Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas In The Sitting Room Part Two

Bear with me for not
visiting as much in the
last day or
has been crazy around here...
or maybe it is just me
that is crazy?
Don't answer that!
Yesterday I showed you the 
sitting room mantle.
This used to be a dinette
when we bought the house.
It is located just inside the
front hall/foyer 
to the left.

There was a door to a 
side stoop which we replaced
with a big bay window.
This looks out onto the side yard
filled with heavy pines and
glimpses of the bay.
Here it is dressed for Christmas.
The leaded glass window is
propped there year round.
It is a "save" from a house
that we rehabbed that had
partially burned.

I noticed after I took this 
picture that the sweet little
vintage looking wreath makes
a large halo around the
angel's head.
Is that cool, or what?
The antique feather tree was
tossed out by my father-in-law
when he cleaned out 
Grandmother Clara's house.
It is marked Germany on the bottom.
My friend, an antique dealer,
told me it is turkey feathers.

I, of course, brought the tree
home to love on.
The ornaments are almost
all original to the tree.
There are at least 15 
of these formed plastic angels.
This little girl bell is marked
Germany, also.
Another German made bell.
I have two of these from
my childhood tree.
Mercury baubles-they look
silver in person but the 
light here makes them gold.
There is beaded garland that
is mercury glass, too.
It was in the box with the 
I love these candles that sit
on the glass topped coffee table.
They keep company with one of 
The  Sugared Santas
that I kept when I divided
the rest of my collection
between the kids.
So...there you have it...
A little peek into my 
sitting room.
I forgot to take a close up of
the doll.  It was made many years
ago by my friend, Ruthie, a 
very talented doll maker.
I love her beautiful face.

That's it, folks....
except for this guy...
Oh- sure! 
He looks innocent enough
but let me tell you-
I can't get away with anything-
he is a blabbermouth.
I hope I don't get coal
in my stocking this year!

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  1. You had me at
    "sitting room!"
    What a lovely
    concept and what
    a beautiful room.

    Your heartfelt
    treasures are so
    pretty and I can
    tell how much you
    love bringing them
    out, each year.....

    Thanks for the peek!

    xo Suzanne

  2. Such a lovely spot, Diana! I could imagine having my coffee on a dark winter morning with that pretty little tree lit. It sounds like such a treasure I can't believe it almost went into the trash! Glad you saved it.

  3. A beautiful and cozy place with a view. I love all your treasures on the Christmas tree.

  4. Hi Diana, What a kozy place to sit and think about all the wonderful memories your tree and ornaments made for your family. Just enjoying a hot cup of your favorite and looking at the decorations would be enjoyable. Your room is beautiful and I love your stain glass window. Have a wonderful weekend. I am off with my daughter and family. It will be fun because my sil will run interference for me getting through the aisles. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  5. Your sitting room is so lovely! And I love all your charming vintage treasures, especially the Sugared Santa. And I just love saying Sugared Santa!

  6. Oooh Diana... I just love all of your vintage Christmas!... especially your treasured feather tree!... you know the monetary value is not what matters to me with these precious old things... but the real feather trees are worth a mint... and with "Germany" still on the bottom,, even more so. Most times, people sanded off the word due to feelings towards Germany that went along with the Wars... hang onto that forever!... love your special little elf... those little kneehuggers really can be naughty at times!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. oh my gosh, so beautiful, I'm speachless!

  8. Oh Diana! I love it ALL! I truly love that Sugared Santa!
    And one of my favorite Christmas cards shows a snowman getting coals in the his stocking, he pulls them out and puts them up to his face and says "I can see, I can see"! I LOVE cartoons that are funny and positive! He made something good out of something considered BAD! Don't you love it? I knew you would! xx

  9. I love that feather tree. I'm glad you saved it from the garbage truck. Have you seen all the weird things people do with their Elf On The Shelf guys? I saw one where he's fishing in the toilet (for cheerios) and one where he's making a snow angel in flour.

  10. Naughty- not you Diana! I have never seen beaded garland in mercury glass- pretty, it's all so pretty!

  11. Diana, The room is very nice. Love the way you have it decorated. The tree, what a treasure,all those sweet ornaments. xoxo,Susie

  12. Diana, I love all your cherished treasures. What a great room. xo

  13. Diana what a beautiful room! LOVE those pretty ornaments! Oh I am glad we don't have one of those elves around here LOL!

  14. Diana, I love that you saved the feather tree and those wonderful ornaments from being thrown away! Grandmother Clara would be proud!!

    Love that leaded glass window too! All of it is just beautiful. I need to go and see part 1 now! better watch, you better be know who is watching you!

  15. I always enjoy to see your decor Diana. My visiting lately is zero to almost none, so don't feel bad.

  16. So pretty. Wish I could come visit and have some hot cocoa next to that tree!

  17. So pretty. Wish I could come visit and have some hot cocoa next to that tree!

  18. Everything is beautiful. Gorgeous photos.

  19. Diana , a gorgeous tree! I love your little sugared Santa. I love glitz and glitter on anything. Yep that little elf guy does look like a blabber mouth, have you ever tried just a small tiny piece of duck tape over his wee little mouth. That might prevent the coal. LOL

  20. Isn't that sugared Santa cool (what is it about those words-sounds a little naughty). If you need someone to vouch for you, that your just a good crazy, I could do that-LOL

  21. Your sitting room is cozy and charming, like you! Now about that big mouthed elf . . . I'd duck-tape his mouth! LOL

  22. You have created a wonderfully welcoming and festive room, Diana! Thanks for allowing us to visit!
    xo Nellie

  23. Gorgeous! I love the beaded the garland...mercury pretty! I just adore the look and feel of this sitting room so much. Just want to be able to walk over and have tea or coffee with you!!! I know it would be fun!! Love your little knee hugger. I haven't seen many in the!

