Thursday, November 6, 2014

BITTERSWEET - A Poem About A Different Kind Of Bittersweet

Sometimes things just come to me 
and I jot them down
in poem form.
I never agonize over the words-
they just flow out in a matter of minutes.
(kind of like the way I blog)
I rarely go back and change a word or phrase.
Such is this piece.
It took me about 10 minutes to jot it down.
I wrote this the year I turned 50.
That was really odd because it was the same year
I was presented with this painting
that I showed you the other day.
 But this is not about the kind of bittersweet 
you see pictured here.
It is about another kind of bittersweet.
I went down and dug this out 
of a box in the basement
and typed it into my Word program 
on my computer
so I could share it with you.


Life is just a journey
Down an unknown lane,
Sometimes touched by laughter,
Often tinged with pain.

How often in my wanderings
I have met a kindred soul,
Who by their very presence,
Has made my spirit whole.

I have been so very blessed
Though the path’s gone up and down,
I entered the Arch of Motherhood
And found four jewels for my crown.

The road has had some twists and turns
Some days were full of strife.
But always in the distance
I could see the Star of Life.

Some friends walked with me but a mile
And left me richer still,
And there are those that bolster me
When the road seems all uphill.

Yes!  I have had my sorrows,
But my joy is full, complete.
For life is but a journey
And it’s often bittersweet.

copyrighted by D. Diana Kosmoski/2000

You know what ELSE is bittersweet?
Losing your hair!
I think I am going to send MyHero
in for a tattoo like this one.
And here you thought you'd never
see any nice hairstyles at Walmart!
Thanks for reading.
Hope you have a day that is full of love and joy!
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  1. Diana, I think your poem is very good. It's full of true meaning. Hope you have a wonderful. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Diana. Very sentimental and meaningful. You have a talent for writing. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. such a beautiful poem, you truly are a gifted word smith, tell me thats not a real tattoo, oh my gosh,,,

  4. Hi Diana, love your beautiful poem. It carries so much meaning and thankfulness. Love the gorgeous piece on your wall of Bittersweet too.
    One just goes with the other. I can see your poem framed and placed somehow next to the artwork or on a table below. Just a thought to keep it out for all to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your heart!!
    Thank you also for stopping by and your sweet visit.
    Hugs and Blessings
    p.s. love the head tattoo.LOL

  5. You have a gift for writing poems...straight from your heart.....hugs...

  6. Beautiful, beautiful poem! Those are my favorites - plainly spoken from the heart without making a reader agonize over hidden meaning like in the old English Literature class days! I always just wanted to yell at them, "Just say what you mean and mean what you say!"
    And speaking of treasures in the field of communication - omgosh! The WalMart head! rofl!

  7. You've a true talent, Diana! Love this poem! You know, I just never shop at Walmart. I can see what I've been missing! LOL xo Nellie

  8. You need to publish that poem dear is just heart warming and so very moving! It wraps it all up for me and I can't say that I have ever read a poem that has done that for me! Thank you for inspiring me this morning! Bless you!!! Nicole xoxo

  9. What a touching poem and it rings so true. You definitely have a gift Diana. I am loving your Walmart

  10. What a lovely poem.
    God bless your day!

  11. Where is your Walmart. I am not having that much entertainment at the one near us. Probably cause I am too busy griping about no serve. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  12. Hi Diana! Your poem is beautiful and full of meaning - you have quite the way with words.

    Happy Thursday, sweet friend!

  13. Diana your poem is both beautiful and poignant. Your words reach the heart and stir emotions.

  14. I never knew you had such a gift for writing poems. It was really good! I'm not so sure about that man's head though. I've never seen a tattoo like that before. LOL!

  15. You not only have a great outlook on life, you have a terrific ability to express your experience of it in poetry! I know we can't appreciate the sweet fully without the bitter but it's nice to have a little more of the first than the second. I'm saving your poem for when I need a pick me up. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. what a lovely poem, diana! and i have no words for your walmart find:)

  17. this post is bitter sweet...or better yet...poignant and funny!

