Thursday, April 7, 2011

SweetCheeks Sings Chinese OPPERAH Video

SweetCheeks always
always sings
(or talks non-stop)
when we are driving.

On this drive home she
informed us that
she knew how to
Chinese OPPERAH.

There are
several versions
but this is the

I hope this allows
some of you to
develop a whole
new appreciation
for opera!
(click the little square
on the lower right hand
side for full screen viewing-
you won't want to miss anything);>)

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Tete said...

I rushed right over to see this. So funny! Her gestures are so cute. I see she has her own version of chinese opera, which is good, she is using her imagination.
Have you ever wondered what she says about you at school? That could get a little scary...nad could involve the police.
What a kid. I still want a StarBucks moment and her audition for American Idol. MORE! MORE!
Hugs- Tete

Marydon said...

This is darling! What a cutie. TY for the share ...
Have a beautiful weekend ~


Julie Harward said...

Does Sweet cheeks have her own You tube site yet? She should! LOL So cute ;D

Gypsy Heart said...

Just adorable! I know you have so much fun ~ and that's what they're all about. Fun, love, spoil and send them home. :-)


LDH said...

I think I understand this Chinese! It's kind of how I speak Chinese :)

WeeFaerie said...

That is so precious! Does she watch Ni How Kilan? I catch Lil' Miss singing and counting in Chinese too! It's so darn cute!!!

Lin said...

Those facial expressions are adorable!! I can see she's going to be a famous Sweet Cheeks :))

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh My Gosh Diana Sweetie...
Can you believe this little gal? She has SO much personality. I love actually putting a little voice to her precious face. It is priceless.

Tell SweetCheeks she is SO good at singing Chinese Opera. I love it. She has my vote for the American Idol award. Yea SweetCheeks.

Hope you have a beautiful Friday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Michelle said...

Who are you looking at? She is the cutest. Thanks for posting videos, nothing like seeing her in action!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I just could not miss Miss Sweet cheeks singing chinese glad I popped over. Night night!

blessedmom's simple home said...

How adorable! Her voice is just like I imagined by the way your write out her sweet conversations :-) This girl has such personality!

Hope Filled Living said...

Oh my goodness! I will say it again, she is just precious! Loved her beautiful jacket and flower in her hair....little princess.

Gabriele Agustini said...

Adorable beyond words!! I love this kid!! (And her Nana!)

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I LOVE it!! Those facial expressions she has just aren't captured as well in photos!! How adorable and boy...never knew Chinese was in an opera! I'm still smiling!

Debbie said...

Came over to see this performance. So glad I did! Sweetcheeks needs her own show.

Pam said...

How cute. I was wondering what Chinese Opera was going to sound like and now I know. Now I'm going to have that tune in my head all day.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh--I knew Movies were next!!!! I LOVE this!!!

Patty Patterson said...

Hey.... do they have a Chinese Idol? If due to some crazy fluke, she does not win the America Idol as expected... maybe she could try out for it?

A Cottage Muse said...

So sweet!!

Oh the possibilities are endless for us now that you have mastered posting videos!

Can't wait to see what's next!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I love the videos! Adorable!

Flora Doora

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Just smiling here... : )
That girls imagination is going to take her places...