Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Fairy Friends And Lil Stinker

Fair warning- Picture overload here!

Yesterday's post showed
you the
Fairy Costumes
my daughter made for
my grandkids-
Now...not only did she
make costumes for her
own daughters she made one
for Lulu's best friend,
little MissA.
Isn't it sweet?

The families met at
Heritage Hill for the
Fall Fest.
The sun was still shining when they
went into the corn maze...
And dark descended before
they found their way out.
They traveled down the hill a bit...
And came to the pavillion
where apples were up for grabs.
Remember SweetCheeks getting
ready to kiss the apple?
Well, she went from
Sweet to Savage
in one bite!
No wonder OH-wen
"ruhnned away when I trihed to kisss hims"
Her older sister was not going
to go without an apple.
And Ria won TWO apples..
one for each hand.
Now I don't want to say that Little MissA
is a cheater-dog...
but they said
What a night!
A night that was full of fun!
A night that was full of surprises!
A night that was full of all the good things
childhood memories are made of...
A night that ends with 3 tired little
fairies headed back to
their car...
and home....
Good night Little Fairy Girls.
We'll see you in morning light!

Watch out for this little guy
on the way home...
he can sure smell up an area!
Look at that sad little face...
Nobody wants to play with
A Skunk?
Well, SOMEBODY loves him!
Baby E's Mama is a witch,
you know..
a red-headed witch..
a pregnant witch..
a good witch~
a witch that loves her little stinker.
And it's pretty plain that
 Daddy loves his
Little Stinker, too.
Sigh---time to pack
Halloween away for
one more year.
By the way~
Guess what MyHero dressed up as?
Okay- I mighta lied about that ~
He's a much older Tom than this one.
And that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that!
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LDH said...

The Fairy Costumes are so pretty! Such fun dressing up... makes me want to be a little girl again.

Cutest Little Stinker I have ever seen! Sometimes those little stinkers can smell up an area. Happens often around here.

sissie said...

Hi Diana,
What a wonderful Halloween celebration your family created for those darling children.
I love their fairy frocks. That little skunk is darlin.


Jen Kershner said...

That was entirely too much sweetness for one post. And that skunk? Irresistible!!!

Gina said...

The fairies & the skunk. So cute!

Pam said...

The fairy costumes are adorable, but the skunk is a cutie. Don't steal all the kid's candy now!

Patty said...

So cute! And that little stinker is adorable.

Debby said...

Love those fairies. SO much work on those beautiful costumes.
Love the Little Stinker.

Anonymous said...

those are the best costumes,, beautiful!!!Ouir kids go trick or treating tonight,, happy halloween to you!

Tete said...

What a fun time for everyone...and just wondering what you dressed up as? Love the stinker!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

How cute are they! And I love the sad-faced little skunk! Happy Halloween!...hugs...Debbie

KAT said...

Nana Diana Happy Halloween to you !

I love the costumes My granddaughter loves tu-tus...she wore one fro her birthday yesterday. I plan to do a post on her Halloween tomorrow. Im busy making Owls lately

- KAT -

Red Rose Alley said...

All the kids look like they had so much fun. The corn maze is my favorite pic. My kids had alot of fun times dressing up and going trick or treating. Ahhh, what sweet memories.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Mark said...

Those girls were ferocious! Thank God I'm no apple. I mean, some have called me a fruit before but never specifically an apple.
Poor little skunk boy. I don't even know him and I feel bad for him.
Take care and see you soon!
Your New Friend, m.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is precious. I love the faries but adore Li'l Stinker. ;) Too precious.
Happy Halloween!!

Julie Harward said...

LOVE the goodnight fairy girls picture...oh, I miss my kids being little at Halloween time! ;D

camp and cottage living said...

I'm still smiling. Those three lovely fairies and then Mr. Skunk!! They are all so...cute!

Daniella said...

How absolutely awesome!!
I love all of their costumes! And that little stinker is so cute!!
Happy Halloween!!

A Vintage Vine said...

Those costumes are darling! Those little girls are soooo cute, have a great All Hallows Eve!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Very fun post Diana...I love the skunk outfit. When my kids were small I made them bunny outfits out of fake fur. Great memories. Your little ones are darling. Happy Halloween!

Karen said...

Aww Diana, they look so cute. Those little fairy costumes are adorable.

Donna said...

Awwww! The little fairies are just magical, Diana! How cute can they get? Can't believe their mama made their beautiful costumes! And I am lovin' your little skunk man, too! Hey, don't they call old Tom's "fryers"? What did YOU dress up as?????

Heaven's Walk said... what were YOU for Halloween, Diana??? Huh??? That's what I wanna see!! hehehe!

xoxo laurie

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a sweet post. Aren't grand kids the best?
Yours are adorable, even a little stinker!
Happy Halloween!

debi huntsman said...

Cute costumes....cute kids! Looks like everybody had a great time.

Happy Halloween!

bj said...

...the skunk...the fairies...everything is adorable ESPECIALLY the kids.

You do have such a cute sense of humor....:))

classic • casual • home said...

How DARLING!!! I am worried as we are left with a bunch of candy -- I think I over bought I might eat it.

Donna said...

The cutest little fairies, a darling stinky skunk, but an hilarious dancing plucked chicken (I hope that's the costume!)

Many blessings,

Donna said...

Oh Duh!!!! Tom!!! A turkey, not a chicken!

More blessings!

Nancy's Notes said...

Diana, those are such sweet and adorable little fairies, oh my goodness! Could they be any cuter?? Looks like they all had a fun filled Halloween! Okay, do tell, what were you Missy??


SavannahGranny said...

Those fairies are soooo adorable. Love the picture of the backside. You have to watch "old" Toms. They are tough old birds.
Love ya girl, Ginger