Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alphabet Laughs-G Is For Giveaway Day Three

Good Morning Crazies, Friends!
Are you here for another 
Giveaway Day?
Did you get your name in
the last two days?
If not- you better get your
butt over and say Hello on 
the last two posts-
just sayin'

So..Day Three...
We got some napkins-Day One
We got some notecards-Day Two
So, then...
What is this month all about?
Why PEACHES, of course.
Of course, I can't send  you 
peaches through the mail
now can I?
Well, I could but it might 
not be pretty....
So...how about a
Not crazy about peaches?
Well, I'll send a little 
candle in a cat box
along- It's called 
Back Porch.
Gotta love a candle in a
Cat Box by Lang.
So...leave me a comment
here on Day Three.
If you have been playing along
everyday this is entry 
Number Three for you.

And, what am I doing
today while you are 
resting and relaxing?
Well-my butt will be here...
mowing this...
My hands will be here-
pulling out weeds....
And my mind will be here....
Care to join me?
Bring your own tanning lotion, m'kay?
your photo name


  1. You do make it tempting. I could use a tan!

  2. Ahh.... I hear the sound of the waves already!!

  3. My mind is always somewhere else when it comes to yard work.. so yep, I'll join you today!

    Would love a peach candle right about now too.


    Cotton peony

  4. Well I can only dream of having a back yard that size - think I'd be happy just hanging out there!

  5. The Crazies! When that movie came out, I didn't do see it. I have enough of that in my daiy life without adding more to my brain. No Tahiti daydreams for me, Land Use meeting is TODAY. I need to be sharp and have my wits. But I'll relax to you peach candle when it's all over!

  6. Hi Diana, Your beach is tempting, but it is back to work. I can smell the peaches right now and it makes me hungry for a nice big juicy one.
    I am not looking forward to going back to work. I would much rather of slept this morning. It is 55 degrees. Your Have a good day and the Peach Candle sounds wonderful. Hugs Your Missouri friend

  7. Peaches and Cream one of my favorite scents, so I'm sure peach candle will be wonderful.
    Don't work to hard, that John Deere is a master machine.

  8. How's Lulu getting along this morning? Hope she is doing better and it sounds like you are feeling better if you are doing the mowing. We might have something to mow around labor day- maybe.
    Have a good one!

  9. My mind is also somewhere else when doing yard work. LOL Beautiful candles, Diana! How is the little birthday girl doing?

  10. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do around here!

  11. I don't have to do much yard work since we've moved, Diana. Just pulling a few weeds every so often here and there around the condo. Although, I am looking forward to putting in some mums for Fall. I used to use my weeding time to not think about anything at all. I actually found it relaxing {until my back started complaining}.

  12. what a view! can I come stay with you for the rest of the summer? :O)

  13. Such a magnificent view! Praying little Lulu is better today. Don't work too hard!

  14. My hands need to get off this keyboard and get to work, too. I'd rather be at the beach though.

  15. I will gladly join you, but I do not want to pull any weeds, okay?

  16. I'll be waiting for you at the beach, for when you are done with the grass and weeds!

  17. Lucky you! Do you live right on the lake? I'm happy for you to see that gorgeous view every day. Don't work too hard! Our grass is greening up again and I am looking forward to mowing. Imagine that!

  18. I would never want to leave your house! What a view! I hope Lulu is starting to feel better!

  19. My mind is off somewhere on a sandy beach now too.

    I hope Lulu is doing better!

  20. "Crazies"? Are you talkin' to me???! Have fun mowing, lucky you! Oh, I'd be on that beach in a heartbeat if I could, right next to our favorite movie star!!!

  21. I love peaches so I really wish you could send me some...but I will settle for a yummy scented candle!!


  22. OK - Diana, love peaches - ours here in California are good, but a bunch of birdies have told me there's nothing tastier than peaches from the East Coast! I'll be glad when our little peach tree will bare fruit for us! Till then - it's the supermarket or farmer's market, or hey - a candle, but I wouldn't eat it! But I can smell it already here in my kitchen!! Wonder if that means ... ?

    I'll bring the lotion, and umbrella and some A&W Cream Soda! Oh yum - let's have a party!

    Hope Lulu is feeling better,

  23. Peaches here this summer were delicious. I'm sad the season is so short. If I had your view of the water, I wouldn't even think about a trip to a tropical beach. Where do you live? Look like you need a riding lawn mower to tackle your spacious lawn. What a lovely spot!
    Hope Lulu is feeling better today and breathing easier.

  24. I just discovered your delightful blog! What a beautiful place you have. So relaxing. So; indeed! Throw my hat into the ring for a prize giveaway. Better late to have found you than to not have found you at all.

    Cheers from Sunny South Carolina ~where pearls and flipflops go with everything~ and we don't hide our Crazies~ we sit them on the front porch and give them a cocktail.

