Monday, July 11, 2011

Christie Repassy-Rose Queen!

Another one of
Our Own
(by Our Own-I mean a blogging friend)
has hit another magazine!
If you don't know
Christie Repassy
you MUST go
visit her.
She is beyond talented.
She is also sweet.
She takes time to reply to
comments.  She is that kind of blogger.
The kind I love!

This month she is featured
Romantic Country.

Here is a bit of what she does...

And, isn't she darling..

She's the larger one of the two
just in case there was any question.
I only posted a bit of the
article because you need to 
buy the magazine
and see the
rest of it for yourself,

Now pop here to her blog~
which, let me warn you,
is a visual treat
and IF you
loves roses,
and pink,
and pretty,
you will love her paintings.

Start saving your pennies
cuz you just might want to
purchase something from her
web site...
Aw, Christie, you
did a fine job
and I LOVE your
Now quit smiling and get
back to painting!
your photo name


  1. Lovely! It's so sweet when good things happen to good people. Thanks for the introduction! Congratulations to Christie! :)


  2. Darn, you spoiled it for me, I wanted to guess which one was which, Diana...

    Lovely lady, lovely doggie, and a lovely painting. I'm jealous, I have no talents at all, with a brush. When I paint a wall, someone has to come behind me and fix my flaws.

  3. wow,, beautiful,, I'm going there right now!

  4. Good Morning Diana Sweetie...
    I am off to visit your beautiful friend,Christie. I buy that magazine so how fun to read about one of our own bloggers. Yipppeeee.

    Loved the wedding photos below. I can see where that little Sweet Cheeks gets her beauty, her Grandma and Momma of course.

    Hope you have a wonderful week sweet friend. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

    P.S. I woke up to pouring down rain this morning and drove in to work, still pouring down rain. I know it will make things humid, but of how we needed it. I have found the rain sweet friend.

  5. I love roses and pink is one of my favorite colors, so I guess I'll just have to head over to that blog! *LOL*

  6. I had that magazine in my hands at the grocery store and put it back, now I wish I hadn't! I'll vist her blog...sounds great!


  7. Thanks Diana, you are so thoughtful! I can't wait to meet some of your friends, XO Christie

  8. Wonderful post and I love your roses!

    So glad that I found your blog!

  9. How nice are you!! Giving a shout out to your friiend!! She is amazing though. That flower piece is stunning!

  10. Eww thanks I love looking at new blogs her's is a great one.

  11. Wow! Some great Bloggy talent!

  12. You are so right...she is amazing! :D

  13. Christy is a real sweet lady as well as an inspirational HUGE talent....very fond of her, and you too:-)......Janet

  14. Hi Diana,
    I just picked up this magazine yesterday, and have been drooling over Christie's work! I have admired her creations ever since I first saw her oh so beautiful paintings several years ago. ***sigh*** Oh, and I would love to visit her semi annual flea market, that would be awesome!!!

  15. Oh, I saw that magazine at the store and didn't buy it. I'll have to go back and get it.

  16. She has an incredible blog...and is extremely
    talented! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Great to see she will be featured! Love that

    Flora Doora

  17. Diana, I get such a kick out of your sweetcheek shares. She's adorable!

    We couldn't blog comment for days on many blogs. Now we are traveling so it will be hit & miss.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  18. She is a blogger friend and quite a talent. She really knows how to rock a paint brush!!

  19. This is a beautiful post. What an amazing artist you know!


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