Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Farmhouse Memories

Sometimes it is bittersweet, isn't it
to remember the days when 
people in our lives celebrated
special days with us?

The family unit I knew as a child 
is all gone now.
A father, a mother and one younger brother.
We celebrated 17 years of Sundays  together 
before I left home. 
17 years out of a lifetime isn't much but
 0h! the memories created then..

My parents were not religious people
but they were believers.
I grew up right next to a Catholic church
but never attended there.
This was taken from the road in front of our house
before the road was paved..
I don't remember my father ever 
going to a church service.
My mother took us kids sporadically over the years.
When I was a young teen I 
started going on my own
with some cousins.
A little country church with a marvelous pastor,
Melvin Shultz.
His wife, Thelma, had the voice of an angel 
and I loved
to sit as close to her as I could on a 
Sunday morning..

My father always pared the farm work down
to a bare minimum on all 
Holidays and every Sunday,
doing only the chores that were necessary to 
get by for the day.

My Grandfather, dressed in his Sunday suit,
 would stand here by the
road on a Sunday morning to greet people
on their way home from church.
He lived with us for about 5 years
until I was 6 or so.
I remember when my father planted
the elms on the left hand side
to give some shade to the front yard.
They were mere saplings then.
The big barns are long gone now.
The house burned to the ground 15 years ago or so.
The shed that you see in the picture above 
(that is hidden behind the trees)
is the only building that remains 
of the original farm buildings.
I remember when my Father and two neighbors
built that shed for wood, storage and butchering.

Going the other way, down the hill,
the road makes a sharp curve then leads down 
 to my Aunt Bessie's house.
She, too, is gone these many years.
 I spent a lot of time in the woods
that grew along the road..
Sweet, sweet memories this morning.
Memories of coffee percolating 
on the kitchen counter-
Watching the sun rise and flood the East facing kitchen with light.
Bacon sizzling in the frying pan-
the sharp crack of eggs against the side of the pan-
Biscuits with home-churned butter and honey
from the bees from the hives 
down past the little pond.
Sunday Memories-
Stored Forever-

And----just so you don't think I have gone
all smarmy  and  sappy on you
here is what I plan to serve MyHero 
for breakfast this morning if he
doesn't shape up. 
It will go great with a side of
poisonberries boysenberries.

.You can order your very own 

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

We are on our way out of town 
for a cousin's wedding.
I will share details when we get home.  
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  1. oh thanks for sharing your beautiful memories and pictures with me this morning. Enjoy the skull!

  2. Looks like a dreamy area to grow up in,esp.since I grew up in the suburbs.Your memories are beautiful and Your eggs are so fun.Thanks, I really enjoyed this post.

  3. What beautiful memories indeed Diana! Thanks for taking us down your memory lane. It sure was beautiful!

  4. Diana, I like your memory post today. The egg cracking on the pan...that's how we did it too. :):) Hope you have a beautiful memory making day with your cousin's wedding. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Beautiful memories, and a walk down memory lane is so much fun.

  6. you have such beautiful memories, beautiful country, now I will have to get that egg shaper for Garry he will love that!

  7. What a gorgeous property you grew up on, Diana! That's sad that the home is no longer there, but wonderful that you have sweet memories of it. The breakfast you described reminds me of my grandma in Tennessee...that's the way she always cooked! Love the skull eggs...they're so 'you' ;)

  8. It must have been great as a kid to grow up there. My Sunday memories revolve around all of us going to mass, after which my mom would cook up a "proper" breakfast and we'd all hang out reading the Sunday paper. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Have a great week.

  9. Have a great time at the wedding Diana.
    Yes memories... bittersweet.

  10. Diana,
    Looooved going down memory lane with you. Ahhhhh what a special time to grow up on that beautiful property. Ha ha on the skull eggs how fun those would be for Halloween too. Tooo funny.
    Have a great Sunday my friend.

  11. It's wonderful to remember back! I hope you have a beautiful day my friend! Hugs, Diane

  12. Diana, this post is lovely! I enjoyed reminiscing with you about your childhood! Your farm reminds me of my Grandparent's farm. We share so many similar memories. My Grandparent's 1830 farmhouse is still standing and occupied, although, it isn't well cared for. Sweet and sometimes bittersweet memories- I love the skull egg shape- too cute!

  13. Loved this story! I got a chill when I read the name of the pastor you talked about. My grandparents on my mother's side were a Shultz and we had a relative that moved to PA and they had my grandparents visit to be the first person to bake bread in their wood fired wall oven. That would've been in the early 60's I believe. Now I have to find someone who can remember their names because I don't. It's tough to see the family homestead change and in your case it's actually gone. Hope the wedding was fun!

  14. Love reading your post, Diana. Good that you have some sweet memories to hold on to from your growing up years. Beautiful images today.
    Have a fun, and safe trip, girlie.
    ps...I need that egg form. xo

  15. Wow. Thanks for the memories, Diana!

    Enjoy a beautiful wedding day with the newlyweds, and traveling mercies to you!


