Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alphabet Laughs-O Is For Opals And Okra And Oh My!

Did you know it is supposed
to be 
to wear
if they are not your birthstone?
Well, I love opals.
Fire under Ice.
That kind of describes me---
well, except for the ice part....
I'm a marshmallow inside.
So.....Is it true that
wearing opals is bad luck
if it is not your birthstone?
Fact or Fiction?
Well....I say it is 
How do I know that?
Because I have LOST
every single opal I have
ever owned.
Never lost any other jewelry..
just the opals.
Which bring us to 
How did that happen?
I lost one of my OPALS
eating okra.
Okra is NOT for the
You either love it or hate it..
no fence sitting on this veggie!
I like it FRIED-of course I do-
which is why I no longer eat it.
has a great recipe for it
if you want to try it.
And after you finish that
mess of okra
(Mess of anything is a strictly Southern term-
it means a whole bunch of it)
You might want to pop in to 
someone's wedding
for a piece of cake.
Can I get an
Okay-the one in the middle is the 
The one on the LEFT is the
your photo name


  1. I love fried okra and sometimes order it when we eat out!
    Strange about you losing all your opal jewelry!
    Oh my, that cake is amazing!

  2. That is a mess of a cake, and by that I mean a whole lot a cake. I think I am getting a sugar high just looking at it. Come to think of it, I have lost every opal I have ever owned as well.

  3. lol! Oh my! I've never tried okra but I love opals! I haven't lost mine and they're not my birthstone so I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for good luck instead of bad :)

  4. Diana, Okra absolutely has to be fried...cause it is gross if boiled.Turns to slime. That cake !! Too much. I've seen some really pretty opals, only had one small ring and I gave it away. Smiles, xo, Susie

  5. Oh my! I could just imagine an old aunt going up to talk to the bride and winding up talking to the cake instead, Diana.

  6. wow, Inever knew that about opals, thats very curious.I'm not superstitious,
    that's an amazing cake, very unusual, wow,

  7. A mess of cake for sure.
    Pickled okra is good, and so is fried, but if it is boiled, pitch it out the door. No true southerner would boil okra.
    Opals, have never owned one, but they are beautiful. Sad that you've lost all you have owned.

  8. I am not into fried okra. Love the looks of that cake.

  9. My mom has worn a huge, gorgeous opal for 40 years. It is not her birthstone and she has not (thank goodness) had that much bad luck.

    I think O is for Oprah. She made $125 million last year. That is after she retired!

  10. I frequently wear opal earrings. I'll have to see if my luck is worse on those days. Okra? No, thank you. I'm in the hate it category. I don't know how I grew up in the South and don't like okra, grits or sweet tea. Must be because my father is from Pennsylvania! (Actually my Southern mother never cooked grits or drank tea either, but she does like okra.)

  11. that is one scary cake!...I mean, the bride is not scary, but the cake totally freaks me out! Okra can be "slimy" but fried okra is totally ok with me!

  12. I like okra.... fried of course. I only eat it occasionally. Normally in a restaurant when two sides are offered and I get the okra because I am not a fan of potatoes.
    And OH MY is right! OH MY! Who would want a cake that looks like them? And what groom would want to cut into his bride? Sorry... but I think something delicate and beautiful would suit me much better. A look alike cake would not be beautiful! *lol*

  13. Whoa, that is one crazy cake! I thought that WAS the bride, til I read your post! I think that cake would give me nightmares!
    Ok, okra is not something I would ever eat! And maybe you'd better switch from opals to cubic zirconia!!!

  14. I've tried fried okra but I would not count it as a favorite. Your opals are doomed; how sad. Oh well, they are only rocks.

  15. That is one scary cake face. The face is scary sort of cake an insault to the bride you think.

    Sorry but that is what I get out of it.

    To each their own at weddings. I bet it is good to eat though. Rich, rich.

  16. Can you believe I have never eaten Okra? I planted it this year but it didn't grow. I am determined to give it a try. That cake reminds me of a Wonder Woman cake we had for my daughters 5th birthday. My single, twenty something brother caused a stir with all the little girls when he asked for a breast! ~ Maureen

  17. I'm going to believe the opal story because it is my birthstone & I just want to believe it! haha

    I've never had okra & I am dumbfounded how you lost your opal while eating okra.