  18. Wow, Diana what a sweet poem. I didn't know you were a poet! Hey, maybe I should send in my man for a tatoo,too.

  19. It's a lovely poem, Diana and very, very true. I think a lot of us can relate to your words. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  20. There I am all serious and appreciating your poetry and next it is bust out laughing time.

  21. You really have a way with words! I think it's a lovely poem! But as for that tattoo...oh my! Too funny!

  22. Dear Nana...I am sooo impressed. Your poem is beautiful. You have so many talents and I want just ONE of them....

  23. Beautiful poem.
    And thank you for the laugh as well. :-)

  24. What a beautiful poem...and if you could just come up with it you are very talented and gifted. I might have to put one of those tattoos on top of Mr.C's head!

  25. Dear Diana, The words of your poem are so very true and can only come so easily through a life lived. Beautiful. Blessings dear. Catherine

  26. I love your poem, and adore bittersweet. Such wonderful words to live by.
    Stop looking at that "people of walmart" site..............ok it makes me laugh too!

  27. Lovely, spontaneous poem....

    NOOOO, no tatooooooo on your Hero's head. Oh you are just awful... lol.....

  28. I see you are quite the poet. I really enjoyed your poem. It was absolutely beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your evening... :)

  29. Hey Girl. I did enjoy your poem! Life is Bittersweet, and sometimes we are going uphill, but other times I am squealing as we drive down the other side at a very fast clip :o) Love, Roxy

  30. It's always a pleasure to come visit you here, I never know what I'm going to read or what photo you might share! Love your poetry and that tattoo is SO perfect! You are a talented woman! Blessings, Cindy

  31. Girl, is there anything you can't do? :) Lovely poem and very true. Life has a lot of bittersweet moments but at least we have the fabulous ones too.


  32. Love your poem, sweet friend. Thanks for the tattoo laugh/ I needed it today xo Laura

  33. So beautifully written, Diana.
    Sweet, tinged with sadness-bittersweet.

  34. Beautiful Poem Di, I loved it and its so true! You are gifted in many ways my friend. xoxo

  35. You're quite the poet! I love your poem and your painting is stunning! Oh my, the people of Walmart, too funny! You have many gifts, Diana!

  36. Beautiful...thank you for sharing it. It touched me and few others I'm sure. I really love that last verse.

    Jane xxxxx

  37. That is a lovely poem, are very talented!

  38. Beautiful poem, Diana. You're a great poet and a gentle spirit.

  39. You are definitely a gifted writer!


  40. Very beautiful poem! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it is an accurate description of life.

  41. The print is absolutely beautiful and the poem is even more beautiful! I really want to write this down. You are so very talented.

  42. Such a meaningful...... Tattoo! Lolol... No, really, the poem is beautiful! Hugs.

  43. very sweet, or bittersweet as life goes. Glad we crossed paths and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. love ya lady

  44. Very sweet my friend. Love your way with words.

  45. Such a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing! I love that picture on the old man's balding head!

  46. What a lovely poem. You are quite talented. Laughing at the photo of the man's tattoo.....he's either got a great sense of humor or someone has a bad one. Can you imagine coming home from the tattoo parlor and taking a look in the mirror. Eww glory!

  47. Diana, this is the perfect post for me to read today. I know you are a great talent at so many things, such as hanging out at WalMart to get all these fascinating pictures!, but your poem is outstanding. It is one that I would love to have written but would never be so presumptious ( see, I can't even spell the word) to think I would be able to. It hits home as today is my 75 birthday and it has been a great ride with some bittersweet along the way. You said it so elegantly, my dear friend. Happy Weekend..Judy

  48. Oh how true that poem is. People come along in your life when you need them and then they move on, but that doesn't mean that they are thinking about you. I have met so many bloggers that I feel so close to, even though I have never met them. You are very talented Diane and you write a book of poems and thoughts.
    Have a very special weekend my friend.

  49. Life is always bittersweet isn't it? You have to be able to take the good and the bad - that all equals life and growing doesn't it?

  50. Loved the poem. Guuurl, you got it goin' on!
    Thanks for the smiles - you never disappoint.

  51. Very impressive, Diana! The poem is beautiful - I can't believe it took you only 10 minutes! Nana Diana's got talent!


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