Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Disappointing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project

Well, lest you think my life is 
one big bowl of sweet cherries....
Ummm....This was a FAIL.
This old table was a junk pick 
and started out like this.
Yes- That's right.
I am working on the kitchen table.
Here is what that bottom piece looked like.
The top had lifted, too.  
I nailed it down and spackled the cracks
and the damaged bottom..
Can't get your putty knife in the small container?
No problem- Use the butter knife from your good everyday set.
I was afraid the old finish would bleed through
so I gave it a quick  dose of sprayed on primer.
Just enough to seal it.
See how smooth the bottom is all sanded down?
Two coats of Annie Sloan Old White covers it.
Not being content with the all white,
just call me an idiot
I decided to add some AS Provence.
This Provence 
I bought from an online dealer is
Not at all like chalk paint 
I have purchased in the past.
I mean-THIN-like it was watered down.
It went on like gel.
Did I like it now?
Not really~but like the pig giving up its bacon
 I am committed now.
Once it was painted I dressed it up with one 
of the Graphic Fairy's offerings.
Yes-It's true- I just use a plain old Sharpie.
Which means I have to go back and touch up 
a bit here and there.
All done and sitting outside so I can wax it.
Nope still not liking it.
It is holding an old slate that I painted
of my three youngest kids when they were little.
The ghost is Mimi,
Mama's Boy is in the middle.
Scary TPot brings up the rear.
There she is.
I am going to pass her along to someone.
I hate when I put all that work into something
and then don't like it.
Does that ever happen to you?

I guess I will just go join my husband in his office.
I put a new sign on his door for him.
I should feel right at home in there.

ps.  I MIGHT have painted some PUMPKINS
with Annie Sloan paint and 
You'll see..........
your photo name


  1. Diana, You did a lot of work to that table. It may not be what you expected, but it sure looks better than it did before. I love you little slate painting...adorable. xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Diana,
    I agree with Susie that you put a lot of work into that little table. Sometimes, that's the very reason why we end up not liking it...we still see all that mess underneath! LOL! Happens to me all the time.
    But, I actually like it. You did a good job. Who knows, it might grow on you.


  3. I know how you's happened to me many, many times! With that said, I still like the table, looks much better than before!

  4. I love how you stuck to this project, even though you ended up not liking it each step of the way. Sometimes projects are just like that. (did you get counterfeit paint from that online dealer?)

  5. I think it looks good, but you have to be happy. Not all projects come together the way we want them to - bummer!


  6. I too think it looks great but I understand if it isnt what you hoped..

    love the slate you painted.. you're very talented

  7. I have had one epic failure with chalk paint too. Honestly yours looks fine. maybe bigger letters or a border around it would make you like it more?

  8. I believe you have earned a "A" for effort and an "A++" for that adorable painting of your children! You are very talented with a brush, Sweet D!

  9. I like it, but I know what you mean, if you don't like something, no end of compliments will make you change your mind.
    Your slate painting is lovely.

  10. Diana I think it looks great, I love the two colors! What a sweet Halloween painting!

  11. what don't you like diana, it looks fine to me, its an interesting shape, lovely size and I think you chose the perfect color and design.The painting you did is beautiful what a wonderful memory keeper, why did you stop doing art?You are so talented!

  12. I like it. I know what it is like to work on a project and just not like it when finished. Happens all the time to me!

  13. It didn't turn out as you pictured it in your lovely head, but it is still nice. A crafter or artist sees that finished item, before they make the first move, then when it doesn't look that way, finished, we are disappointed, even though the item turns out lovely.

  14. I think it turned out adorable...
    Have a good day Diana!

  15. I think you did a great job with the table, Diana! I think sometimes the colors {as opposed to neutrals} throw us off. Sometimes I do colors I wouldn't normally do for myself because I know it is going to my booth. I love the slate you did of your kids trick or treating. It is a perfect captured memory and makes for a great Halloween decoration.

  16. I think it's adorable , but if you aren't happy then repaint it. What makes you unhappy? I did a small trunk that I filled in the graphic with Sharpie. I hated it because it was too stark with the soft painted effects. I put an Old White wash over it and then sanded lightly. Added a bit of dark wax, too. I like it much better now.
    Love your little Halloween goblins!

  17. I think that it looks good, but do understand how you feel when you put so much work into something and it doesn't turn out as expected. Love the slate!!! That is awesome! Can't wait to see the pumpkins!

  18. What a lot of work you put into that table! It is a disappointment to be displeased with the final result. That's the way it was with me when I was sewing. Sometimes the finished product just didn't fit as it should have.