  16. Beautiful memories's hard looking back.I have a hard time looking back on places I have lived,the past,what was once and now is gone.After the last stroll past our old home I don't want to go back.Too much has changed.Although it's not my home,it once was and I want to remember those memories not as it is now.Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  17. This brought memories of waking in my grandmother's house to the aroma of breakfast being prepared downstairs. Not too many nights were spent there, but this was always what I knew was waiting - sausage, eggs, and biscuits. xo Nellie

  18. You are blessed to have such beautiful memories of your growing up years, Diana...thank you for sharing them...xoxo

  19. Lovely post...

    Lovely photos...

    Lovely memories...

    Welllllllll, except for the skull and crossbones breakfast, that is. -giggggggles-

  20. I had a happy childhood, but always envied kids who grew up like you did. I'd read about farm kids in books and so badly wanted to live out on vast acreage with a barn to explore and farm animals to pet!

  21. What beautiful pictures and even more beautiful memories. Such a blessing that even though our loved ones are gone, and surroundings have changed, the memories have not.

  22. Diana what a beautiful Sunday share. Fire may of claimed the house, but your heart has kept the treasured memories around to always reflect upon. Enjoy your cousin's wedding. Don't know about you, but I cry at every one!

  23. I loved walking down memory lane with you this morning! It looks like you had a good childhood and a beautiful home place. It is sad to know that so much of those people and places are gone now. You made them come back alive this morning though!

  24. No matter how old we get those childhood memories are always with us. The home I grew up in from age 9 to 17 burned down about 8 years ago. Made me feel very sad to know I could never go to see it again. xo Laura

  25. wonderful rolling hills make such a pretty landscape. you sure grew up in a blessed place.

  26. You grew up in a beautiful area,Diana. I love the trees along the roadside. There fall color is georgious. Memories are good and remembering them takes us back to a different time when life was so much slower. I often think of my childhood days and yearn for those simpler times. Enjoy your time with your family and tell us all about the wedding.

  27. What a beautiful area and great memories. I hope you make more family memories at the wedding.

  28. Just had to stop by and tell you how much I love your stories of when you were a child. How I dream of a simpler time like that. Life is different when you lose your parents and elders of the family. I'm there now myself and realize maybe we are now the elders of the family! UGH, that hurt!!! Have a wonderful trip!

  29. Memories of our youth, sometimes they are clouded and other times they come in a tumble all at once, I like to often spend a day lost in my past sometimes.
    I would be worried if I was served a skull egg for breakfast.

  30. Nice post, I seem to be doing the same thing the last few days...remembering the old days when everyone was still here. Sort of bittersweet.

  31. Sweet memories and sweet pictures. I can picture your grandfather out there. :)

  32. What a lovely place to grow up.....I just love my childhood memories and try to think of them often. As we age, some of the memories fade so we have to hang on to them thru photos and journals.

  33. How do you come up with this stuff??? Love the Eggs and bacon..We should bottle that mind of yurs..Happy wedding..

  34. Loved hearing your precious memories. It is always amazing to think how childhood has such an impact on our lives. And thanks for the good laugh today!! Aaaargggh!

  35. this brought tears to my eyes! so beautiful!

  36. Wonderful memories! Looks like you grew up in a beautiful area of the country! Quite the breakfast there! :D

  37. Memories .... thank you for sharing yours with us! (I had an Aunt Bessie, too.)

  38. Diana, what a lovely post! Autumn always brings nostalgic memories for me too. My childhood home was torn down but I still have the memories. Love the "poisonberries breakfast! All things tempered with humor!

  39. Nice piece thanks <3

    You might enjoy these pics in the spirit of autumn:

    XOX Susan

  40. Wonderful photos and treasured memories ~ the very best of our lives!


  41. I am sure those are bittersweet memories indeed, Diana. What a shame that the family home burned down. And what a pretty road and church! Leave it to you to leave us laughing at the end:) Safe travels, my friend!

  42. Ah....Diana, this post brings tears of joy and sadness to my eyes. So beautifully written. The skull eggs are so cute! xoxo Jen

  43. Oh my Diana, you get us all having that warm and fuzzy feeling and then smack us with a bone-a-fied skull! You are my kind of friend :) Blessings for a safe trip and fun wedding, Cindy

  44. Lovely memories and pictures. Love the skull egg, cute.

  45. Oh how that brought back memories. The farm that my mother grew up on is long gone also. The only building left standing is crib building where they stored the grain. There used to be a mill, lumber yard, general store and tomato factory - all gone. But my cousins still own the land and when I go back home stay with my cousin. He built a beautiful farm house with a big wrap around porch up on the hill. So many fun memories from my childhood.
    Have a great week. How did your Hero like his breakfast? LOL

  46. That is so cute!

    I love your memories and finding out more about you. Glad you started going to church on your own too.

  47. I love your sappy post, Diana! It brought me right back to my own childhood, full of relatives long gone, kitchen smells that I try (and fail) to reproduce and that happy feeling I always had when the house was full and full of laughter! It's nice to look back every now and again! :) Have fun at the wedding!

