Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Starbucks Summer Day

School starts here pretty soon.
I will miss the summer days
when I am not working.
I often meet my daughter
and the girls at

TPot and I sit and enjoy a coffee..
and the girls play
summertime games
in the grass just off
the patio.

SweetCheeks is always one
to investigate everything.

While sisters are more content
to look for
four leaf clovers.

Soon..they will be gone...
back in school and
I won't find my smiles
at Starbucks in
the morning...

sometimes the kids that
work there DO make me smile!
who knows what
other interesting
characters I might meet there.

might not be so bad
after all.

will ever replace
your photo name


Anonymous said...

what a lovely post,, I ;love the flower band in sweet cheeks hair,, thats a pretty one,, have a great day.

LisaMarie said...

I Love Starbucks!! I'm kinda sad Summer is coming to an end too my youngest will start school this year. It's been getting cold here at night and getting dark earlier already. Love the pix of the girls in the grass!

Gina said...

I don't think there will ever be a character to replace her!

Anonymous said...

Diana, You are going to miss those cutie pies. I enjoyed the fisherman laughing while you filmed him yesterday. My nearest Starbucks is 17 miles away. Guess I'll just drink coffee with Teddy here at home.:):) Smiles, Susie

Daniella said...

Diana, your starbucks experiences sound so grand!!
Lookin for 4 leaf clovers, I remember those days!!!
And the characters you met there are awesome!! Especially those gorgeous granddaughters!!!

Laura said...

gosh diana, Happy happy anniversary to you! I will remember that always now as I was 36 in july!!! And hello to the hero!!! You were both so good looking! and tall! (short people always notice other peoples heights!)
And happy half bday to sweetcheeks! do kids really celebrate that?! seriously? hope it doesnt catch on over here or i am in trouble!!
I love that your grandchildren are outdoors and enjoying nature! they always look so happy and peaceful, being little girls and not growing up too fast! Life just goes way too fast! Maybe we will keep you company a little when the girls go back to school, wont be the same though, will it? Oh, my new sis in law plays violin. She played from a young age, studied music at uni, then played in the orchestra while she taught at a boys school (violin) She since given up the orchestra to be a music teacher and loves it. She is so amazing on the violin. I remember her telling me about that style of music playing (suzuki). She has taught it, but i think its not what she prefers (for whatever reason I just cant remember...) How exciting! Its lovely that your grandaughter is so keen, its difficult to get children to even listen to music that isnt, well, you know, pop or rap or whatever they like!!! Its lovely that she is drawn to something like the violin!
hope you are well, hugs from laura xxx

Debby said...

I am feeling the same....a little sad that summer is coming to an end. I can't just stop by and see my sweet girls.
Also, this is the first time in ages (35 years) that I am not on a school schedule. Geez, no wonder I am feeling weird.
Thanks for visiting. I have had a quick scan a year ago....two years ago a MRI and an EGG. I know they are better as they come and go now.
Next round I may ask for another scan. Thanks for caring.

Chris said...

Good morning from Canada, Diana, what a lovely post and I sure do envy you for being able to spend so much quality time with your adorable grandchildren. My one and only grandchild lives 13 hours away on the Greyhound bus but I am blessed to be able to visit a few times a year. I am going in two weeks again. My little darling turned two in June. Have a wonderful day.

Donna said...

Wow, Sweetcheeks is really starting to look like a "big girl", isn't she (sniff, sniff!). Love the flower in her hair. And what, is that the Cookie Monster you have at Starbucks? Well, I've not seen him out here at any of the coffee shops, but we do have Big Foot. Yes, we do!!! PS: check out my post on Monday. There is a little ode to you there!!!

The enchanted home said...

What a nice post and don't you just love drive through Starbucks...I was so excited when we first got ours! They are so adorable and I find such joy in the joy that you get from being their Nana and watching them grow..they are sooo lucky to have you!!!!

Pam Kessler said...

You are making me want to visit a Starbucks! And I don't even like coffee.

Leo said...

I used to look for four leaf clovers when I was a little girl too. Thanks for the memories. I usually am sad to see summer end but this year - I am looking towards the Fall with some excitement. It will cool off soon and running season will start and I am looking forward to running a few races this year. Last year - I missed the whole season. So Bring on the Fall.

Michele Smith said...

What a sweet post! Tomorrow is back to school here. This summer went by way to fast!!

Patty said...

School started last Friday here! It's really kind of sad. A lot of people seem excited for back to school season, but I feel so sorry for the kids as I see them walk to the bus stop each morning. I love the freedom a care free summer offers and could embrace it all year long. But then, there would be no Christmas, would there? *LOL* And - I love Christmas!!!!

Sweet Tea said...

I feel about Sonic the way you feel about Starbucks, as I'm not a coffee drinker...School has begun here and I'm busier than ever (and a little cranky). :-)

Pamela said...

I bet the girls at Starbucks are going to miss them especially that SweetCheeks!!!
School doesn't start here till the first week of September!

Pamela ox

Blooming Rose Musings said...

You meet at Starbucks? What a surprise! I totally understand what you mean about summer coming to an end and the kids going back to school. I know you will miss them and they will miss the extra time with you. It's hard on the kids here because the weather in southern California begins to get hot in September. We have cool summer months but September is when we get the heat.
You brought back wonderful memories of searching for four leaf clovers. XO

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I'm sure the little ones will miss you too!
My summer has been full of great memories, glad yours was too!

city said...

thanks for share......