Wednesday, January 24, 2018

PRAYER REQUEST UPDATE & A little prayer request

Just to let you know-
My friend, Jettie,
came through the surgery
just fine.

She is in her room recovering
and will probably go home
this weekend.

Keep her in your prayers for
A Speedy Recovery
That she is PAIN FREE
once she has healed.

She gets some coffee 
first thing in the morning...
Cuz without it...wellllll...
This could be her----
Thank you!

I'll be back soon with
your photo name


  1. Yes, consider it done! Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Just got home from Prayer Meeting and we prayed for Jettie there. Glad to hear the good news. Hope she gets her coffee.

  3. I'm glad to hear this tonight, Diana. Now is a time for healing for her. And Yes, I hope she gets her COFFEE!! I gotta have mine every day too. ; )

    love, ~me

  4. Very happy news! And the prayers will keep on coming.

    I remember craving coffee badly whenever I was in the hospital. All you get is that measly plastic mug. I wanted to beg for a whole pot!


  5. Wonderful news - and tomorrow coffee!

  6. This is great to hear. I worry about friends and friends who have friends that are sick.
    Prayers from here in NC.

  7. Sorry I didn't get by here yesterday but I will pray for Jettie now....

  8. Glad she came through the surgery and praying she'll recover and get lot's of coffee!

  9. Diana, I am praying for Jettie. Hope you are having some warmer weather. We may get to 50 degrees this weekend. The world's weather has gone's flooding in Paris. Take care , be safe. Hug all the kids for me. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  10. Haha! Praying she does not do 25 to life! :-) I love my coffee too.

    Glad to hear all went well with the surgery.

  11. How wonderful to hear her surgery is over and she is in recovery mode. Remembering her in prayer.

  12. Wonderful news Diana! Happy to keep the power of prayer coming her way. Jane

  13. I'm glad your friend is recovering well! Praying that she gets her 'morning lift' and goes home pain free.


  14. So happy to hear her surgery went well. I'm continuing prayers for her. I know how she feels about that morning coffee. I seem to be doing well and healing from my surgery. Glad to be home quickly and hope she goes home soon!

  15. So glad to hear this good report. Praying that Jettie will heal quickly and easily and rest when she's home.

  16. Glad all went well and I do pray she'll soon be pain free. I know what you mean about that first cup of coffee.

  17. So happy to hear the surgery went well, and she will be returning home soon. And yes, get that woman a cup of coffee!!! Continued prayer for healing.

  18. I feel the same way about coffee! And about your friend, I went through the same thing with the same 2 1/2 years of pain before a second surgery. Please tell you friend that no matter what this second surgeon tells her, do NOT exercise that hip. My surgeon at Mayo, unlike the surgeon at Rice Lake where I had the initial surgery, said (and he's the chair of the orthopedic department at Mayo, Rochester) "We have found exercise to be of NO benefit to our hip patients." He had me totally no weight bearing for 8 weeks and then gradual weight bearing after that. I just needed to write this because I know the pain she has suffered. God bless her. Praying for a full recovery. It might take another two years. xo

  19. bless her heart. Yep I know about the coffee...

  20. Oh, I'm glad to hear this, and I sure hope she gets that cup of coffee first thing.

  21. That's some great news to hear. I wish her a speedy recovery and no more pain. A friend of ours just had hip replacement surgery a couple of months ago and so far she's doing great.

  22. Praying for Jettie, hoping that her book will be turned into a movie one day! xx

  23. What a sweet friendship you two must have, and I most certainly will be praying for Jettie, that this surgery helps her with the pain she is suffering, and brings healing and relief, so that she can get back to an active life!

  24. I hope she got her coffee! Praying for a complete recovery with no pain!


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