    Pumpkins may be just the ticket! Didn't one of them turn into a golden coach at one point? xo Nellie

  19. I like it. It looks cute to me. But, I do put work into things that don't turn out like I expect them to. :-( It's discouraging. I have a couple of those projects in my garage right now, but I'm too ashamed to post pictures. LOL

  20. You went to a lot of effort for that old table. I personally like the results so send it on down to Illinois. :-)

  21. Diana, I think the table looks great but I know what you mean about something not coming out like you expected. I painted a coffee table in my living room white and it looked like a grant white whale! I might pst about it next week, I had to repaint it. Have a great week, Laura

  22. Hey girl friend, whatcha mean you don't like the results! I love it and you did a great job! Yeah, but I know how it is when one don't like what we do ourselves. Come on over and see Victoria's First Communion part ONE. Big hugs,

  23. I think it's really attractive, Diana. But I've been there, a lot, when you put sweat and creative juices into something and it's not at all what your mind's eye had envisioned. It's hard to get comfortable with a project like that for me. One thing about it, if you do pass it along, some lucky person will be very happy with their new acquisition.

  24. Good Morning Diana, You know we are our own worse critics of the work we do whether painting or not. I love your table even if you don't, someone will love it. Thank you for stopping by. Sweetcheeks wreath is adorable. Enjoy your day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  25. Give it a few may come to like it as much as I do!

  26. Your always your own worst critic!
    It look good, Diana. Since you don't like it though, it will make a great gift for someone.
    Where did you get that sign?
    I need it!!

  27. Oh, forgot to tell you how cute your slate is!!

  28. Love, love the slate! But I know what you mean about a project not panning out like you thought it would--it happens all the time.

  29. Diana,
    I like it but if it is not you then I can understand you not liking it. It just needs the right home.

  30. Diana, I think the table looks great. I understand though if it isn't what you expected it to turn out like. HUGS!!

  31. I think it looks wonderful. The joy is in the doing, right?



  32. turned out darling to me, but I know the feeling of not turning out just like you had hoped after you spent lots of time into it.

  33. I like it. Was is it that you don't like. Try dark wax on it. The dark changes things a lot. Love that picture, you have hidden talent......have you painted other things....paintings I mean.

  34. I didn't know you were so crafty! You're really quite a good artist if you painted that slate. I'm impressed. I think the table turned out cute. It's a shame you don't like it after all of that work. That has happened to me before too.

  35. What a transformation you made with the table! Poor little table with no home.... lol

  36. I think it looks great! But I know how it is to have a picture in your head and not have it turn out the same way in real life. I love that painting you did of your kids on Halloween!

  37. It looks great but sometimes the more you work on something...the less you like it. And you painted the slate? I had no idea you were such a wonderful artist! You should share more of your art! WOW! Hugs!

  38. Diana, What a lot of work you put into transforming this little table; even though you might not like the finished product, be proud of your work. Maybe sweet cheeks would like it. Have a great afternoon and evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  39. I love your honesty. I should show you the trash bin in my craft room. It's filled with all sorts of failed attempts. Your little table really is very sweet and that hand-painted Halloween slate makes it simply perfect. You are very talented. Would love to see more!

  40. Oh Diana, I'm sorry that you went to all that work! Sometimes that happens to me too. I think your table is pretty and hopefully who ends up with it will appreciate all your hard work. Your hand painted slate is beautiful! Enjoy your evening. Hugs, Gail

  41. I do like your little table, I think it is cute and believe me I have put so much work in some things, then thought, I could have bought something like yours though...Phyllis

  42. Diana, I love the table and I think it looks terrific. If you don't like it just send it to me lol. Maybe you had in your mind something different, but really it does look great.

  43. Diana, why don't you like it? I think you did a great job. And your painting on the slate is so sweet.

    Are you a perfectionist or something?

  44. Do you ship to Grand Rapids!! LOL...
    I think it's better than you think, but if you don't like it then the next best thing to do is share it!!

  45. I love your table Diana. I would suggest you try some AS Dark Wax. I bet that would give it the look you want.

  46. Hi Diana, You gave the table new life and it looks so much better after your touches. It really turned out nice. Love the darling little Halloween painting and the sign for your hubbies office.
    Have a great weekend.
    p.s. I just found out I won runner up in the fabric contest. Thank you for voting!

  47. Take the paint back to your dealer, if you pay almost $50 like we do here, I would take it back lickety split. Used or not.

    I've read comments where this happens, and the dealer is usually very helpful. ASCP has an amazing rep for this very reason.