  48. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading memories of other blog buddies. It is special.
    I like your photos that you put along with the memories.
    Thank you!
    Have a blessed week.

  49. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories. I was sitting here thinking about my aunt that just passed away this Friday evening and thinking about memories of when I was little.

  50. I loved the memories and photos you shared today. You have always been blessed with lovely surroundings. I wasn't brought up on a farm, but my memories of the breakfast cooking are the same. And how I miss my parents - very thankful to still have my brother and sister to remember those old times with me. Blessings xoxo

  51. I really enjoyed this post Diana...there were so many moments that I felt like I was right there as I was reading your words today. What amazing memories and what a BEAUTIFUL place grow up!!! All of those trees! Bittersweet is right...I am so sorry for your loss dear friend. Though I know you have so many blessings that fill your life today. Thank you for sharing your memories with us! Wishing you a great week! Nicole xo

  52. It was a beautiful place to grow up. I think we lost a great when we no longer slowed down for Sundays. It seems to me that the memories are so much stronger about Sundays because the day was devoted to church and family dinners. It left most of the day open for thought, reflection, sharing and caring about each other. I don't think we gained anything and lost so much by opening up Sunday shopping. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  53. Oh, Diana, I was afraid to scroll up to see what that poor man got for breakfast, and I wasn't disappointed!!! Now that I've got that out of the way, your post is beautiful. Memories and thoughts that are never forgotten but aren't always talked about too much. You have painted a picture of the way it was beautifully and I wish it had gone on and on. What a beautiful place to grow up at and we all need to take the time and slow down the way we used to. Everyone worked hard but didn't lose sight of the important things...Happy Sunday night..Judy

  54. I enjoyed reading about your childhood Diana! I think I miss barns the most from my childhood. My granddaddy was a farmer and when I stayed with them, we always took lunch out to the barns.... even today, when my husband plows our garden, the smell of the tractor and dirt take me back. Nice way to start my morning :)

  55. Hi Diana, Beautiful memories you share of growing up on the farm. Love the photos. These are the special times of life that stay with us forever. Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart. How did the breakfast go over??
    Hugs and Blessings

  56. Hi Diana, what wonderful memories! I love going down memory lane too! Thank you for sharing these with us!


  57. Oh, I loved hearing about all your memories, Diana. I can't believe how green and groomed that grass is in the picture. And the Autumn trees are beautiful. You know me, I always look at the pictures. Remember the coffee in the percolators? That was my husband's favorite kind. I don't see it that often any more. Eggs, bacon, and biscuits - what a great breakfast! You will always have these warm memories of your family, Diana.


    ps I will come back in a bit and vote for my favorite wreath. :~)

  58. What a beautiful heart felt post Diana - made me completely nostalgic for the old days - when life was much much slower -
    My Mother only went to Church sporadically too - my brother and I went on our own every Sunday though - she made sure of that - I think she was looking for a little break actually lol.
    What an idyllic setting you grew up in - wow - heavenly
    Loved reading every single word of this.

  59. Such lovely memories! It's amazing how certain sounds, sights, and even smells can trigger a childhood memory. I remember as a child, waking up to the sound of my mom beating the eggs with a fork before pouring them in the pan for my dad's scrambled eggs. I loved looking at these pics!

  60. Haha, nice eggs. :)
    I love the feeling your photos emit of your childhood home. What an amazing place to grow up.
    Saw your chocolate gravy over at BJ's. Guess I need to get off my butt and make it. :)

  61. What a beautiful place to grow up. It is sad to lose a piece of our history. When my grandpa died, the farm was sold and the family that bought it ran it into the ground. Grandpa always kept it up and looking nice, but it is a dump now. My dad can't even drive by there anymore when they go down to Indiana. But I still have my good memories of helping grandma gather eggs in the hen house and riding with grandpa on the tractor where I felt safe from all the big cows!

    My son would get a huge kick out the those skull eggs! Have a good week Diane.
    Blessings, Deborah

  62. Oh, you have tugged at my heartstrings, Diana! Such sweet, sweet is so short and time passes so quickly, but we keep those dear memories close to our hearts.
    So, I am laughing through misty eyes here...gotta have that skeleton egg maker - and love the hairdo - business in the front, party in the back! Hugs xo Karen

  63. Great memories of wonderful people...and the most fantastic place to grow up. Looks a lot like what we had, rolling hills and all. Just think of all of the memories your kids and grandkids will have by the time they are your age...and they will have this blog. All the times in your kitchen, sleeping upstairs, the fairies secret place...and they will think of you and smile...big smiles. Because there just anyone else like you and they will finally figure that out. They will take that and make memories of their own with the next batch. And they will tell them how crazy you were, and they probably won't believe them. LOL

  64. Only you can make me cry and laugh in the span of two minutes. You grew up in such a lovely place! Between that and your family, it's no wonder you have such good memories.


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