Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Winners- Pick Your Favorite

Well,  you know-
No matter WHAT table setting you picked yesterday

I tallied all the votes that came in before
this morning.
I was not too surprised at the results.
The winner was #4
I loved that one, too.

There were three that ran neck to neck.
I have a lot of fun with this.
I knew that THE ONE BELOW
would get at least ONE VOTE
I put this on there with her in mind.
Anyone know who voted for this one?

picked that one.  I KNEW she would!
She is my MacKenzie Childs lover 
of checks and colors..

Well, ladies (and at least one gent, RON),
I had a sweet, sick little baby boy here Sunday
and all day yesterday so I am a tad behind.

Bear with me as I try to get around to visit.
After yesterday,
I am changing the name of my home from
House On The Bay
Nana's Pukearama.

Shall I reserve you a room?
your photo name


  1. I like the Rustic Plank too. I missed the "contest" as I had the stomach flu. I didn't know you had a room for me?

  2. Why am I always late to these?????????? My favorite was whisper white, of course….but they are all pretty. The winner was my least favorite….oh, well….ya can't win 'em all!!!


  3. Yay I picked the winner! My second favorite was the green one so I'm glad that was another favorite.

    Hope all the puking is done for awhile.

  4. Diana, Nothing breaks our hearts like a sick child. Poor little things. Hope you can take care and not catch anything. xoxo,Susie

  5. I just knew that BJ chose the checks. LOL I think I will wait to visit you until everyone is well. :-)

  6. I just knew that BJ chose the checks. LOL I think I will wait to visit you until everyone is well. :-)

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! It feels great to be the lone Southern gent.
    Now, stop by my blog and cast your vote.
    I hope he feels better:)

  8. I think I'll pass on that one, Diana! Hope you have a stomach of steel! And hope the poor little guy is feeling better. So many pretty tables to chose from, I do like the winner but still #3 is my fav:)

  9. Darn, I missed the contest, but I can tell you I would have voted for the plank table. Sorry your little grandbaby was sick -- hoping everyone is well and you have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. I do hope whichever baby is not feeling well, gets well soon. Poor thing. I know he is getting lots of loving, though.
    And I'm babysitting today, too. Brandy is the manager of the Santa set at the mall, so I'll have Brilyn and Asher. Andrew is off Monday's so he had them yesterday, but I ended up with Caelie since school was out. We had a snow day. It was fun, but my house is not going to be as clean as I would like for Thanksgiving.

  11. Oh no!! We had a "puker" here last weekend too. Thankfully, it didn't last long...or "travel" through the rest of us...yet ;)

  12. H was my little puker yesterday...hope the rest of us don't get it! Hugs, Penny

  13. Good Morning,
    These were all great choices but I have to admit before I picked the white vignette I did like the plank very much too!!!! Just could not get past those cute little baby boo's on the plates on the white vignette!
    Hope the little guy is doing better and everyone is healthy for Turkey Day. Enjoy.

  14. EEeeewwwww! Hahahahaha! Aawwww. Poor little thing.
    Love the table winner and hope all are feeling better at your house. Thanks for the laugh.

  15. I love the rustic Plank too. Just beautiful. I hope that you guys have a blessed Thanksgiving my friend.

  16. Diana, I actually loved them all and it was hard to chose just one! I love it when you have these contests! So sorry about the poor little guy, the flu is around here too, hope all is better soon and you have a great Holiday!

  17. Hi Diana, you can save me a room only if you want a grown man in it! I have had the same going on around here with the Captain. Better now, though. I missed the voting but I would have voted for the one that won since I have pinned that one already..Have a great Thanksgiving with the family..Judy

  18. Oh no! So sorry you've got a sick one at home. Hope it doesn't last long!

  19. I sure hope you don't get the stomach flu-what a nana you are(I would have had my grand stay home if they were that sick). Hope you get caught up; from my heart to yours Sweet Diana, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  20. I'm going to pass on that room for now!
    Ask me again next summer-I'm sure I'll have a different answer.
    Have a great Thanksgiving, Dianna

  21. No thanks. But you are a wonderful grandmama to take good care of your darling!

    Of course, BJ would vote for that one!

  22. Oh, my! Our sweet Little Munchkin had a go-around with that stomach problem! I hope that little guy is on the mend. xo Nellie

  23. Ewww, I hope he is better now! I'll pass on the room right now too! Happy Thanksgiving to one amazing Nana and her precious family!

  24. Hope he's better..I'll wait until you change the name back to take you up on that room..

  25. I sure hope he feels better now, too! I missed the fun so maybe I'll go with BJs pick! heehee!

  26. Hoping your family feels better! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!

  27. Well I am reading the wrong way but I did like the photo that won.

    And no thanks coming to your room.



  28. Oh, I hope he feels better by now!

    Again, I'm late for the voting but after viewing these I would have voted for the winner. I'm going to pin it.

  29. That was fun! I liked the wood plank on that one but not all of the stuff piled on top of it. Maybe take the one I voted for and add the plank to it LOL! Poor little sick one. Hope he's better now and didn't spread any germs! Oh, and I think I'll pass on your generous invitation for a room for now LOL! Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Leena

  30. hope he's better soon! happy thanksgiving, diana!

  31. That rotten DigDiggs -- that's MY table! They never credit their source. My bad though for not watermarking my photo :) Sorry I have been away from the computer for a few days, I hope that your baby is doing lots better. Sending lave and prayers to him ....
    xoxoxo Andrea


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