Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Blue Man In Our Family

Our family is crazy.
It is not like you didn't suspect it before
so I am just confirming it here.

Our kids & their spouses exchange names at Christmas.
There is a rule about the gift giving.

You have to MAKE it yourself.
It cannot cost more than $25.00.
It must be something well....
the word unique comes to mind.

My sweet daughter and momma-to-be,
Mimi got her brother's name.
Here she is with her crazy sister.
Mimi is on the right.

Anyway, you probably DON'T WANT Mimi
to get your name because she has a wicked
sense of humor.
This year she got her brother's name.
Mama's Boy....
You know-the daddy to little CJK.
Mimi invented a game called
The Blue Man Game.

To play you must don a blue suit.
You must stand on the mat provided.
People stand 10 feet from you and throw 
ping pong balls covered with velcro
at the bulls-eyes hoping to hit them.
Points are assigned for dodging balls,
catching balls and assorted other points.
So, Christmas morning at my daughter' house
you see here
 Mama's Boy in the "starting position".
Notice the JAZZ HANDS.
Notice the two laughers on either side of him.
Laughers are optional.

When the BLUE MAN gets a set number of ponts
he can choose any member that threw balls 
at him to replace him.
That person must then don the 
and take his turn on the mat.
Guess who Mama's Boy picked?
Yes! Yes!
It is MyHero!
Here SweetCheeks is 'splaining
the rules to Papa.
He does NOT get the jazz hands part.

Notice how nicely the 
shows off his svelte figure.

Now, I might be blond
but I was 
to not throw a single ball.
And here you thought I was
in the family!

your photo name


  1. OMG you are hilarious! So isn't your daughter. This was my laugh of the day...first thing this morning with my coffee! I love it! Thank you so much for such a funny post! I would have laughed my tushy off if I had been there! HeeHee!

  2. Oh, that is hilarious! That girl is just like her mama. What a twisted idea. Tell her bravo for the best game ever! I think she should contact MB and get that one out there.

  3. MiMi has a zany, wacky sense of humour alright, but I think it's hilarious!
    Anybody going to wear it to the next Packers game?

  4. I love it! You can't make this stuff up. There must never be a dull moment at your house.

  5. LOL, just hope they can breathe good in the suit, it sure looks tight!

  6. That is hilarious! sounds like you all had so very much fun! Crazy, no, you all are not crazy, just lots and lots of fun!!!

  7. That just cracks me up!! What fun family time and what a game! You all are just a hoot~ love it!

  8. Good Morning Diana, What a sense of humor. I can hear Sweetcheeks explaining the rules to grandpa. It is hilarious. Your son is still that kid at heart, do they ever grow up. Have lots of fun and try to stay warm. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  9. What a fun family you have!

    What wonderful memories, you all make, for all of you. Especially for the kids. :-))))

  10. OMG Diana you crack me up all the time!! Your daughter has a great imagination!!(Wonder where she gets that from)!!!!

  11. You have the best family. It must be so much fun to live with you all.

  12. Oh my goodness, your family is so much fun!

  13. Hilarious Dianna, I cannot believe all this fun! No wonder your grands just adore their Nana's house! You guys sure enjoy life.

  14. That is so funny, Diana! It sounds like your daughter has your sense of humor. : ) I'll be there was a lot of laughter going on.

  15. That's hilarious! I want one of those suits. But, since I already copied you by buying the same hot dog cooker you posted about - maybe it's not a good idea to copy you again! LOL My family might appreciate that.

  16. Oh I love crazy people, and their funny sense of humor.
    I have a wonderful painting from our 'numbers' game, everyone displays black velvet paintings, don't they?

  17. Diana, that's hilarious! Your daughter must be a real hoot!

  18. How fun! You have a family full of amazingly good sports...and I thought my family was a wild bunch!! I'm coming to your house next Christmas! ;)

  19. What a game! How funny! It's great to be able to have such a good time within your own family! You are very blessed. xo Nellie

  20. That is so funny! Did almost everyone have a turn at being blue? I don't blame you for not trowing the balls. It had to be hilarious to see all the different shapes of people in that suit! Also good for ammo when they tee you off! Hmmm Hero, you had better be nice to your sweet wife......

  21. Diana, You have the most creative family ever and I know where your girl gets her sense of humor-you. Loved seeing this; might have to incorporate it for a birthday present.
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. You need that sign that reads: Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.

