Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Mama's Boy

Here you were, minutes after birth.

Look at that head of hair!

You had chubby little cheeks

and loved your rocking horse.

You loved the swimming pool

when we lived in Florida.

You were SO sad when we told you

that you were too big for

a sink bath.

One day we turned around

and you were five.



At six you loved playing ball.

And although you played soccer

for ELEVEN years.

(yes I was a soccer Mom

I never missed a match)

I could not find a single

picture of you in one of

your soccer uniforms.

You were a rabbit


for so many years that I lost track

of how many bunny costumes I made.

The years flew by.

You grew up into a fine young man.

We were over the moon

when you married

the girl we all love. your sisters had

children you became a

wonderful Uncle..

because you still have a lot of

'KID' in you.

But the biggest blessing 

in your life

(besides marrying your sweet wife)

is that you have a precious

little son of your own.

And HE loves his Nana!

Now I know

that you are looking forward

to owning THIS someday..

You even give SweetCheeks a ride in it

sometimes just so you can enjoy it...

But-It's not gonna be your birthday present

this year cuz...

I might be OLD but

I ain't dead yet!

Happy Birthday, Son!

You are loved and you are a 

wonderful son!

(But not enough to get my car)

One of these years I will announce 

that it is YOURS 

 on my blog

and you can come pick it up-

it'll be yours!

You will have 15 seconds to call and

claim your prize after the post shows up.

Good luck!
your photo name


Sylvia said...

LOL ! Happy Birthday to your son.

Laura @ duke manor farm said...

Oh what a great post! Happy birthday to your son!

Japolina said...

I love this post. Happy Birthday. What a cutie!

Susie said...

Diana, Happy Birthday to your son. We love our kids, don't we? He has grown up , but still is his momma's boy. xoxox,Susie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a cutie, Diana! He looks very much like your grandson {Is it Big Boy E?} does in his childhood pictures. Happy Birthday to your son!

Anonymous said...

what a handsome guy, I hope all his birthday wishes come true,

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Happy bday to your darling son. The apple doesn't fall from the tree! Have a wonderful weekend, sweet Diana!!!

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

You have a handsome boy! That baby picture is so sweet...who knew he would end up blond and dark again. I enjoyed this post so much...My boys are having a birthday this week too.

Beth said...

A big Happy Birthday to your handsome son. I hope this is one of the best days of his life.

Thank you for sharing the pictures!!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

And he still has a headfull of hair! Happy Birthday to you too Mom, it should be your day too!

Michele said...

You son was and is adorably handsome. I love his smile - and the way his Momma loves him. That's the best part. Happy birthday to him!

Your son's son is as cute as his Daddy, and once again loved by a truly wonderful lady.

And may she drive that amazing car and long long time before she forces blog watching on her son's end, haha. You are too much, lol.

HUGS - have a great weekend, dear lady and friend.

camp and cottage living said...

He sure was a cutie that grew into a handsome man.
Happy B'Day to you son.
All I can say is greedy, greedy, greedy Diana! You know all the rest of us give our sons cars for their birthdays...
BTW, what make is that beautiful baby of yours?

RURAL said...

Oh that's hilarious Diana, what a way to make sure your kids will always read your blog.

HB to your son.


Anonymous said...

Happpy Birthday to your son.

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Awwww Diana....come on....give him the can you make that sweet little face wait! Hugs, Penny

Dewena said...

Happy Birthday to your Mama's Boy! My own Mama's Boy just walked in and I showed him your car--he restores old cars--and he said it's a beautiful old Mercedes! 60s or 70s???

I'm glad you're not dead yet, Diana! I like to picture you riding around in that beautiful thing.

And I was a soccer mom like you through 2 sons jr high and high school, even going to out of town games. Those were very good days!

I loved all your sweet pictures, and yes, even though he's a daddy himself now, he's still a Mama's Boy. They make the very best husbands!

Mindy said...

Awwww, so sweet. Until it wasn't. Then it was just hilarious. :)

Nellie said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Diana! xo Nellie


LOL! Happy birthday to your handsome son...such adorable pics when he was a Young boy! What a fun post and I enjoyed the pics and even Sweet Cheeks is featured here, such special cute!!! Yeah, your car is a prize, he will have to do a Little more for that prize, lol!
Many blessings,

Vee said...

=D Boy does that grand of yours look like his daddy did!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Soooooo funny! Love your posts...filled with warm family fun.
Cindy Roberts

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL this was hysterical !

Oh my does the little one look like his daddy did or what! :)

Pam Kessler said...

You might as well give him the car while he's still young enough to enjoy it, because you know you're going to live forever!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to that handsome son of yours!
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Did he call? did he, did he??? Oh, probably not. sounds like he is a very much loved young man.....happy birthday to him and congrats on raising him.

Junkchiccottage said...

Happy Birthday to your son. What a handsome man and what a cute little handsome man your grandbaby boy is. Love that car I want it!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your son!
And many more years to him waiting for HIS Prize! LOL
Very cute and sweet post Diana!
I loved every photo, hug and smile!

in Him,


Cristina Garay said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Diana! What a pretty post!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your son. A very happy boy turned into an even happier man! Best wishes on his special day.

Stephanie said...

Your birthday post is adorable :) Happy Birthday to your son, dear Diana! It's so good to drop in for a visit - I have missed you!


Brenda Pruitt said...

That was a HUGE head of hair! What kind of car is it? I couldn't tell.

This N That said...

You're so bad..What a tease you are..His son has his cheeks..Too cute..Happy Birthday..Hope you're not too disappointed that your Mom couldn't part with her car..I wouldn't either..I used to work for a Dr who had one of those..I drove it in the winter when he was in Fla.

Sweet Tea said...

Awww, love all the photos.
Does your handsome son have your sense of humor?

SImple and Serene Living said...

Happy birthday to your handsome son. I am so not seeing that car in his near future. xo Laura

Little Miss Maggie said...

Happy birthday to your son. He's a lucky guy to have you as his mom, but I'm not sure he'll ever get that prize if he only has 15 seconds.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your son is one lucky man to have a mom like you...and he's cute, too!! And his little guy! Happy Birthday!!


Marissa said...

Funny and beautiful post!
What a handsome brut!
Happy birthday and many more!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son! 15 seconds? Awww, come on, Mom! I'll bet that is a fun car to drive and I don't blame him for wanting it.

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

That's the sweetest post ever, Diana. I really did enjoy it. {I also enjoyed the picture of your daughters in their sponge rollers, because I totally remember my mom rolling my hair the same way!} Happy Birthday to your amazing son! XOXO

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful son and may all his wishes come true.
He sure had a head of hair. Did you have heart burn all the time? Old wives tale, if the baby has a lot of hair that's why you get heart burn LOL. Shaun was bald and I had heart burn all the time, go figure.

farmhouse-story said...

hope his day was as fun as your post...(and driving your car}, diana!

Celestina Marie said...

Beautiful post Diana, wishing your son a wonderful birthday and many blessings. Love your car and what a gift, Someday!!!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

Great post!!


Ricki Treleaven said...

LOL of *course* Sweet Cheeks is riding around with her uncle in a convertible!!! Happy Birthday to your son!!!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hilarious! What a cute tribute to your son on his birthday. You made me chuckle...