dishes on the kitchen table. Now my incontinent doggy is causing issues in the house. Oh my. That is such a pretty picture of Sweet Cheeks. Love that sweet baby. Hope you have a good week.

  60. I love Call The Midwife! Your grandkids are so darn cute an your lucky I live far away! Having your home ready at al time in a pain in the are. Hope the home sells quickly too. love waterlogue so I have to get an iPhone.

  61. Oh it made my day to see that you are back in town! Sure have missed your posts! Sounds like you had a grand time with the grands, and I'm sure your daughter appreciated all your help with staging the house for selling! And there is nothing like a best friend and lots of laughs! I'm amazed at how the little ones pick up a love for technology so quickly, what a cute picture of Bright Eyes! Sounds like the fun at your house never ends, lol!

  62. Hello,
    So happy to see your back in town. Thank you for the SMILES today. :-))))
    I will have to have you come help me get my house ready for a showing...whoopee, you do a great job.
    I have not watch Call The Midwife, I will have to look into it.

  63. It was nice you had fun with your friend and that she was able to stay with you all. Fingers crossed the house sells soon!

  64. It was nice you had fun with your friend and that she was able to stay with you all. Fingers crossed the house sells soon!

  65. My mom loves all those shows... you are one busy lady!


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