Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Center Of My Table and a Weight Loss Plan

Sometimes I go for 
and sometimes I go for 
Simple, Homey and a tad Rustic
when I decorate for Fall
and Thanksgiving.

Here is what sits in
the center of my 
dining room table right now.
I threw it together in a 
large rectangular basket with a wood bottom,
some over sized faux acrons,
some mini pumpkins,
some cinnamon sticks.
Then I added some leaves gathered here and there.
I have family heirloom sterling silver
candlesticks on either side.

There is a piece of bark cloth underneath
the basket that I have
had for about 15 years and STILL love.
The MIX sign is from a closed down,
abandoned stockyard 
and stolen by my girls when we went
home when my brother died.  
Shhhh- I would hate to see them arrested 
although it would probably serve them right.
It was  given  to me for Mother's Day.
It brings back bittersweet memories of times
 I spent with my Dad in the little office above
the stockyard floor with the owner of the place.

I have plaid napkins on the table that coordinates with the bark cloth.
You can just see the edge of one napkin the the 
center of the picture.

I think it would be fun to serve
this cake along with pumpkin
and pecan pie.

It is either the cake above or the one below.

Yes- That is a real cake.
(for those that want to know it is supposed to be
a skinned mole rat)-Imagine serving THAT!!!
The dilemma is 
Which one matches my centerpiece the best?

The weight loss plan I promised?
This is a FREE plan!
No need to use PayPal or your
credit card for this one.
Try to imagine a piece of that last cake
on a plate in front of you.
I guarantee that will curb your appetite.
You're welcome!
Catch you a bit later this morning!

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  1. That is a very scary cake, it looks like a skinned (whatever it is).

  2. Your centerpiece is lovely...

    I'm not even going to *touch* that groundhog cake!!!! LOL!

    Your quarterback...Aaron R....So sorry he got hurt last night!!!! -sigh- He is one of the best looking quarterbacks, with his "Bette Davis Eyes"........ We wish him well.


  3. omgosh, wonder what the story is behind that ugly guy? your centerpiece, though, couldn't be cuter--love the mix sign added:)

  4. I've been divorced from sugar since Friday so i'd eat it if you put it in front of me today!

  5. I wish I would of had that picture in the recesses of my mind when I was eating Oreo's around 3:00 AM this morning.
    That is one scary looking cake!
    Now, your centerpiece is really country and very cute!
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. Love the table setting, love the sign, love the story behind the sign the most.
    Love the 1st cake, the 2nd cake... not so much... & seriously?? What is that?? : )

  7. You are right about that cake!...LOL. Love the centerpiece!

  8. Diana, The pumpkin cake , yes, yes go with the pumpkin cake. I like the big basket loaded up with fall items. The little sign must mean a lot to you.:):) xoxo,Susie

  9. I have a feeling my boys would looove that second cake :-)

  10. I'm voting for the pumpkin cake to. Don't think I could bring myself to eat the other one.

  11. I wish I had that 2nd cake for our next church potluck, the kids would love it. Especially those teen aged boys.

  12. I love this post and had many witty things to say until I saw that last cake and quite honestly, I'm speechless. You've done what my family and friends have been trying to do for years. Words simply fail me now.

  13. I love rustic fall decorating - your table looks so pretty! And I'll take a slice of the pumpkin cake please! That other cake just totally creeps me out!

  14. Table looks fantastic but I'll PASS on the cake. ;) Have a cozy day!! xo

  15. The pumpkin is awesome. All my fall decorations are mainly on the front porch. I did bring in some pretty leaves and scattered those in different places with pinecones and stuff. My front porch is decorated for Fall but wont be long and it will have to change to Winter

    I laughed so hard my coffee came out my nose!

    (Lovely other things).

  17. Your centerpiece is so pretty Diana... and I love that you include family treasures with it... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. Love your "weight loss plan!" My scale just keeps creeping upward!:-(

    I love your centerpiece! It has special meaning to everyone.

