Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Romantic Homes January 2014 Review

I have to say that I am really 
in the changes that 
has made to their magazine.
There are no longer any bloggers featured
in the front of the magazine.

Oh sure, the photography is still beautiful.
This one is photographed by Jo-Anne Coletti..
She is an amazing artist and photographer
and does a lot of work for Romantic Homes.
These pictures are from a shop called
Another one from the same shop
I have always wanted to have a bed
hanging from ropes.
Wouldn't that be fun?
And another photo from the same shop.
I love the old iron bed tucked under the eaves.

Up next is a home styled by 
Tresha Hama
I could not find a link or blog for her
but the layout was photographed by.
And I thought this was so pretty and fresh looking.
I could work at a desk like that!
And, last but not least,
This is from the shop
So, there you have it.

Just a few months ago I had to edit and cut
so as to not put too many pictures from
Romantic Homes on my blog.
Today, I had to search to find 
enough to post.

It is starting to look like a lot of 
advertising and not much substance.

C;mon-Romantic Homes- 
Get back to your roots!!!!
your photo name


  1. I do like the photos though. Such pretty beds and things.

  2. we don't get this magazine in Canada I don't think, I have never saw it, it is lovely though, I wonder why bloggers are not being featured, I have an idea why, ,

  3. Are these changes a sign of the times? Hopefully not! If enough subscribers/readers let them know their displeasure, I'll bet they will return to former practices. A letter written to the editor could work wonders! xo Nellie

  4. I mentioned in your last review post that I didn't renew my subscription, Diana. This issue is the last one I had gotten. I saw the Valentine's Day issue at the store this week, did a quick flip through and put it back on the shelf. I am as disappointed as you in the changes.

    Another option, Romantic Country. They had a beautiful issue I picked up recently {Spring}. They don't do blogger features though. I do wish the magazines would put a blog link to some of the people they feature that have blogs. I used to find quite a few new blogs from the Romantic Homes features.

  5. Ooooo, I love that desk, and that old iron bed is a beauty. The girls had one like it with a white dresser and hutch and nightstands, and I gave it away when they got older. I think I mentioned that to you before. Why did I give it away, Diana? Live and Learn I guess.


  6. I used to read a ton of magazines, but I've cut way back. These days they really seem to be jam packed with advertising and much less content. And with all the other options for inspiration, I think we will be seeing less and less of them surviving - kind of sad!

  7. I always look forward to your post with photos from Romantic Homes mag! I agree...too many ads...and with the great bloggers we have, not many unique ideas. Hugs, Penny

  8. Hello Diana... I agree with you... infact, I stopped my subscription to that totally... several of my friends, Jo~Anne Coletti being one, contribute to it, and their articles are pretty... but I don't like all those ads... and the letter from the editor always leaves me thinking "now what did she just say"?... County Living British Edition is my very favorite magazine of all... I never buy the US version of that one anymore either... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. I agree with you about the too much advertising. And I like that second picture. The teapot does it for me. So cute! But, I love all of those pretty pillows on the beds, too. They'd be great in a guest room where you didn't need to replace the pillows each morning. I have pretty pillows for my bed, but have every day pillows, too. The pretty ones only come out when we are expecting guest or something. LOL I'm not great at keeping tons of pillows straight on a daily basis.

  10. I totally agree with you, Diana about the changes that Romantic Homes magazine has been going thru. I was so disappointed in the January issue. I do love the shop that was featured that you mentioned. That was totally drool worthy. I just wish they would bring the "old" magazine back, I miss the blogger feature, too!!

  11. I have canceled most of my magazine subscriptions for the same reason. I want content, not ads.

  12. Too bad about the changes. It would be fun to have an iron bed tucked under the eaves...a perfect place to read on a cold day!

  13. The iron bed looks really nice. I wouldn't mind have one like that in my other bedroom!

  14. Hi Diana and the snaps are pretty but shame on them not having the bloggers. I have to admit, I used to love this magazine but no longer buy any mags since I've been blogging! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. That's too bad! It's sad when a magazine or tv program change their format! I miss Colonial Home magazine, it's not in publication any longer. I used to like HGTV so much better back in the days of Christopher Lowell, Lynnette Jennings, Kitty Bartholomew, and my favorite of all was Mary Emmerling, and they didn't have commercials back then. I don't think I can take another episode of House Hunters International...whew, that felt good to get off my chest...

  16. Girl friend. I loved all those features. The bed with the rope was my fave. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT . Hope that your having a blessed start to the new year. Hope you and your family have the best YEAR EVA !!!!

  17. Hi Diana, I have found many magazines are changing-Country and Country Women have so many ads now I doubt I'll renew my subscription. I have never been able to find Romantic Homes in our stores-so maybe it isn't such a bad thing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  18. I have a stack of old - old Romantic Homes magazines that I still love to get out and look through. I also have most of the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion issues as well.
    Southern Living has changed the past few years and I say "Pooey" to it now. I greatly miss Southern Accents magazine!
    I think they are all hiring new younger "hip" editors who have been trained in electronic media and don't understand what we want in a good magazine.

  19. Have you written and told them this?

    Really, you should.

    Magazines live on their advertising, and on their sales/subscriptions. I'd say they ought to listen to what their readers want.

    But you have to tell 'em....


  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that old iron bed tucked under the eaves....


    All the soft coloring choices in the room, and the "something" over the lamp shade... I've always wanted to drape a lovely piece of fabric, over a lamp shade. But I'm afraid of fire. -moan-


  21. I've noticed a lot of magazines have been making changes lately. I was disappointed that Country Living didn't have their "white issue" for their first issue of the new year like they usually do. I always look forward to that one. I guess changes are bound to happen to keep things from getting stale though.

