Friday, August 3, 2012

Who Is In Charge?

We all KNOW who is
in most families,
don't we?
It's the baby!
It is always the baby!

In Mimi & BigJ's family
it truly is
Look at that sweet
little face!
I think he is gonna have
a reddish tint to his
hair-just like his Mama.
He's a good little boy
and doesn't mind when
pulls him and kisses on him.
That's a good thing
because BigBoyE 
is all over him...
like white on rice.
So far, he thinks it's funny.
Wait until he gets big
enough to grab back....
remember those days
of kids tumbling 'round 
the house?
Someone always whining
that it was 
"HIS or HER fault"?

Well, I think 
is holding his own.
As you can see,
he has already
a separate bath tub!
Happy Days, Folks...
or is that
Happy Daze?

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  1. What do you mean, "remember those days, of kids whining"? Mine are doing it right now.
    You got yourself some cute g-babies there.
    Your Friend, m. who is writing from the beach.

  2. Diana, Those are the cutest boys. Especially sitting in the sinks.:):) I miss my kids being little , even the bickering part. Enjoy them, you know yourself, they grow too quickly. xoxo, Susie

  3. You are so right the baby will steal the show every time. That sink full of boys beats dishes anyday!!

  4. Hi Diana, Your boys are so cute and the picture in the sink is so adorable. They will grow so fast and big brother will need to look out because little brother will torment. Little brothers have a way of getting even, but you do love them. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

  5. Diana, they're so cute! Charles in Charge seems so easy going and Big Boy E seems to have so much personality! I can see Charles is ready with the spoon though. Fun days and times that slip by so quickly! Have a great weekend!

  6. Having grand kids means that we get to relive the best parts of our own children when they were little. That sweet little Charles is sure growing up fast.

  7. He is adorable, Diana! We thought our granddaughter might have red in her hair and then it came in ~ blonde! I love her to bits, but now that she's 2, I'm glad I can just walk away from the tantrums. Been there, done that!

  8. He is such a cute little thing. Of course, Big Boy E is awfully cute, too. They both look like good boys! What wonderful blessings!

  9. I love the color of his hair. Love the sink baths, gave mine baths that way until they grew too big to sit there.
    Have a great day,

  10. Charles is definitely a charmer... it will be so much fun watching those two boys grow up. Adorable post!

  11. Too cute! They seem to be so close! And the fact that big brother is always loving on the baby is just awesome! Beautiful grandbabies!

  12. He's soooooo sweet! Yep, the baby always steal the show and at some point the pushing/shoving will start! Boy, do I miss those days...

  13. Beautiful babies! My friends 21 year old baby walk in his house when he's hungry and yells "FEED THE BABY" he's a riot! They can rule for a long time! LOL!!!

  14. Looks like Charles in Charge is already going to be a lady's man with that winning smile. What handsome boys.

  15. know the saying: happy wife, happy life? well, let's change wife with baby...and there you have it!

  16. What cute kiddos! Happy Friday. xo

  17. What a cutey that CharlesInCharge! I am anxious to see my grand babies.

  18. Those little guys are adorable!

  19. What cute little fellas. But,as the bay in our family, I have no idea what you mean about being in charge. I was always following after my 2 big brothers. (Now if you want to talk about being spoiled, let me know.)

  20. He is a the touch of red in his hair...

  21. Oh, Diana, They are very handsome boys! How your heart must smile!

  22. You do make the cutest grandkids don't you. Have a fun weekend doing all sorts of girlie stuff.

  23. He looks just like his Mama. BigBoyE looks very pleased with him!

  24. So gorgeous he is and yes, he's a red haired little fellow, like mama.. I can see it next to his blond bro! Kids whine but are so cute, aren't they? How fun for you to have them so close to you sweet lady. Have a happy weekend.

  25. So very precious my friend. Oh what adorable boys they are but give them a couple of years and the tug of war will begin. Like most boys those, I'm sure they'll scrap but then it will be over-unlike little girls who hold grudges. I can't wait to my daughter's little boy is born and see how he handles his own with four big sisters.
    Hugs, Noreen

  26. It IS a happy daze
    when I think back
    on it all ~ both being
    a kid and having my
    own! But hopefully
    not too dazed that I
    won't be able to enjoy
    grand babies, off in the
    future : ) Cute cute
    little guys, Diana!

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  27. Oh my goodness, he sure is growing fast! What a little cutie patooty! Charles looks so much like his big brother! Bet you have tons of fun with the two of them!

  28. They are adorable..Love their tubbies..Too cute..Have a great weekend..

  29. I think it is Happy Days! He's great - you are right - they're all so precious, Diana - Hope you have a blessed weekend,

  30. Ha, such a well thought out post~ I agree.
    thanks for sharing

    ciao bella
    sensible sarah

  31. Those little boys are the prettiest little guys. Love the double bath.

  32. What adorable little grand babies! I have two of my own (Jamison 5, Abigail 2) and they are the loves of my life! I blog about them quite often - yes, life revolves around the little ones! I had noticed that you and I comment on and read many of the same blogs and I thought, I bet she has a blog I'd like too! SO here I am, a new follower and looking forward to reading so much more! Have a fantastic weekend! Hugs, Leena
    PS you can come visitg me at =:)

  33. I know that you know this, but you are one lucky lady Diana.

  34. Precious , precious, precious!


    Have a good weekend friend,


    White Spray Paint

  35. Too funny! I don't think they ever outgrow it though. The whining and fussing and tumbling around the house that is. Boys will be boys and I've got 2 of my own to back that statement up! Ha! Oh, and the red hair? Could mean they're gonna have a temper. I know that from experience too.

  36. This is a adorable post. They are both little cutie pies. I can see how they both have taken your heart and wrapped up in it. Love this, Mary

  37. Is anything cuter than little ones bathing in a sink? As you well know, these boys are adorable! ~ Maureen

  38. Two of the sweetest boys ever. Just darling. I always enjoy your posts and think you have such a wonderful family!

  39. Oh, they are both so darn cute!!! What would we do without grand babies - they are such a wonderful reminder of our own children. =0)

  40. Diana,
    Such cute little boys...being a mother of 2 sons, I am so partial to boys...


  41. So true, the baby is always in charge. Our little "Miss Busy" calls all the shots around here! Your little guy is just adorable & so is big!


  42. It was definitely our third child that turned the tide...

  43. When I see your Grandchildren. I want to turn back the clock on my own kids. I think back then every Mom took the bathtub pictures, ha,ha.

    Now my Grandkids and are pass that cute age. Now adults and the Grandkids adults almost. one can say.

    I have pictures of my kids and alot of times. I sit and look at pictures I have put on a Dvds and video's.
    I say also. Wow was I that thin and good looking back then. What has happened now. I look into the mirror and I see an old lady looking back at me.A Grandmother image. To remind me. I cannot turn back the time.

    Your Grandchildren are so beautiful looking and the pictures are such a delight to come here and look for me.


    Enjoy your day.

  44. Those little boys are the prettiest little guys. Love the double bath.


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