Thursday, January 18, 2018


Jumping in with both feet
and hoping my butt will follow.

I am sad to say I no longer
have a camera.
I gave two of them away
at Christmas.
I was going to use
to take back few pics--
Yes! I! Was!

But then-
I surfed the web a bit,
found Pinterest and... you go.

Here is a day in my
Imaginary Life.
Can I get an Amen to
Sometimes all we have to do
is believe in ourselves...
even if others are consumed with
I do believe that I CAN!

Morning will find me on my way
to Starbucks or taking a
grandgirl to school.

This is a scene that is common in
our neck of the woods this time of year.
After a drive through
Winter Wonderland,
sipping my hot coffee,
I would love to come home to this
Sweet Tree
holding court on my sun porch.
Walking into my kitchen
I would find these happy
little faces smiling at me.
And, instead of making  
hair bows----
I might be tempted to make
a sweet little skirt...
or two...or three....
Won't be making one in my size,
because I already am
HIPPY enough.

Oh- Hippies---
Remember the 60s & 70s?
I do---
I loved the clothes-
I missed the drugs and free love
that was part of my generation.
I was 
to do anything too wild.

I am thinking of going back to 
being a hippie...
but this is what I am afraid 
I would look like now...
Oh! Wait!
I will never be 

Have a good day-
Let your hair down and
have a little fun!

I'll be back in a couple of days 
to share what new venture
I have embarked on....
Who says an old dog 
can't relearn their old tricks?

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  1. That scarf skirt is fabulous!

    I, too, missed the hippie generation...but that lady at the bottom looks pretty happy. :)

  2. I was a hippie without the drugs and free love too. Just the clothes and music. But now I'm just "hippy". Ha, ha. You have to get another camera. Can't go without your pictures.

  3. I was a little bit of a hippie wannabe, myself. You should have seen the jeans that I re-fashioned...split them bell bottoms up to the knee and sewed in purple crushed velvet triangles! Loved my platform shoes too! No drugs or free love here either but I sure did like the music. Another fun post, Dianna! :D

  4. Like you I was too responsible to be a hippie, but I am letting my hair grow longer just to see if I like it.
    Stay warm where you are. Today it is 18 degrees and feels like 9.

  5. I use my phone mostly because I always have it with me. I still use a camera occasionally:) I will join you in the hippy movement, I am inclined to be one:) Have a blessed day, stay warm and I'll be watching to see what you are up to! HUGS!

  6. I used my phone to take some pics yesterday but I wouldn't want to rely on it for nature shots. And I love feeling strong and confident! And I thought about getting a streak of color dyed in my hair for my birthday this week. Pink or blue? What do you think? hahahaha! Hugs!

    1. Hi haven't talked to you in awhile friend! I think you would look great with the pink or blue! My Catie is a hairdresser so I see many colors and they are pretty...You go girl..Let us know is you do it...xoxo Dolly

  7. Thanks for the good laugh! You always make my day! Like you I've lived through those times so I really know what you are talking about! I too was always so darn responsible and for some reason thought I had to take care of and get those home safely that weren't....oh well...Yes I'd like to let my hair down as well! xoxo Dolly

  8. I was hippieish, never full blown, because I had too many responsibilities.

  9. I remember the 60's and 70's and while the music was great that's about all I carried forward, I was never a wild child.

  10. I think that was a wonderful trip down memory lane lol,, I loved the clothes and hair and jewelry of the 70's and I really embraced it lol,, but no drugs smoking or alcohol for me ,, nope,, I was too responsible for all that to lol,,,called chicken by friends lol,, I can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!!

  11. Oh my that skirt is darling! But, I am dying over the last picture :-0

  12. It's never too late to become ourselves!

  13. Oh this made me smile. I am still a bit of a hippie in my heart! I can get lost in Pinterest also but these days have been curling up on the couch with a good book. Yes we can always learn a new trick and try something new. I can see Scout in one of those ribbon skirts for sure! Hugs!

  14. I remember the hippie era well! I was also too responsible to go down the path of drugs, free love, etc., but I loved some of the music and clothes. Can't wait to see what you are working on now!