  22. Oh yes! I used to stand in line at the grocery and pick out magazines by the pretty photos, thinking I'd get home and they'd inspire me. Now it's all disclaimers for all the drug ads inside!May cause bad breath, erratic behavior,mood swings and flatulence... if I wanted all that I'd hang out with my family instead of reading!

  23. that's why I quit buying magazines...too much advertising and unrealistic homes...I prefer seeing homes that look like people live there and not just over-styled. I might pick up 1-2 during the year but I'm very selective. I always loved Southern LIving but it's not even what it used to be anymore.

    Funny story, today in the mail I received an offer from So. Living at the "senior price"....wonder how they get that information? (Ha!) But it's a good price so I guess this "senior" will subscribe!

  24. How disappointing....I loved that magazine!!

  25. I agree with you. I would like to see REAL people in REAL homes. And what is happening to HGTV? They have changed their line up too. We watch them late at night and I miss David Bromstadt, Candace and more. I am going to pop over and take a look at these blogs, thanks for sharing the information!

  26. There are some pretty photos, I like the beds, but I don't think I would subscribe, since they've done away with the bloggers. To me, those were the most interesting

  27. I enjoyed all the photos, but especially like the dressing table with the doll lamp!

  28. You are right, it is starting to get away from it's base a bit. The photos are still gorgeous, but if I wanted a bunch of ads and a slick and unattainable design, I'd choose a different magazine. Hopefully they'll take heed, they did a few years ago, so fingers crossed.

  29. Oh wow...a bed hanging from ropes, that sounds like one big swing, rock me to sleep :) Never bought the magazine, wish I had that kind of flare for deocrating, but I don't. Guess I am too practical or something. Pretty pictures though. I like that desk tooooo!!

  30. Lovely photos not so sure about the bed hanging on ropes not sure I would feel safe.

  31. I agree with you! Romantic Homes used to be my favorite magazine but for the past year or more, it has slowly declined. I can find everything romantic I need to find just checking out blogs so I quit buying!!~~Ang

  32. I agree with you! Romantic Homes used to be my favorite magazine but for the past year or more, it has slowly declined. I can find everything romantic I need to find just checking out blogs so I quit buying!!~~Ang

  33. Send me that wonderful desk - I have the perfect place for it! sandie

  34. The photos are gorgeous, but I know what you mean about the blogger feature.
    I would've never discovered blogging if I hadn't seen it in this magazine years ago!

  35. Hi Diana, the pics this issue are gorgeous but I so miss the blog features and that inspiration.
    It has surely changed!
    Have a great night.

  36. A lot of magazines have way too many ads in them now...I go thru Southern Living and tear out all the ads before I look at it..They've all changed..

  37. You are absolutely right! Too expensive and too many ads! I see wonderful photos and ideas on blogs... no cost to read blogs and you meet so many nice folks too!

  38. So many times you find something that you just love and then they "New & Improve It" and it's down hill from there. I'm sorry that you are disappointed. It is nice to see blogger featured. There are so many wonderfully talented blogger out there that deserve acknowledgement.
    Keep Smiling.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  39. I used to love Romantic Homes...then, they got a little TOO foo-foo for me.
    I love these photos you've shared.

  40. I'm sad to hear this. It used to be my favorite magazine. I guess I won't be buying it anymore. It was a little pricey anyway.

  41. You're right about the magazines they are all just filled with way too much advertisement!
    And no thanks, I do not want my bed hanging from ropes. Unless of course I am in the tropics on the beach!
    Blessings, Roxy

  42. I'm not familiar with the magazine (only through you). It's upsetting when something you love gets "changed for the better."

  43. Diana, I'm not sure they'll get back to their roots. Once a magazine changes it's set up, they don't usually go back. In the past, I have stopped buying certain magazines because of that. I lost interest and they lost my business. Do they have a new editor? That could account for the changes. I buy less magazines than I used to. I have such a huge collection that I have no more room and they are getting more and more expensive! And you know what, I feel that I've seen it all and if I do buy a magazine, I always regret it because what they offer is just more of what I have in my collection.

  44. Many magazines are going to excessive advertising sand not enough substance....I try to stay away from over priced ones....and just behave badly by standing in Barnes and Noble and reading them for's not the same though since they removed most of their chairs :(

  45. Oh yeah! Want the rope bed! For sure!

    Love, love, love this post!


  46. i am also disappointed with Romantic
    Homes. So many of the articles are boring and nothing about bloggers.
    They are getting to much advertising just like Country Living. I am also disappointed in HGTV all the have on it is House Hunters with SPOILED young couples who want everything perfect. I was happy to be able to purchase a home and make it the way I wanted it.

  47. When a well loved magazine changes it's format, it's like losing an old friend. sigh

  48. I have to say, that with blogging and Pinterest, I don't buy many magazines anymore. I like to read them on my iPad because then I have the pictures, but I don't have to store the magazines.

  49. OMGosh Diana I was thinking the same thing too! I thought I would treat myself to RH first issue of the year and specifically looked to see what bloggers were featured but couldn't find anything. Plus the issue was so skinny!I agree too not a fan of all the dang ads. So very disappointed in Romantic Homes, I suppose I will be sticking to The Cottage Journal and Victoria Bliss magazines on my Nook for now.
    XO Barbara

  50. Here's the way it is, they have the same decorators whose homes we've seen a million times. I'm sick to death of Coletti's, Repasy, Ellis, Coules, and other's who have been in the magazine so many times I cannot even count. And every time a new magazine comes out, it's the same house and decor with the furniture re-arranged. Come on, get off the "click" thing and put some of the extremely talented decorators and artists in the magazine. Take a look on Pinterest, there are hundreds of them! I quit buying it because it's like buying a magazine and seeing the same repititious decorating and art. Okay, RM, we get your little group can paint a rose already.


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