Monday, December 24, 2012

Wrap Last Minute Christmas Socks Or Mittens

I posted this before

but I love it-so here it is again!

You know how there

are mundane things like
to wrap sometimes?
And sometimes
you just don't want to
stick them in box
with a bow on it.
Look! Here's a peek!
Well, peeps,
Here we go~
First you must get a sock..
well, make it a pair because
one sock won't work for
MOST people.
How about something like
Cute, huh?
Then you must find some of
those short peppermint sticks.
Next you must let the
peppermint stick
the SOCK!
Before you can say
that peppermint stick
has jumped into the sock
and worked its way down
into the toe.
Can you see it there?
I've pinched it to make it stay
and now I am gonna roll
that little sucker up
into what I like to call
Well, GREAT, we gotta
and what the heck do 
we do with that?
There's another kinda roll
lying around my house
cuz I've been saving them.
Used toilet paper rolls.
No..No..Not used toilet paper..
Used up empty rolls.
They look like this when they are naked.
Don't worry about that little bit of
white tissue left-you won't see it soon.
Find some foil based wrapping paper.
Foil works best because you can
bend the edges down and you
don't have to glue/tape it
lest you want to.
Wrap that foil paper around
that roll leaving about 1/3"
extending over each end.
Simply bend the paper down
so that it overlaps the edge of the roll.
You will not see this when it is
done but you can glue/tape if if you like.
Sneak up on those socks and
stuff them in the roll.
A roll in a roll.
I'm just keeping myself rolling here!;>)
Remember you won't see this at the end.
Then, take some sweet tissue paper
and cut an 18" x 18" piece~
or thereabouts.
Starting at one end,
roll that baby up and then
twist the ends so that it
looks like a big old fat
piece of taffy.
Laffy Taffy!
Now is that cute, or what?
I only need to tie a bit of ribbon
around the twist and I'm done.

And, when it's unwrapped
they will see the shiny foil roll
and NOT this..
Cuz the only place we
REALLY want to see THAT
is you know where!

Fresh outta toilet paper
Hurry!  You still have time
to pick up some of this!
Then you, too, can have
a very 
Merry Christmess Eve.

God bless you-
I hope I made you
smile but I also want
you to know that I 
hold this 
Holy Night sacred.
Christmas Blessings and Love
to each and every
one of you.
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SImple and Serene Living said...

That is the cutest sock, toilet paper roll, tissue paper gift I have ever seen. Thanks for the smile. Merry Christmas, my friend.


Anonymous said...

you always make me smile, all silliness aside, I want to thank you for being such a good pal this year, I treasure our friendship.

On Crooked Creek said...

Creative, clever and funny!!!
Merry, Merry Christmas, dear friend!!!

TiranaAduka said...

hi NamaDiana
Mery x'mas from
Blogger from malaysia.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Enjoy every moment of this special time of the year. Christmas hugs, you clever girl!

Laura said...

You are the smartest person in blogland I am so blessed to call you Friend-toilet paper rolls and all!

Merry Christmas,
White Spray Paint

Beth said...

Wonderful ideas! I just wrapped socks a few days ago and I really could have used this hint then.

Merry Christmas to a lovely lady and her family!!

Ron said...

Cute idea & always funny! Merry Christmas Eve!

Cranberry Morning said...

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Diana!

Cute idea, btw! :-)

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Such a great idea and it was a good reminder of how fun wrapping can be when you humorous!
Merry Christmas!!!

Susie said...

Thank you Diana. You are the clever one for making socks nice to get. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas blessed with lots of love. xoxo,Susie

Julie Marie said...

Oh sweetie... only YOU could do a post like this!... darling sock rolls!... and the socks were cute too!... wishing you and all of your family a very Merry Christmas!... I am so happy we met this year on our blogs... you are just the sweetest, kindest lady I know!... Christmas blessings to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Keeping It Cozy said...

How fun! Merry Christmas, Diana!

Tete said...

I love this old post! You are nuts for sure. SO, HOW mad was MyHero about yesterday's post??? Curious minds, you know.

Karen said...