  15. Oh I do love those little snowman faces!! Must remember that for next Christmas!!
    I think I was a hippie...hahaha!! At least in my mind I much fun back then.
    Get yourself a new camera girl!!! I would be lost without mine!
    That old girl is full of life...I envy her!! Wish I could wear my hair all messy like that!
    Enjoy your day my dear...
    Linda :o)

  16. Don't think I could give up my camera. I think maybe all of us 70's gals had some hippie in us, at least as far as clothes and probably music.
    Have a good day!

  17. Oh, you are so funny! I think you'd look great in flowy tunic tops or a skirt. Play that wonderful 60's music and dance around your one will be the wiser except yourself. :-)

  18. I am surprised you just found Pinterest - it is great.

    And I have a scary thought for you - you and I are so alike - about hippies - our values vs our heart. lol

  19. Diana, You crack me can that girl is holding a big old beer..LOL. She may have had enough to go out without combing her hair. Please tell me I am right. :) Oh yes, she is only 34...too much sun. I honestly wish I had her grit, more power to her. We can laugh at ourselves so we can laugh at anyone...right? I wore skirts and sandels, bell bottoms too. Here's why I never did drugs, a waste of time, brains and money...I never had any extra of those to waste. LOL. I was into to the free loving scene with my husband as we were married at 16. LOL My Lord, what was I thinking. Oh wasn't. Diana, it's to warm up and melt our snow...hope it has a chance to be soaked up my the ground before refreezing starts. Blessings to you, love, xoxo, Susie

  20. I only have a phone camera too. I love the hippi styles in the summer. Those clothes are coming back! Im on my way to looking tan and skinny like that lady in that photo! Pinterst? Oh dear, that place keeps me online all day long. I have to ground myself from going there often.

  21. I actually think the old lady looks great, she has obviously enjoyed life but had ups and downs, she loves the sun (wish I did).....I should be more adventurous. I used to be.......So what? maybe I can be inspired this year. The tree....years ago when I worked. I got a tree branch and put it in a coffee can filled with sand. I decorated that branch every month according to what was up that month. I made felt hearts for February etc. One of the girls found a stuffed raccoon on day out on the street, a childs lost toy. We called him Friday and we bought Friday things like mini coke bottles (it was from a key ring) and made a beach for him and an arm chair etc...........just saying you can do a lot with a tree branch. the little snow men could be styrofoam balls. The Winter scene looks like it does here. ............I think I will be a Hippie or flower child this summer.

  22. I also loved the Hippie clothes, Diana. Still like the Bohemian looking clothes. I remember you showing this skirt out of hair bows, and didn't you want to make one for your grandbaby? I know it's so cold where you live, but I would love living in that first winter scene that you showed..... especially with my Starbuck's. ; ) Thanks for this "believe that you can" post, Diana. It really was a feel good post.

    love, ~Sheri

  23. Hi, Diana! Pinterest seems to have it covered for you! I, too, had other things underway during those Hippie years. Enjoy those stops at Starbucks and being a driver for those lovely grandchildren! Stay warm and cozy!

  24. I look back at the clothes I wore in the 70s it cracks me up and I thought it was very cool. Got to be me and that's fine with me. :)

  25. LOL... well if you look at the Sundance catalog.. that's kinda hippy-ish.. and I love it all. And who says we can't wear some of that stuff??...

  26. Gotta love the hippie look, tho (the olden one...NOT)
    I was busy having babies and raising kids in the 60's and 70's so I missed all that...and believe me, the 50's were soooo calm and good and yes, lots of good clean fun.

  27. You are so funny. Loved the post and especially the last picture. You will NEVER look like that.

    Have a terrific weekend and I hope your feeling better.


  28. That poor lady has spent a lot of time in the sun. She is probably only oh, never mind.
    I don't know if you have been pricing cameras. BUT...most smart phones have better cameras than all but very expensive cameras. You might not need to buy a camera just for Pinterest. I have a $350 digital camera and my phone has a better camera and works fine for eBay.

  29. Hey, I think I saw that last gal at my local Meijer kidding! Being a granddaughter taxi is far better than being an aging hippie. That is a lifestyle that never appealed... Stay warm, hope you are tons better, enjoy your morning cup of joe... xoxo

  30. Someone tell that lady to let her hair down!! Oh, I think she was trying to, so to speak. Nice to know you can still dream of all that beauty via Pinterest and although you may not want to be a hippie, I think you would look fabulous in a Bohemian skirt and lacy top :-)

  31. For Texas we are having really cold temperatures, 17 today. Thankful no snow.

  32. Love the hippie dress, and now I could wear them again!!! I used to wear long hair to my waist and put a thin braid on each side held my band with leather and feathers. My hippie look also had leather vest with foot long fringe, boots up to my knees and the required bead necklaces. I was also not wild and did not partake or have free sex. I did not even have a drink til I was 21 and was a virgin when married at 23!!