  25. Oh your giveaways are so sweet. If I had to mow that yard I would probably drive that tractor in the lake. I would be looking at the lake and forget what I was doing.

  26. I hope that I win a candle!

    How is LuLu doing? My big one has a bad cold and cough too.

  27. I had THE BEST peaches I ever had this year..Red Haven. yum!

  28. How fun a cat box with a candle! I have not seen any here but then I don't browse shop the way I did as a youngster.

  29. I love peaches..My butt just got off that thing but I don't have nearly as much to mow as you do..It's just getting a bit much for me to walk..Especially in this heat...Cute post..

  30. No yard work here for me today! We woke during the night to hard rain, and we were greeted this morning to more of the same!:)

    Peaches! One of my husband's favorite fruits!

    I'd really love to spend a little time at the beach, walking in the sand along the edge of the water. I'll give up the yard work in a snap for that!:)

    I hope Lulu is improved today.

    xo Nellie

  31. I WANT TO WIN THAT PEACH CANDLE IN YOUR GIVEAWAY, DIANA!! I love candles. I just went to the mall to look for last minute stuff for Nel's shower, and smelled every scent you could think of. And the peach, ahhhh, I love the smell.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  32. Hi chickie, Love the photos and please enter me in your giveawy-as always. The candles sound so nice. I will be happy to join you on that beach-looks heavenly.
    Hugs, Noreen

  33. Home from vacation and stopping to say hello! I actually got to sit on a beach and I'd like to be back there now! We came home to 2 trees down (Bradford Pears-huge) from the drought. We had one fall over right before we left. We only have 1 tree left...so sad and so expensive to remove!

    It looks as if you have been busy giving things away! Please, count me in!

  34. Today in my back yard, you would find our blue sky covered by smoke. Fires are sending us their smoke. So we are staying in most of the day. So this beach picture looks so good to me.
    Love anything peach. my living room and office walls are baby soft peach. Have a great day...mary

  35. looks like a nice place. it's cloudy here and the closest beach is Lake Erie (and it smells bad) so i'll just think of your picture today too.

    Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  36. Sounds like a busy day. We've had little pop up rain showers so my day has been spent inside....reading the book you sent me! lol It sure is hard to put down! I'm not getting any work done or even blogging. heehee! Sweet hugs!

  37. Yard work never ends...but I have to say: YOUR view is awesome. The real one...not the beach one. :)
    At first I thought you were giving away a cat in a box and I was going to decline. I have three cats already.

  38. I missed your post yesterday so sending belated prayers for all concerns and smiling with wonder at all the work you do! Could use a few hours on that beach but always something more pressing calling me.

  39. Hmmm, if only I could get someone to pull the weeds in my yard while I relax on the beach! Have fun!

  40. Would love to join you, or win the peach candle!! Both sound good to me!

  41. Believe it or NOT, I am soooo envious that you get to be out in your yard mowing and weeding!!! That was my plan for last Saturday but a really, REALLY hard fall at the roller rink (this is where everyone asks: Why were you roller skating?!) bruised my body and fractured my elbow and I can now do pretty much NOTHING!!! BOOO!!!

    I see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow just to make sure I don't need surgery! So enjoy that yard work as you dream about the beautiful tropical paradise, and I will be dreaming about straightening my arm .... xo

  42. I'm now missing spending time in my yard or doing things around the house! I'm ready to go back from vacation!

    Hope you have a great time in your yard while your mind is in paradise!

  43. Yes, yes. I love your lake view, and I love peach candles. I will take one.

  44. I hope the mowing and weeding is done and you are enjoying a nice glass of iced tea with your feet up and enjoying the gorgeous view.


  45. Can you read a magazine while riding that mower? What a beast, but it looks like you have tons to cut!

    The candle is so cute and I bet it smells delish!


  46. I always wanted to ride one of those lawn mowers. The weeds are winning over at my place. We have very muggy weather right now. I miss the cooler weather for gardening. I have been missing for a couple of your posts, but I wanted to pop by. We are still waiting for my daughter to go into labor.


  47. I guess I didn't know you lived on the water. Oh I am green with envy. Here's my #3. :o)

  48. Now, I'm not begging but that cat on the box looks just like my fat, old cat that's always in a box. Shouldn't I have it? Pleeeze! ~ Maureen

  49. Here I am again! You seem to be having fun with this. Me, too. Love the peach candle and I adore kitties.
    I would love to win an afternoon with you by the water. I don't see how you get the grass cut with that scenery. I would get so distracted I would probably drive into the water.
    I hope you didn't work too hard.
    Hugs, Ginger

  50. I'd like to enter your giveaway. I've missed your posts a few days so I'd better go and sign in to those...hadn't I?? Joan

  51. You are such a unique lady! I am sorry I have not been over lately! I missed your giveaway ! :(

    OOh the water looks wonderful!

    The weeds UGH! Not so much!


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