A Merry, Blessed Christmas to you and yours, Diana - LOVE THE SOCK IDEA!!

Anne said...

So cute!!!
Merry Christmas!

DearHelenHartman said...

What a cute post and a cute plan. I think my family might think I'd gone over the edge if they caught me sneaking up on socks and stuffing them in toilet tubes! Merry Christmas!

Shirley said...

Merry Christmas Diana to you and your family. Thank you for my chuckle this morning. I know you will have a wonderful time with your family. Hey the sun has finally came out, but still cold. I am set I have new snow boots so I don't have to worry about wet feet. My old ones leaked. I am having a driver today so my car is going to stay parked. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Lucille said...

How original! I've never seen anything like it. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, dear Diana!

Unknown said...

Oh Diana you crack me up-I know, I'm already cracked but now it's more-LOL
How did your hero take his nappy-time pics??
Merry Christmas-
Love, Ellie, Jada & Scully

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Diana, Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Hugs, Penny

Habanero Angelica said...

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Japolina said...

HA! With the exlax. Great idea for the socks!
Merry Christmas to all of you!

NanaNor's said...

Diana, From my heart and home to yours, Christmas Blessings.

Cristina Garay said...

That's my type of wrapping, using whatever I have in hand and making it look really special! Have a very Merry Christmas Diana!

Maria Elena said...

Diana, just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Big hug!

Terra said...

You are very creative and I like your sock roll.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Debbie said...

You are a toilet paper roll genius!!!
I wish I would have saved all of my empty rolls!!!
My granddaughter saves them for her gerbils. I'm not sure what they do with them....I really don't want to know.
Have a wonderful Christmas Diana!
Much love being sent to you this Holy Night.

Donna said...

I remember your sock wrapping idea, Diana. What a pretty package it makes! Sending you and your family Christmas blessings and hugs, too! You are the best!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Diana!
I am chuckling at the tail end of your post...Pardon the pun!
I love your cute idea for a last minute giftie. I'll have to start saving the rolls this next year. Hmmm...I wonder in a year just how many I can save??? tee hee!
Have a blessed and happy Christmas, my sweet friend!
Carolynn xxx

ShabbyESP said...

Merry Christmas Diana!!!
Hope you and your family enjoy the Holiday!!!
Thanks for being my "BBB"

Suzann ~xoxo~

Janet said...

That's such a great idea and I remember you sharing it before. Thanks for reminding me! Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

What a fun post! Merry Christmas. Have a great day!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Christmas blessings and love to you too.
Great idea about the sock roll. I'm giving someone three pairs of socks so maybe I will try it with a paper towel roll. You are always so clever!
I hope you and your family have a Joyous and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

So cute, Diana! Thank you for sharing!Merry Christmas, sweet friend!

Julie Marie said...

I LOVE your Christmas poem!... except you are NOT an old hen... Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family too sweet lady!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Crazy woman, we love your sense of humor! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

momto8 said...

Merry Christmas!
love love the sock idea!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Diana, you always make me smile.

I wish for you a very Merry and Loving Christmas with your family.


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

You are one in a million girlfriend!!!!!

Little Miss Maggie said...

You always bring a smile to my face, Diana, and a chuckle in my heart. Thanks for this lovely tutorial. I will save it for next year. God bless you and your family and I hope your Christmas is merry and bright.

Nellie said...

What a neat wrapping idea! I think I just stuffed the socks into the stockings!:-) xo Nellie

Maria Glazacheva said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Bonne fete!!!

xxx Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

When a toilet is flushed the spray ( which is full of germs) goes for great distances..use shortened paper towel rolls instead.

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

There's always a zinger in the it!!!

My Dream Canvas said...

You did make me smile :) I hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones. Thank you for being my virtaul friend :) Happy holidays and a Happy New Year. hugs Anu

Annesphamily said...

I love getting socks too so this is great! I love that peppermint roll too! Yum!

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Very clever! I love finding new ways to wrap mundane items like socks and things whose identity are obvious after wrapping! I think I'll skip on the Exlax though - thanks anyway LOL!! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Leena