Saturday, September 7, 2013

Painting A French Phone-Yes I Did

The joke in our family is that if you 
stand still long enough you will probably
get spray painted.
As you know-in the past I painted a
TV set here.

TVs? Telephones?
No problem!
Both begin with a T, right?
IF I can paint a TV I can most certainly
paint a TELEPHONE.

Want to see more, do you?

My friend, Ruthie, was donating the phone..
I said...Whoa Baby-
This will be perfect for Lulu's 
Paris Themed Bedroom.
You cam see more of that here

It had been stored for a long while
and had yellowed considerably and 
was a bit the worse for wear.
Not so pretty there, huh?
I took apart the section that held the numbers
and decided to leave the gold plate that
surrounded the letters.
The gold ring just popped off.
I covered the number with stickers to keep the paint off them.
It was a nice day so I set up outside
because I never spray paint in the garage
I am SUCH a liar
It took 2 light coats of Cream Satin paint.
Look how cute it turned out!
I think Lulu is going to LOVE it, don't you?
If I can part with it!
If she doesn't see this post it's MINE!
oh-yeah- it works...
too bad her parents won't let her have a
It'll look cute just sitting there anyway,
won't it?

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  1. Diana, It turned out very nice. I love that you wrote Paris in the dial. You are always thinking girl.:):) xoxo,Susie

  2. Who'd ever thought to do this?! That's what I love about blogging, the ideas never stop flowing.
    Ya know, anytime I see your picture, you totally remind me of Lonnie Anderson. Remember her? WKRP in Cincinnati show?

  3. Amazing transformation and yes, she will adore it!


  4. you did great~!!! love it..she is gonna be over the moon with this piece in her room..

  5. I've read both posts and I will not comment about whether I believe you to be crazy or a fibber, however; both projects turned out so beautifully! I can hardly believe that such a thing is possible.

  6. This is absolutely perfect, Diana! I do believe there isn't anything that you aren't brave enough to tackle! I am always impressed by your projects. xo Nellie

  7. That looks great! It's nice to give something like this a new life! Her bedroom turned out so nice and that French styled phone will look perfect in it! I showed my husband the tv paint job and he chuckled all the way through!

  8. Diana, may I pretty-please feature your Parisian phone in one of my Before & After posts? You did a fantastic job! -- Jan

  9. Cute, cute, its new look :)

  10. I would never think about painting one but what a difference! It looks beautiful!

  11. That was a perfect treatment for that phone. Gorgeous!

  12. I love it, Diana! What a great idea to paint it. I would never have thought to spray paint it. Love the "Paris" in the center. This will be a great addition to her room.

  13. Love this! You are so darn creative. Miss Emma has a Paris themed bedroom. She would love this even though her cell phone is attached to her hip.

  14. You are so very sweet to let me know about my no reply problem!!! Still LOVE the phone :)

  15. She's gonna love it....IF she can get it away from you! Have a great Saturday...hugs, Penny

  16. A lovely paint job on the old phone!

  17. it looks beautiful, I LOVE that bed too!!!!!

  18. Now how adorable is that! Your just too smart!

  19. Only you would think to spray paint a phone, Diana! We have the same joke in our house, better not stand still for long. Or else you may not only get spray painted, but you'll be coated in sparkly glitter as well:)
    Oh, does the phone still work?

  20. That looks so pretty. You took the numbers off and all. Great job. I want to paint a fan -I think I told you- but I don't want to take it all apart. Maybe I will pay the extra for the color I want. Love this project!