    Have a good Tuesday!

    xo Nellie

  19. Your centerpiece is beautiful Diana. Your weight loss plan would certainly jump start a diet for me. LOL

  20. Your table looks so pretty....I really love the 'meaningful' touches!!!
    The cake? The grossest thing I've seen today. Of course, I've only been awake 25 minutes...so we'll see.

  21. OMG!!!! That last cake is horrid! Who would make that or dare eat that? Makes me think of the armadillo cake on Steel Magnolias. LOL!

  22. EEEEWWWWWW! That cake is horrid! But I did get a good laugh, so thanks! And, I do love the way your centerpiece looks!

  23. EEEEWWWWW! That cake is horrid! But I did get a good laugh, so thank you! And, I love your centerpiece!

  24. OMG that rat cake is scarrrrrrry. But a great way to lose weight. You made my day this early morning. I am laughing so hard - tooooo funnnny

  25. Hahaha! I knew that you would leave us guessing til the end about your weight loss plan, Diana! I think my thighs are getting thinner by the second:) Love your arrangement. and the barkcloth tablecloth. Hope the internet police didn't catch that part about the stolen (I mean "found") sign!

  26. The REAL guilt free dessert is your pretty centerpiece, Missy!

    "Rat Cake"...hmmmm...perhaps the perfect Thanksgiving feast for our feline friends!

  27. Oh my...that is the worst cake I have ever seen. I may no longer love cake...thanks :) I do love your centerpiece...and that "mix" sign. Very fun...

  28. LOL you crack me up!!!
    Pretty centerpiece Diana!

  29. We have moles here too. we chase them from neighbors yards to neighbors yards. The mole cake makes me want to get my shovel! Love the centerpiece and that your girls created a memory with the sign. We just returned home and I brought the flu home with me. yuck! Thanks for my morning laughter!! xxoo back to ya!

  30. Where do you find all these gross pictures???? I am just now getting the image of those hairy men out of my mind and now a nude rat cake????? You're the best...hugs, Penny

  31. Yap it worked Diana!
    Love, love your centerpiece!
    Hugs friend,

  32. Ha Ha girl you crack me up. You just have to laugh when you think someone actually is having that cake on their table!!! Tooo funny. Made me smile today. I love your center piece and the mix sign is great.

  33. You are too much, Diana! But seriously, I love the basket full of autumn's beauty.

  34. I like how you've mixed the rustic, and the silver in your centerpiece, Diana. Of course, leave it to you to include stolen property in your arrangement.
    The pumpkin cake is tempting.
    The skinned rat...not so much.
    When I scrolled down to the last image, I actually gasped!!! Where do you get this stuff??!!!

  35. hmmmm...a skinned mole rat...you got me on that one!

  36. So you just 'put a few things together' you don't realize how talented you are.

  37. The centrepiece is very pretty and so much more special with the 'stolen' sign and all the memories that go along with it. The skinned rat cake, however, is the most disgusting dessert I have ever seen! Who would dream of making it?

  38. I don't have to imagine a slice of that cake on my plate...for me it's enough to see the cake. wow, I didn't see that coming. lol

  39. A rat would be pretty bad but a "skinned" rat! Totally awful. I'll try imagining it and let you know how it goes.

    Beautiful centerpiece and fabulous barkcloth!

  40. Your centerpiece is nice, Diana. I love the silver pieces that were an heirloom. There's something about the smell of cinnamon sticks that really bring out the season of Autumn. I used to visit my sister, and every time I walked in her kitchen, I would smell the scent of cinnamon and orange spices. It made the whole kitchen so cozy.


  41. I like the centerpiece, it looks just right, the pumpkin cake, I'll have a bite...but the dead animal curbs my appetite :)

  42. I love that gorgeous centerpiece, with cake, perfect! Funny, I was twiking a little with a C'mas runner on my formal dining table, where I also placed my wooden bowl..Tksgiving looking, but go nicely together. I'll copy some things you got in your bowl, BUT NOT THE RAT!!!!! Oh Dianna, please, I'm gonna throw up any second!