    Still, I kind of like your table.


  48. Love that darling little slate you did on your cute little painted table. I'm funny because if I start something and get l/2 way thru and don't like it, I just toss it out. I'd rather start all over again rather than finish something I don't like. But, I think your table turned out cute.


  49. Hi dear lady! That is a very pretty table, I love the lines and the graphic. You know what I think of the AS hype.
    Now, the slate, that's another story. Love it, you are so talented. I could NEVER have done that. That is the project success.
    Bunches and hugs, Ginger

  50. I love the shape of that table. You cannot find style like that anymore.

  51. I have had the same thing happen to one of my projects. I know you may not like it, but I think you did a fabulous job! The graphic is lovely! I adore the Halloween slate you painted! You are quite an artist!

  52. Okay, so that Halloween picture you painted of the kids is ADORABLE!!!!

  53. I think it's pretty Diana, maybe it's just not your style? I love it. The Halloween picture is so cute, you're a really talented artist.

  54. Table looks great, but I know what you mean about putting so much work into something and not liking the final result - been there, done that!! Love your hubby's new sign :-)

  55. Not seeing why you don't like it???? I think it looks great and the picture is awesome!

  56. If first you don't succeed :)
    If you charged for your time you'd probably have to sell that baby for $3000.

  57. That slate is adorable! Love that you painted it of your kids! And the table isn't bad really! Did you stir the paint really really well? Every now and then a pot needs a LOT of stirring!

  58. Awwwww! I'm so sorry that it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. I think it looks fine but I have no idea what your vision was. Do you think that there was something wrong with the paint since it was so thin? I wonder if you should contact the vendor? I haven't used any of the chalk paints yet (can you believe it?), so I really don't know how it all works. The table's style is beautiful and so unique. If you don't like it, walk away for a while and if you still don't like it, redo! Hugs, Leena

  59. The table turned out darling! You did a great job!

  60. I think it turned out pretty darn good, honestly. Not sure you needed the primer and that may be the difference in the paint going on? Not sure. But I love that you used a sharpie too! Looks cute, can't wait to see your pumpkins.

  61. OK, now I know you are CRAZY! I love it!!! What was with the AS paint??? Why was it so thin.....Refund please!


  62. Oh, I'm sorry your table didn't turn out the way you wanted it to, Diana. Yes, I've done this before too. All that work, and it just didn't look right. I painted a room blue one time, and let's just say, I'm no painter haha.


  63. After all that work, to not like the finished project is such a bummer. I have had that happen a few times. Some things get tossed, given away or put in the attic.

    I hope you are happy with your next project.

  64. Actully, it happens to me with almost every single thing I do. One of the few projects I liked was when I painted the patio furniture and had the chair pads covered by a friend.
    I still like it.
    The one problem is that it can chip rather easily so I should have primered it first like you did your table.
    I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I work hard on something just to feel like throwing it out..or not using it at all.

  65. I really like it! I'm proud of you... I think there is a disconnect in some artist minds between what they envision and what they vision! Lol... In other words, maybe you are too hard on your sweet self!

  66. The little painting is adorable.

    I like the shape of the table. Can you paint over what you did? Maybe all white? Mabye it will grow on you :)

  67. I looove that sign for the door! I love the pale turqoise colour you put on that table too. I do know what you mean about not being satisfied with something though. Deeply annoying after all the work. Pam xx

  68. diana, look at the b4 pic, --i love the table, esp. the blue top:) and your painting of your little hob goblins is such a cute family keepsake!

  69. Maybe it's one of those things that needs to grow on you? I almost always regret painting something at first. I cannot wait to see your chalk paint pumpkins!!!

  70. I like it, Diana! Sometimes when you're used to seeing something one way, and then you change it, it takes some getting used to. Maybe play around with where you put the table, or what you put on it? I need one of those Insane Asylum signs! That cracked me up!

  71. I feel for you, Diana. You put in so much work and then you don't even like it! It looks a lot better to me than when you started the project--maybe you are just being too hard on yourself.

    Love the insane asylum sign on hubby's room. :)

  72. Why don't you like it? So what did you want it to look like? I like it myself.

  73. I like the table. Sometimes we blow ourselves away with how great something turned out and other times, not so much. Hopefully, you like the pumpkins.

  74. I thought it turned out nicely...but I'm not sure what look you were going for- how did you want it to look? It's only paint can try it again... (probably not what you want to hear lol) xo

  75. I really like it....I'll gladly take it off your hands. :)
    That painting of your kiddos is the best thing wonderful!


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