  24. What a beautiful room, Diana. I cannot believe the tree was going to be thrown out, what a sad loss that would have been. The halo is really cool, almost like a little reminder that your home is being watched over.

  25. I just love the tree and ornaments!! How wonderful to have such a keepsake ! It's really special! I also think the other things are lovely but, to me, the tree tops them all! Joan

  26. LOve that windrow..I have a few old ones at my mountain top..The feather tree is to die 4 girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  27. What a feast for my eyes! Your decorations are lovely.

  28. Such wonderful old things! The mercury glass garland is beautiful.

  29. You were so smart to take that tree home with you plus the ornaments! So pretty!

  30. Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog Diana. I love your Christmas decorations!

    Wish you a lovely 2nd Advent!

    Madelief x

  31. Oh so pretty. Maybe I should decorate. Why did they call them a stoop?

  32. Your home is pure delightful. That tree and it's ornaments are a treasure within a treasure. It all looks so nice.

  33. That feather tree and vintage ornaments are an amazing find and how wonderful that you saved them from the trash! I'm wildly envious over the mercury glass garland. If it ever goes missing, you'll know who to check first. Stupid elf would probably tell on me. Love your elegant, vintage sitting room!

  34. I adore feather trees! I have 2 small ones but they certainly aren't from Germany. What a treasure. Your halls are definitely decked!

  35. Diana, Your sitting room is so pretty and I really like the candles and the old world decor! Everything is looking so festive. Such a welcoming home you have :)

  36. I can't decide which of your pretties that I like the best - it's all magical and totally YOU!! Merry Christmas Diana!

  37. Hi dear Diana, I've missed you so much, so happy to see your beautiful face, along with all your gorgeous home decor! I love your sitting room with all the vintage look to it, the feather tree is awesome and the German ornies, sooo vintage too! You're very decked pal, I can just imagine your adorable grands enjoying all this and your love as well. Happy holidays and big hugs,

  38. Such a gorgeous feather tree. What a very special treasure. I'm so glad you rescue it. Your sitting room is just fantastic. Christmas hugs!

  39. What a lovely room...I love all the decorations and the tree...
    I FINALLY got mine up today...didn't bring but 2 small tubs down and I don't have a lot on my tree...just not about to unpack a bunch of stuff that I have to pack back up when we move all these boxes. Once those are moved, THEN I can start repair work on the house, get it all staged and on the market.

  40. What a beautiful room Diana!! Your decorations look wonderful!

  41. I am so happy that you saved the feather tree and its ornaments from the trash! It's so beautiful! I lolve the look that old ornaments have and mercury glass is always a favorite! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful room! Hugs, Leena

  42. Diana your home is lovely and your decorations are so beautiful and special. You have a talent for decorating. Thanks for sharing.


  43. What beautiful treasures! I have a German angel from my in-laws that we put on the tree each year, going on 20 years now. And family ornaments are the very best kind!

  44. OH WOW...I want to come and sit in your sitting room..just so lovely! You have done so much work to make it so beautiful...have a wonderful Christmas in the sweet nest you have made. :)

  45. If mew need the elf to be quiet, I'm the man for the job. I have no problem with small rodents and he resembles one I snacked on this morning (outside of course but I'll make an exception for mew and chew his legs off where he sits). Loyal to you, to a fault!

    Your favorite feline,


  46. All of your decorations are truly magical! And the little pixie is the sweetest! Love these little guys and ALL of your pretty things! Merry Christmas!

  47. What a beautiful room! The decorations are so pretty, the old window and the feather tree are the ones that got my eye!

  48. Diana, I love your vintage window! This is a wonderful piece! The antique feather tree is also wonderful! You have so many treasures that just sparkle for Christmas!

  49. Diana, your sitting room is so cozy and warm. The wreath that makes a halo around the angel is special indeed. And I love that little elf. I would love to just sit in this space and have a nice holiday drink. Thanks for sharing your room with us.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  50. I LOVE the feather tree with the vintage ornaments, Diana! Your sitting room is lovely...I would love to sit with you and share some spiced cidar on a cold evening. Of course we would end up toasted by the end of the night...but that's okay...we'd just call Tete, and have her come over the next night, and join the party.

  51. Everything is so lovely, Diana - a true reflection of you!
    Merry Christmas!

  52. What a blessed treasure. I am so glad you rescued the tree and her glory. I love your sitting room. Hugs, Ginger

  53. A lovely sitting room, especially dressed for Christmas.

  54. Coal, not on your life, you have the magic:) Everything looks so pretty. hugs, Mary

  55. Such pretty decorations Diana. Nice to see your home all decked out.


  56. That little elf reminds me of the elf on the shelf. We got one of those this year for when the grandkids are here. So cute and fun!

  57. I almost missed this post, Diana. Your tree is amazing! I'm so glad you rescued it, hard to believe someone almost tossed it! What a treasure, and all of those German ornaments too. I would spend alot of time in this pretty room:)

  58. Your decorations are beautiful. I love all the light! Your elf looks much more tame than our elf. Our elf is very naughty. Yesterday he TP'd my daughter's bathroom and after writing the word JOY in shaving cream on her mirror the little scamp wired himself to her toilet handle. Like I said, naughty!

  59. What a beautiful room!! The tree and ornaments are such treasures to have!!



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