Friday, November 29, 2013


I am home for the night.
This will be short and sweet.

CJK is holding his own.
They are still not sure what is making
him sick but he ate about 
1/2 cup of applesauce today
and a 1/2 slice of toast.
It's the first thing he has eaten
since Sunday.

His temperature keeps spiking when
the meds wear off
and he is pretty lethargic.
They did more tests on him today
and, hopefully, tomorrow 
we will have some answers.

We want to see him and 
Daddy smiling like this again soon.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.
Please continue to pray.
I believe in the healing power
of God and thanks to all of
you that have put him on prayer chains.
I KNOW that you are praying 
for him and all of us
I am closing the comments 
so that you don't have to respond
this time
Thank you and we love you all!
I will give you another update
tomorrow night when I get home.

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