  43. As always you had me until the end-hate the cake but the image will make me not want to eat anything; you crack me up.
    Love your fall centerpiece-so very cool.
    Hugs today.

  44. OMG, you are so right about the diet. I couldn't eat a bite with that horrible cake sitting on the table-Yuck!
    About the table arrangement; a thrown together casual arrangement is my favorite!
    I love it when people use their creative juices instead of just going to the local shop and buying something.

  45. You are a nut! Love your arrangement. Pretty! Your diet plan is questionable ... mostly ugly, it really doesn't with your decor :-)

  46. ewww...that cake looks real, but it won't stop me!!!Love it when things just come together when decorating!

    p.s. Nice wreath that you won!

  47. Ewww gross..I wonder what it looks like upside down ?? Still not appetizing ?? Definitely not appetizing..

  48. You are a hoot! That's some cake there! That's one way to get people not to eat cake! :-)

  49. Ewwwwwwww!!!! THAT is one nasty looking cake! My appetite surely disappeared. lol

    Your centerpiece is pretty though, Diana! :) Love that there are sweet memories in the mix. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  50. Oh Diana leave it to you to find the most perfect cake ever - LOL!
    If you use that cake for your centerpiece I'll come photograph it and blog about it - LOL!

  51. you are on sick human person. That's why I love you! mole cake indeed.

  52. Love your rustic table décor, the colors and the memories, but the mole cake, not so much. Just lost my appetite. LOL
    This will keep me from wanting cake anytime soon!!
    You are a hoot!!
    XO Celestina Marie

  53. You little stinker! I've missed you! Yep, I do believe thinking of that last cake could curb an appetite! :) Thank you for being such a sweet blog friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  54. I love the significance of that Mix sign of yours....I love visiting you...you always have me leaving with a little smile on my face...thanks for blessing so many of us. xoxo

  55. Haha, you are so funny! That last photo would put me off of food for a long time if someone sat it in front of me, I'm afraid!
    Your centrepiece is really pretty, a lovely "MIX".
    Hugs, cindy

  56. That cake is awful! Every time I want to steal a piece of my son's Halloween candy, I'm going to think of that horrible cake. :) I like how you added cinnamon sticks to the centerpiece. I bet it smells wonderful!

  57. You crazy girl!
    You had us all going.
    I love you table!

    Off to bed-
    I hope I don't see that cake in my dreams.


  58. Love your centerpiece and the pumpkin cake, but that last one will probably give me nightmares as it's already past my bedtime. Eek!!! You are too funny. :)

  59. Good Morning Diana, I have never seen such a thing.... that cake....I'm not sure what to say. I think I agree with Cheryl when she says it would give her nightmares....me to.
    You have such a wonderful sense of humour Diana.
    Have a lovely day today.
    Best Wishes

  60. oh my... thats a pretty ugly cake! but your table looks lovely!
    I suppose I should start planning our thanksgiving dinner. always a full house and always overfilled plates!
    have a great day

  61. At what type of function would one serve that particular cake? Love your table!

  62. Diana, your table looks lovely and I need to find some acorns like that. I do see that it holds an element of danger though. Hope the kids are not arrested during dessert. It would be a shame to miss out. Would you just imagine that 2nd cake, like you would imagine singing to people in their underwear, and immediately lose weight? Happy Wednesday..Judy

  63. Please oh please serve the frosted pumpkin cake..and NOT the mole! Ok?
    My choice, was I think, #5. I liked the colors in the one with the chandelier but could not really tell what the table itself was like...so chose the ruffled burlap.
    I had to laugh at your girls stealing your stuff. Join the club!! Shall we call the "Tabletop police?" :)

  64. Very pretty tablesetting! Thanks for sharing where the items came from (even the stolen one...it probably would have gotten thrown away but now it has a starring role). The last photo reminds me o the groom's cake in "Steel Magnolias"...it was an armadillo.

  65. That second cake would certainly curb my appetite - yuck!


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