    I am kinda creeped out by that bride cake! lol

  18. OK..that cake is too weird!
    Opals are my birth stone, and so the story goes, it is bad luck to wear them if they are NOT your birthstone?

  19. I have never had an opal to lose, but I did have an Aunt Opal!

    Fried okra! The only way to eat okra and it is sooooo good, but soooooo bad, we only order it when eating out these days. The cake? Not my cup-a-tea. ;-) somewhat egotistical??

  20. O Diana: O kay can I just say O, that is having your cake and eating it too. O shoot can I say that on bl O gland? Happy Wednesday..Judy

  21. Oh my! Oh my! What a cake!

    My husband has created a healthier way to "fry" okra, and it is delicious! Our grandson says it is "the best!":)

    Our DSIL - before they were engaged - gave our DD an opal ring. Can't remember the occasion. Anyway, she had bad luck with that one! The stone broke and fell out! I don't remember if it was replaced.

    I like stones like diamonds, pearls, rubies, and sapphires.:) Can't say I have many of them, though.:)

    xo Nellie

  22. oh my gosh! what a cake!!
    I lost my opal ring.

  23. Opals are not lucky for you, that's for sure!
    Love fried okra. Haven't had it in years though. The best I ever had was in Oklahoma...
    That is one icky cake. I think that's in bad taste, too large and there should be a bride and groom on top. Not my thing for sure.

  24. I had to enlarge that wedding photo so I could get a good look at that cake. Oh my! I think it's a bit scary especially when they start slicing into her. Can you imagine the guests saying....I want the nose, I want her left hand, give me the lips ....LOL!


  25. Oh dear, I can't quit laughing at the cake picture...

  26. Love opals, love okra...not sure about that wedding cake!!


  27. I have never heard that about opals but I think it might be right! I got an opal cross for my 1st Communion/Confirmation and one of the opals fell out of the I know why! Thanks for enlightening me!


  28. Opal is my birthstone. I have heard about the bad luck.....seems every one looses theirs.....just like you.
    That cake is way too funny. It's spooky. Where do you come up with these things, hah.

  29. Laughing out loud...especially when I saw that cake. Tee Hee!

  30. I've had an opal on my hand every day of the week foreva! I even sleep in it. Of course, I am an October baby. I always have people commenting on my ring even though it's just a small opal. So sad to hear you have lost yours. As for okra, umm, I don't do that. LOL! I enjoyed your wonderful O post very much!

  31. Did you lose the opal stone? or the entire piece of jewelry? Did you know that opals dry out and shrink? Yep--- tis true. So, if your just losing the opal stones themselves, its NOT bad luck... your just needing to soak your opals in water every so often to keep them "plump" in there settings :-)
    big hugs,

  32. All I can write is I am laughing OUT LOUD!

    Flora Doora

  33. I agree with opal being bad luck if they are not your birthstone.Years ago an ex - boyfriend gave me one, must be why the relationship did not work out! Your OH MY is too funny I'd be afraid to eat that cake. I'd think it would be bad luck to eat the bride! Have a great weekend, Laura

  34. OH MY, What a cake! That is some kinda funky.
    Thanks for the shout out. So sorry that you lost all your opals. I have a ring that small opals surrounding the larger stone. It is still around after about 30 years. Come to think of it, I need to go see if it is still there.
    My birthstone is diamond, Woo Hoo!
    Hugs, Ginger

  35. Opals are gorgeous! My husband bought me an opal ring in Australia on our honeymoon. I'm sorry you lost your ring. I have never heard they are bad luck! I don't like okra...That is some cake...So lifelike... Thanks for sharing....

  36. My garden is filled with okra.I am harvesting over 2 pounds a day. I love it fried , pickled and cooked with onion and tomatoes!

    Your posts are a delight to read!


  37. Oh, My! That is over the top..........Sarah

  38. Can you believe I never tried okra! I think it's slimy, right?

  39. I love okra...but only fried. :(
    That wedding cake is just screams EAT ME! EAT ME!
    I always heard that Opals were bad luck unless they were 'given' to you.
    We once moved into a house and the previous owners left a cute pair of opal earrings in the medicine cabinet.
    I took it as a sign. No, I never ever wore them!

  40. I really can't stop laughing! Sorry but I had to pin that photo for some of my friends who have the same hilarious sense of humor that you have!!!!
    xoxo Andrea


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