Friday, August 12, 2011

Miracle Makeover For Charlie

Maybe you've seen this
around Blogland...
maybe not~

I think the thing that
drew me in first was
the name caught my
I have a brother named
Charlie so I maybe I
feel just a tad connected
by the name alone.

Charlie is undergoing
chemo and spends
a lot of time in
hospital rooms
and halls.

I spend time there, too,
but I do it by choice.
Charlie doesn't have a choice..
but he does have a chance.
A chance that he is banking on..
A chance that this chemo
will kill the cancer and
he can go back to
being a kid again.

There is a
"contest" going on
to see if they can collect
An ambitious undertaking,
isn't it?

Why are they doing it?
Because for
there is going to be
and the dollars go to
makeover rooms
for kids with cancer..
to get expressions like this...

5000 comments would be
10,000 even better.

Now I don't care whether
you like me or my blog,
but I sure hope you
care enough
about this little boy
to go over to
and leave a comment..
cuz she is the gal
with the blog where
comments count.

I am turning off MY comments
and hope you will go
and leave one instead
Cuz comments are
worth cash
are working together.

And all God's
little angels
will smile!
Cancer And Kids....two words that
you hope to never hear uttered in
the same sentence.

And here is the true
Scoop on the
Miracle Makeover Weekend.

what it's all about.....
Here is a special message
from Kelee:
Here are some details for you:
There will be many places for folks to help earn donations by JOINING - Commenting - Like ' ing - Or Posting
Here is how it works in 4 WAYS:
1) Comments: Comments at any of the host blogs earn $1 each
2) Joining Google Friend Connect: We are creating our volunteer blogger roster of the future thru Google Friend Connect it will be up on Wednesday.
We will Donate $1 for each person that joins Design Gives Back Google Friend Connect PLEASE come by Wednesday and be the first to connect! :):)
3) Facebook: "Liking" Design Gives Back/ or Guideposts Facebook earns .50 each/ donation from us comments earn $1
4) Anyone that does a post with something positive, uplifting, spiritual or miraculous and a link to the video or embedded video and link to us will earn a $5 donation from us to the charities!!! ----They must email us the link to their post.--- So it gets counted. E-mail:

Bless your 1,000 Times.....
HUGS with Gratitude and Anticipation!

Read more about this at
Sherry's blog.


for more information and inspiration.

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