Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Truth-The Whole Truth- (Painful As It Is)

I have learned that
I need to have my
camera with me at
if I want to catch
SweetCheeks' "tricks".

Even in the bathroom.
Even in the bathtub area.

When the girls stay overnight
I get up early and make
make them brush their teeth,
and have them get dressed.
and only then,
I go to the bathroom
to take my shower,
brush my teeth and run
a brush through this mop
I call hair.

Stepping out and drying off,
I spot this...

I ask-
Who's there?
The door cracks open
a bit wider.
Guess who?

What are you doing?
I want to know.
I'm juss' whatching yohu, Nana..
I seen yohu like thaht
 beforah, yohu know!

Yes! I know!
Yes, honey?
You knhow whut?

Yohu luuk a lot bettah
wiffth yohurh clothes on.

Thank you!(sarcastically)
Yohr'er wehlcome (sincerely)

Lord, I think I am finally getting it.
Remember the generation that
said kids were to be seen
and not heard?
NOW I get it!

So....How did YOUR day start?

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  1. Tell sweet cheeks we all do!~ What a stinker she is. Have a great day Diana!

  2. LOL, I agree, sometimes duct tape is a great thing. One strip over the eyes and one to shut their mouths....
    At least I know I'm not the only one who gets those 'special' comments.
    Her 'cousin' is full of them.

  3. A Peeping tom... aka Sweetcheeks...
    My morning laugh... : )

  4. Lol...so innocent...imagine if you could not hear
    Those little comments, life would be so boring...

  5. Hi Diana,

    Adorable post!

    I am always appreciative when someone lets me know a link of mine is not working... (usually Nana) so, I want to let you know the link in this post for your giveaway wasn't working for me...

    I found my way and signed up for your awsome giveaway.

    Thanks for the chance to win.



  6. good morning nana, wow sweetcheeks and you made me laugh out loud. smiles to you both, susie

  7. Sounds like an excuse to go shopping if I ever heard one. Nana.... you should go out and buy yourself something beautiful, because, you look so much better with your clothes on. Sweet Cheeks says so, so we know it must be true!

    And... actually.... I think EVERYONE looks better with their clothes on. Newborns are kind of cute naked, but they are the only ones.

  8. She is so cute and so funny. She talks like my granddaughter Goose. I am always afraid my grandkids will walk in one me and have nightmares, hah. Only 2 of my littles live in Ohio, just 2 miles away. They are in Canada right now and I am so missing them.

  9. Too cute! I look forward to those days...grandchildren.

  10. She's a trip! That cute smile of hers is so endearing!

  11. Oh, my. That's hilarious. I'm sure I look better with my clothes on too. Now, there was a time when it might have been different, but pretty sure I'm not going to be in Playboy next month.

  12. out of the mouths of babes!!

  13. The things kids say!
    Oh, but we do want them to be honest, don't we?
    I think that if anyone saw me in my "birthday suit" they would either run scared or "die" laughing, so her response wasn't too bad!

  14. ROTFL! She is sooo stinkin' funny!

  15. Good Golly, the truth hurts.
    There's something to be said for our eyes growing dimmer with age - the reality of my own nakedness is enough to send me into despair if I saw things "clearly". Enuff said.
    You are waaaay nicer than me - I would SCREAM to high Heaven if my Granddolls "snuck a peek" at me in my birthday suit! LOL

  16. ROFLOL! So brings memories of our kid-lings 'out of the mouths of babes' moments.

    She is adorable, Diana. Brings smiles to an 'off day'.

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~

  17. That is hilarious, Diana! Nothing like hearing the truth from the mouth of babes to make us feel better about ourselves! And I know that I look much, much better fully dressed, too!

  18. I am so glad i was not drinking my tea when i came to that line! It would have come out my nose!!!! OMG she is soooooooooo funny!!!!
    WHAT GIVEAWAY OMG i am working too much I have to enter!!!!!
    Pamela xo

  19. Sooo funny Diana. This is why I always lock the door when my kids come home.LOL!
    sending hugs...

  20. That's funny. I think most of us look better with our clothes on. I know I do.

  21. Diana, Thanks for the giggle! Out of the mouths of babes...so cute.

  22. LOL! She is so adorable. Thank you for the laugh.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I am your newest follower!


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