    LOL! You're definitely nuts, but you're having great fun! (Smart move not to toss any ping-pong balls. Wish that I had been that smart when playing Apples to Apples and I said that "marriage is tricky." )

  23. LOL What a sport he is and yes you definitely ARE the SMART blonde!

    xo Danielle

  24. Where did you get that blue suit?

    Fits all ?


    Our family plays games new years eve
    and Christmas night.

    On Christmas eve is a tradition.

    Every year since the kids are ya big to a grasshopper.

    They exchange one gift. P.J time.

    Take pictures. I was not there this year.

    I did see the pictures. The guys are big now.

    So this year they picked the pjs with the back flap.

    Do I have to tell you more.

    Cousins will be cousins. Laughing and joking. When small they were shy. Get me.

    So they did the My goodness you look so nice Adam. Well thank you Mark. Can I hold your flap.

    Now you guess. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    Last remark was. Oh hope you don't get any proposals at University.

  25. That is the most creative and hilarious gift ever.

  26. Interesting game with the blue man! I couldn't wear one of those, I panic just thinking of something over my face and thinking I would not be able to breath.

  27. Oh my gosh, Diana, I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! How fun is that game??! Is the person who wears it able to see? I must say your Hero sure fills it out:)
    I wonder where Mimi gets her wicked sense of humor from???

  28. I am still laughing as I write a comment. I believe your daughter has your sense of humor and I think SC also has the same gene.
    What a great present - something that everyone can participate in. How fun is that. Your Prince Charming looks great as the Blue Man.
    Stay warm....

  29. DIana,
    This is too fun. I love this!!!! You made my day. What a fun gift and fun time. I am still laughing.

  30. I think I would have had a sore tummy from laughing if I had been there! You guys sure know how to have fun! That is one fantastic game!

  31. Oh Diana..this is hilarious! And by the way you were really smart..not to throw any


  32. I wonder where Mimi got her sense of humor??? Hereditary?? Love it..Svelte for sure..I'm not sure that my husband would have put that on..He'd would have looked about the same..

  33. I can't stop laughing! What a great gift! You had better not throw a ball at him! He'll have you in that suit next! Hilarious!

  34. LOL! I love your family! What a fun thing to do, well, I wouldn't put on that blue suit! :) My figure would wow them all! :)
    You're a hoot. I think I've told you before - I love hoots!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  35. Too funny!!
    What a good sport your husband is!!!!!!!!!

  36. That sounds like something my family would do. Hilarious!


  37. :O

    I just cannot find the adequate words…..


    Although Mimi is an evil genius!

  38. LOL! What a fun gift - and so cool that she came up with it herself! Get this one on pinterest!

  39. you are a smart blonde, you are a very smart blonde.

  40. OMG that must have been so fun.

    And I thought we had fun playing Password and a Dominoes game. :)

  41. Oh what fun! John and i are chuckling at this very fun gift and especially the photos. Well one photo in particular ;)

  42. Blondes are smarter than they give us credit for being! Haha! Loved this post, you guys are so much fun!!

  43. what a hoot your family is! I think I would fit right in.

  44. Whoa! That's the wickedest gift I ever seen.

  45. What!!! Well, you win... that is the craziest most unique and fun thing I have read in a long time!! love your family!


  46. Hilarious!
    Such Fun!
    ...everybody including you get 1000 extra points.

  47. Hi Diana, what fun and so creative!! Your family is so much fun. Your daughter is amazingly talented!! This is hilarious!
    Have a great weekend. Hugs

  48. So funny! Sounds like ya'll have a blast when together.

  49. That is so much fun! I love any gift or activity that gets people up and moving...and acting goofy! I love that! Great memories!

  50. Mimi has an amazing mind, good sense of humor too. Looks like fun-well, except for the one picture I won't comment on. LOL

  51. what a fabulous find! what troopers you have to put that outfit on---i wouldn't get any takers over here-- and isn't that sad.

  52. Oh my gosh, you guys are a riot! I want to be adopted into your family!

  53. I've been catching up with your blog, just reading backwards through your posts. I got to this one and laughed right out loud. This. is. hilarious! That must be some stretchy material in that suit...ahem. I wouldn't have thrown any balls either with rules like that! Fuuuunnny!

  54. While lots of bloggers try, not too many make me LAUGH OUT LOUD like you do! This is a riot - and I see your lovely daughter has learned from "the best" how to be funny and clever! I just adore families that are crazy together - I try every day to make sure ours stays that way! What a blessing it is to be like us! I think I might have to steal your idea to exchange names and require a home made gift - that's an idea that is just begging for hilarity at the opening ceremony!!!


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