  21. Looks neat. How did you manage the speaker holes while spraying?

  22. Diana, this is SO cute...and it will adorable in her room! Who would have thought of painting a phone? You!

  23. That is sooo beautiful Diana, I want one!... you did a fabulous job on it and she will love it!... thanks for commenting on my post about being trapped in my car... but, I could NOT get out to unlock the door as your son suggested... that was the problem that scared me so, not the alarm itself!... ten minutes trapped inside seemed like an eternity!... wishing you a beautiful weekend, xoxo Julie Marie

  24. That is so darn cute! How creative you are! That phone would look darling anywhere.


  25. Dear Diane, I think the family joke is too funny! And around this house I kinda have the same reaction. They get so like (what ya gonna spray paint now Mom?) I use a lot of red outside and my laundry room.
    But, I will say that phone is so precious!! I was wondering are the girls still working the cookie booth? I was giving my Blog a mini face lift these last few weekends. I put a bunch of my Bloggy friends on the bottom and just added another Blog List!
    But YOURS is still on my side bar so I can keep and eye on you LOL
    Blessings, Roxy

  26. I think you have a special GIFT!!!!

  27. No way, that is too cool! I would never have thought to do that.

  28. Love your DIY with the phone and am chuckling at the spray paint comment. It's like our husbands are the spray paint whisperer's...

  29. How pretty is that! I know Lulu is going to have so much fun pretending to have a phone in her room. Great job!

  30. Hi Diana, I just popped over and looked at her room. That bed stole my heart away. You did a great job transformed this phone and she is going to be overjoyed with it. You're such a caring grandma :)
    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  31. WOW..It looks great Diana...I have a friend who buys things that she likes the style of and then she spray paints them..

  32. WOW..It looks great Diana...I have a friend who buys things that she likes the style of and then she spray paints them..

  33. You should definitely be "struttin' your stuff"! What a GREAT job you did. If my Granddolls get wind of this project they'll want to join your "Grankids Team"!! You're a big trouble-maker! *wink

  34. Soooo so cute! I would LOVE a phone like that. My spraypainting has become nil since using chalk paint. Must remedy this situation :)

  35. Love it! Are you sure you want to part with it? :)


  36. That is the greatest thing ever! Now I'm wanting to find one! Great job :)

  37. Oh, beautiful! I love paint transformations, yours is so well done!

  38. Lulu will love this! You did a great job! The transformation is stunning!

  39. That is absolutely adorable!!!

    She is going to love it.


  40. It is SUPER CUTE and painted up just fine! Lulu's gonna lurve it.

  41. I love it, I never think to paint the things that you do!!! You are so clever!


  42. You did good, Diana! I like that you left the dial area gold. Gorgeous! And it!!

    Remember those days of whining for a phone in our bedrooms?! As my luck would have it, I shared a room with my four older sisters who shared a phone and the bill as they had jobs. Little 'ol me was just 13 and boy, I longed to use that phone. When I got caught on it, all hell broke loose. I still have a complex! Meanies!!


  43. I just love it! Love the nod to Paris. It really looks new but we are not supposed to say that word.
    I am calling Lulu, on that phone that she is not allowed and tell her the reason she doesn't have one is that you are hiding it.

  44. Lulu is going to love this! What little girl wouldn't? You are an especially thoughtful grandmother!

  45. I thought you were crazy, but I read about painting the TV. The phone looks amazing.

  46. Tres jolie! I love that phone. Your touch up brought it back to life.


  47. Good Afternoon Diana, What a marvellous idea, I would not have thought about painting the phone a different colour. That is what I love about blogging, I meet very talented ladies, like you, who inspire me. I love the design of the phone and I can understand why you would like to keep it. I think you will have a little battle on your hands though, because once Lulu catches sight of the phone, it will be in her bedroom, before you know it, even though she will not be allowed to plug it in.
    Best Wishes to you,

  48. I liked the before picture and thought "Oh, no, don't paint it!" But you know what? I love it even more after you worked your magic on it! Good thing you dare to do these things!

  49. Oh this is darling! I love those old phones and miss that you hardly ever see them in homes anymore! I want!!~~Angela

  50. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! This French phone is so pretty, and I can see it sitting in my home as well. You always take on different projects, Diana, and I wish I lived closer so we could create together. It's funner when there's more people to share in the process. You did a great job, and I love how you kept the gold around the numbers.


  51. That is just adorable! Your little Sweet Cheeks is going to love that!

  52. Love it Diana! It turned out beautiful!


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