Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Ingredient Artichoke Dip

I am lucky to have grandkids
that will eat almost anything.

What sounds like a fun treat?
Artichoke Dip!
Artichoke Dip!
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All you need is:
 1 can of water packed artichokes.
1 cup of grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup of mayo.
 Chop the artichokes.
Stir in the parmesan and mayo.
Heat for 5 minutes in the microwave on high.
or put into a mini crock pot
and heat through.

I served this with crackers this time
but I usually serve it with french bread pieces.
So, how did the kids fare that will
"eat almost anything"?
You will notice we are eating in our
Princess clothes.
Thing One
It makes you want to CHOKE when 
you eat it!
Thing Two
The "bride" didn't like it much either.
Welcome to the real world, Nana. 
What's this?
Even Rosetta looks a little stunned!

Never fear-
Nothing wasted here.
MyHero polished it off.
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  1. Well I most certainly do love artichoke dip!

  2. SweetCheeks' face says it all! I on the other hand love artichoke dip.

  3. Such cute pictures! I've had this dip and it was very tasty but I can see how kids would be hesitant!

  4. Sounds great, Diana! I love artichokes! I'm saving this recipe. It will definitely come in handy for my own parties and when I have to bring something to someone's house. I buy those same canned artichokes to use in my lunch salad. : )

  5. Now that our big Halloween party is done, I'm having my parents, sister and nephews over this afternoon to see the Halloween decorations. I think I need to run to the store for these ingredients. YUM!

  6. Our Costco has one they sell. Delicious. Smear a layer on top of a quiche, yum!

  7. Good Morning Diana, I have enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Your Apple Chunk cake sounds yummy with a cup of hot coffee. Your dip, well I don't know, but I love the girl's faces. Of course, I know nana is enjoying herself with them. I bet you don't have a dull moment. I will get back to normal when I get my actual reading glasses and not my cheapies. The eyes are healing. Football is the main topic here in our area with the KC Chiefs being 7-0 going into todays game. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  8. Diana, SC and her sister make very good food critics. LOL. Thank goodness for the Hero food disposal.:) I eat in my princess clothes all the time, don't you? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. My friend makes this and it's soo good!! Of course, I can understand why the girls would rather dig into that apple cake! ;)

  10. i'd be gobbling the artichoke dip up, I love it. I see I missed the announcement that a new baby girl is on her way! Congrats, Laura

  11. Ha! I was one of those rare kids growing up that would eat any veggie you put in front of me. And, if in dip for the better! Thanks for sharing the recipe. My youngest actually likes it, so this would be a quick hot snack for her to make while at the university.

  12. LOL!! I have never tasted artichoke before but with parmesan and mayo how could you go wrong? I think I would like it.

  13. cute pics! sounds good to me! I would have eaten it for sure!
    happy Sunday

  14. I have never had this before, but if sweet cheeks likes it well it must be good! Sorry the bride didn't,

  15. Your kids eat better than my kids!

  16. I find what the grandchildren will eat at home, they won't eat here as Mom Mom and Gramps always have goodies to eat that their parents don't. My daughter and her husband are funny, because although they don't have certain goodies in their home...they too like come here and eat. Love the "girls" expressions.

  17. Oh the look on their sweet little faces --- I'm sure you bend over backwards to have fun with them - I know I would. They are so wonderful, wish I could met them in person, feel like I know them already.
    So glad you hero liked them dip - I love that dip and could eat all of it. I know the grand kids love coming to Nana Diana and Papas house. Have a great day

  18. Well, I will come over for artichoke dip and I will wear a costume too. Last night I was Colonel Sanders to my husband's chicken costume. But, the theme was a burrito bar so no artichoke dip could be found.

  19. LOL, now, that's funny (and, they're precious)! I love artichoke dip ... this is a must try!

  20. So simple, 3 ingredients. Hum, could I leave out the artichokes?

  21. The perfect recipe for a smile!
    Your cuties...chokin' down the chokes...and your jokes!

  22. Now that is something my grandkids would do.

  23. Oh, I'm actually very hungry at the moment, so I think I'm getting off the computer to go eat! This topped it off for me! Thank you so much for coming to visit me; my mom died 27 years ago, but it's always nice to bring someone close to you through poetry. Enjoy your week! Anita

  24. Yum! One of my favorite dips!

  25. Diana, that dip looked yummy! Those pictures of the grandkids are so cute!! Memories!

  26. Hi Diana, the faces are precious. The dip sounds really good and thank you for sharing the recipe while makin memories.
    Have a great week.

  27. Any 3 ingredient dish is a winner in my book! We love hot son would eat the whole thing. lol. I bet your recipe would be good with spinach too. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Can't believe it's over already!

  28. I'll have their share! :) Love the photos!


  29. One of my favorite dips Diana!
    These pics are priceless!!

  30. That's one of our most fav dips, Diana! Put some crab meat with it and it's even better!! :) Thanks for the reminder that I need to make this again! :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. Diana,
    Yum!!!! I have made that recipe and it is so good. The girls are too cute.

  32. I have this recipe and use it all the time for guests! It's always a terrific hit!! Mmm Mmmm, so good!!
    Mary Alice

  33. Well, you gave it a shot. Princesses, I hear, are very difficult to please.

  34. I am going to make this for myself for sure. Kids will not even come close to artichokes...neither does my hero. lol. more for me. I got about 6 jars of artichokes ready to go.

  35. sounds good to me and if no one else likes it then that is just fine!! She is soooo darn dramatic, I can see it in her eyes.

  36. Super cute...and ART AH CHOKE .. perfect and I will have to borrow that one.. HUGs and have a blessed SPOOKY halloween ...

  37. That's my go-to recepie! The very best, everybody loves it. Except for maybe, SweetCheeks?

  38. Had to laugh, but I bet it was good. Kids, what do they know?

  39. I love artichokes! That's something I can put together ;)
    I'm used to that kind of faces, with my hard to please boy :)

  40. This gave me a good laugh! Love the faces on the girls, and the last one with the dog made me laugh out loud. I would love that dip, by the way.

  41. I love to "Choke" errr artichoke, that it . I pinned this, sounds good and easy to make.
    Just trying to catch up a bit.


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