Monday, August 8, 2011

DOO You Want To Win? DOO You? Contest Winner!

Well, Here It Is, Ladies!
The one for
three magazines and
a $25.00 Barnes & Noble card.

Now, I know y'all use that
random number generator
Darned if I know how to do that~
And some of you do it by numbers..
But Me?
Well, I have my own little
You see- I can make a
Princess Party
out of just about anything.
And...drawing a winner is
no different.

I have two girls staying
with me for the day..
Ria & SweetCheeks.
They eat breakfast and
I tell them...
Go get your
Princess Gowns on..
You can BOTH do the
That looks more like a
BRIDE than a Princess..
And WHO is that with her?

She says her name is
ROSE (go figure)
and she is the
Bride's Assitahnt.
(I think she means
attendant but we'll let it pass).

It's a big process
preparing for the drawing..
First I type out all the names
and print them off..

Then we cut them into strips...

Then we fold the strips...

And toss them into
Great-Gramma's silver pitcher.

Ready girls?

Stir them up!
Pick a slip..
Just one slip!

Here's the actual process
up close and personal.

Just so you know we're not

I can't think of anyone that
deserves it more,
can you?

DebbieDoo is ALWAYS
willing to help someone out.
She gave me lots of little
tidbits when I first started blogging..
And she does SO MUCH
for newbies.

I am so glad to give back
just a bit of what you give,
Smooches from
SweetCheeks and Company.
your photo name


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Congrats to Deb! Yes, she so deserves it, she sure has helped me too Diana! Hugs to you Deb!

Kathy said...

Your little helpers are much more fun than! Congrats to your winner! Have a great Monday.

michelle said...

That is too cute and Congrats to Debbie!!
Enjoy your day!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Congrats to my pal!

Gina said...

Awww, Congrats Debbie!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner !!
Woo Hoo...and what beautiful little helpers!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Kathy said...

Love your method! Congratulations to Debbie! I am sure she'll have lots of fun with this! Hope you have a great week,

Anonymous said...

I just love your style,, thats the best way to pick a winner,, love the dress up clothes and

Patty said...

Awww.... congrats to Rose! I hope she enjoys the prizes!

Tete said...

Congrats to Debbie- so glad you taped them doing the drawing...just hope you didn't find my name on the floor after you were done...just kidding.
Have a great day with the girls.
Make some more bows!
Hugs- Tete

Melissa said...

Congrats Miss Debbie! I think being hand picked by 2 pretty princesses is more valuable than the prize it's self!

camp and cottage living said...

Congrats to Debbie Doo!
Not everyone's lucky enough to have a bride and her assistant to do their drawings for them!

Michele Smith said...

Beautiful little bride and assistant.
Congratulations Debbie!!!

At The Picket Fence said...

YAY! So glad Debbie won! And you just know how to make any occasion fun, don't you? Heather and I might have to start wearing princess dresses when we pick the winners of our giveaways. LOL!

Jettie said...

I'm so glad that Debbie-Doo won.
Well, if I couldn't win, that is....
And I'm using Google Chrome to see if it does work better than IE. Thanks to Tete for the suggestion.

Debbiedoos said...

GET outta town, Debbie poo won!!~ OMG that is fantastic, and thank you so much to the lovely princesses, for picking my name. It sounds so cute. I love the laugh showing no teeth!~ Thank you soooooo much, you made my day, as I was feeling it bit like POO today.

Debby said...

Such cute princesses. Close to my name, hah. COngrats to Debbie.

Blondie's Journal said...

Hooray for Debbie! What a fun giveaway!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Yea, Debbie! A truly deserving winner.
Diane, I love you drawing system. Any time you get to dress up and cut paper is a good time for me! LOL

KrippledWarrior said...

cute kids. great post. And a very random process.

Holly said...

How do you say ADORABLE?! I love the idea of "Sweet Cheeks and Company."!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh--I am over-the-top thrilled for Debbie!! She is a DOLL! And speaking of dolls, this is the cutest post ever--These cuties should be giving out prizes on game shows!!!

bj said...

I love the way you chose the winner..:)))

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Congrats to Debbie, Diana! Your little cherubs were just adorable the way they had to dress up to pick the name! LUV that! lol!

Hugs to you, my sweet friend!

xoxo laurie

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love your drawing method best of all! A big congrats to Debbie!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Yay for Debbie! Your cutie pie girls sure did a great job picking her name.


Annesphamily said...

I always miss the great fun! Come visit me and steal by sidebar button for my teapot giveaway! This miracle makeover weekend makes me dizzy with delight! Anne