  33. I love the dresses also. I love the hippie hoboish type style! I love PINTEREST.....

  34. Lol, thanks for the laugh. Pinterest sucks me in every single time.

  35. I had to laugh when I read the part about hippies! When we first moved to Ireland, I was talking to someone at a party, and she said when she saw us, she was happy her friend (our neighbour) had 'respectable' people living by her. Then we moved to a different town and met our new neighbours (soon to be very dear friends), one of whom told another one that we seemed nice and sensible. She replied that we seemed like aging hippies. So now I sometimes refer to myself as a respectable, sensible, aging hippie :-)

  36. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am still laughing at that pic of the 'old hippie'!!! I loved the styles too but my conservative parents wouldn't let me wear a lot of it so I DO tend to try some of the 'boho' styles NOW. I usually rely on my girls to tell me if something is 'trying too hard' though haha. One of my twin girls is a hippie for real -- I always tell her she was born in the wrong decade! She's definitely a free spirit!

  37. I had such great fun during the hippy days since it was a feeling time in my life. Yes, that woman has spent to much time in the sun even though I love her sense of spirit. That's a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

  38. I LOVE pinterest.....and I hardly get out my big camera anymore because my Iphone takes amazing pictures. Hippe? I love it....but now, they call it 'bo-ho'. (Bohemian) Have a great day!

  39. Hi Diana, I enjoyed reading this post. That winter scene is so beautiful! I am looking forward to a little bit of warmer temps and no more snow! LOL. I hope you enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  40. Hi Diana,
    I could see you making those scarf skirts for the girls. How cute are those. Happy Friday my friend.

  41. Like you, I was too responsible to be a full fledged hippy! Liked the clothes but not necessarily the lifestyle!! Great pics you borrowed to share your world at the moment. I use my phone but still need a good camera for my work. Looking forward to you sharing your venture. If anyone can do anything, it is you my friend.
    Stay warm, I hate to tell you.... we may get back to 70's this weekend. I'll be doing the happy dance here.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs. xoxo

  42. I'm not sure and could very well be wrong but...that woman isn't what I have pictured when I think "Titus woman". Just sayin'.

  43. I was born in the late 60's so I missed that era. It looks like way more fun than the Madonna era I grew up in. My sisters were born in the 50's though, so they're hippie influence definitely rubbed off on me, especially when it came to music and fashion. Fun!

  44. Now she is a free spirit! Yes, I kind of think of you the same way...having fun and making lemonade with the lemons chucked your way. So good to know that you’re up to something fun!

  45. are truly crazy..Love the skirt..Yu would be much better looking than that babe!! I remember the hippie generation well.
    Hippie weddings ;) Great clothes..comfy..I still get my camera out..I forget about my phone..I don't use it..Can you believe that..??

  46. Funny post Diana. I never was a hippie. My hair was never straight enough...LOL. I even tried ironing it. I use my phone for all of the blog photos. I always admire those who have great cameras and skills. The skirt is darling. Looking forward to your new adventure. Happy Saturday sweet friend. XO

  47. The snowmen ornaments are so cute! The mature hippie is a wee bit scary. LOL! I only use my phone for photos now. I no longer use a camera because I can get much better photos with my iPhone.

  48. Oh, geez - that was a little scary....I was like you - liked the fashions and the hair, but not the 'counter-culture'. Don't you love Pinterest? They keep sending me emails of 'things I might like' and then I am hopelessly distracted for sometimes hours. That little skirt is precious. I wonder if my daughter's dachshund would wear it. The only 'little girl' in the family! Haha! Have a great weekend.

  49. we have covered bridges in our area ( Southwestern PA ) like those as well :)

    I was in a store the other day and a lady walked in wearing a long fringed jacket JUST LIKE what was in style when I was in 7th grade many years ago :)

  50. I am looking forward to what is next. :-)

  51. Diana, you are hilarious! Love this post. And do let your granddaughter know how many people are rooting for her.


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