Monday, April 18, 2011

On The Trail Of The (Stinking) Easter Bunny

Some of you know that I grew up
on a farm in Pennsylvania.
I grew up believing in
leprechauns and fairies...
Santa Claus
The Easter Bunny.

When I was little my Father
told me that the Easter Bunny
left my basket under a
stump-and-post fence in the
back field. 
Today I know that he was a
liar because EVERYONE
knows that the Easter bunny
sneaks into your house at night
and hides your basket.

When I was 5 my father told
me that he was going to meet the
Easter Bunny in the back field
after he spread the morning
load of manure-
YES- Manure!
Keep that in mind~

I wanted to go.
He said NO!
I was determined to see that bunny!
My dog, Lucky, wanted to
see him too.

I wanted to ride on the tractor with Dad.
He said NO!
I decided to follow along behind him
thinking he would take pity on me
and let me ride...I kept asking..
He kept saying NO!
Lucky walked doggedly
by my side.
(like how I worked in the word doggedly)?
It was about a quarter mile to the back field.
Every few feet my Father would
turn around and tell me to go home.
I would shake my head NO
and keep would Lucky.

We got to the place where he needed
to spread the manure.
GO HOME- I have to start the spreader!
I wanted to see that stinking (;>) bunny!
I kept walking.
He finally turned the spreader on.
I walked right along behind him..
Unfortunately, I do NOT have
a picture of THAT for your viewing

After he had spread the load of manure
he headed home.
I walked right along behind him,
manure covered and stinking
to high Heaven!

When we got home he told me
I was the stubbornest kid he
had ever met.
I was NOT stubborn..
I was determined.
And as for Lucky?
Well, let's just say that was NOT
his lucky day.

Next year my
Easter basket was
right at on the
breakfast table...
Imagine that!
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Anonymous said...

Lol, great story. That's where sweetcheeks gets her personality from - no surprises there ;-)

At The Picket Fence said...

Hilarious! That's not being stubborn, just determined! And I do love how you worked in the word "doggedly" clever you are. :-) When my nephew (who turned 17 yesterday) was about 6 he said to my hubby "Uncle Robb, do you know about the Easter bunny?" to which my hubby innocently replied, "no, what about him?" My nephew shook his head and with the most pitiful expression said, "oh Uncle Robb, I hate to tell you this, but the Easter Bunny is YOUR MOM!" We still tease said nephew about this one of course! :-)

Tete said...

LOL- You and Lucky were stinkin'- not the Easter bunny! Lol- that is so funny. I hope you had your mouth closed!
Our easter baskets were always in the living room sitting on the floor right in front of the tv. One year, he even left me 2. He had left one at my grandparents' house! I thought I had been really good. Grandma just wanted to an easter basket one more time. He even hid those big sugar eggs all over the living room! They were everywhere!
He even found us when we were camping! He was so clever!
Love the story and you can bet sweetcheeks has nothing on her nana. The nut doesn't fall from the tree.
Can you imagine what mine will be like?
Hugs- Tete

WeeFaerie said...

LOL! That is so stinkin' cute (yeah, I said stinkin' hehe)! Love the story!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh what a special little story about you! It is just precious and pretty stinkin' cute! I just love your humor and love your stories. Of course you were not stubborn, just determined!

Hugs sweet cheeks #1!


Jettie said...

I can believe every word of that story, lol, and yes, I think SweetCheeks is a chip off the old block....yes, looks as if I just called someone old, doesn't it!
I'll have to tell you our Easter story one of these days.

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, Diana, that is just TOO funny! I like how you used the word "determined" instead of stubborn"! I will remember that! Bet you and Lucky never followed the spreader again:)

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

So who learned their lesson? Was it you for getting blasted with manure, or could it have been the easter bunny who found out it was sooooo much easier to leave it on the kitchen table? Adorable pic of you and Lucky by the way.

Cindy Adkins said...

LOL...that is totally adorable!!! And I love that picture of you and Lucky!!!
I'll bet you were happy when the basket was on the table the next year!!

SavannahGranny said...

You are so funny. I can just see you now! I don't need a picture, I have been to the back field.
Thanks for visiting Savannah Rose Festival. I so wish you could really be here. Hugs, Ginger

Love of the Sea said...

Very sweet story. Love the photo of you and Lucky. You were obviously a very determined little girl. So no wonder where Sweet Checks gets it from!!!

Diana Ferguson said...

I'll be going on a girls' trip to Pennsylvania in July. Can't wait. What part are you from?

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Loved this story and all the Easter bunny
comments everyone left! Love the picture!

Flora Doora

Patty Patterson said...

The Easter Bunny just stuffs out baskets. We leave them on the mantel - just below the spot where we hang our stocking at Christmas time. When we wake up, our baskets are filled with goodies. This prevents us from needing a new basket every year since well made baskets last a long time.

And - I've avoided chocolate in Easter Eggs for years, but this year, we're having chocolate. I'm going to put the basket of eggs in the freezer a coupld of hourse before hiding so the chocolate won't melt.... it will simply thaw. I know it's a bit cooler where you live but here, if you hide eggs with chocolate in them you end up with a gooey mess.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, that is funny! Your dad was very patient with his "determined" girl! Did they hose you off outside?

Diane said...

Yep, being stubborn might be a good thing. Ahhhh, childhood memories Ü

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...


A Cottage Muse said...

What a great memory!
Hee Hee....

Pam said...

Such a cute story, from such a cute little girl. There's something about you eatinf chocolate rabbits after trudging in the manure that isn't settling well with me!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Hmmm... that spunky little girl sounds an awful lot like Sweet Cheeks to me. ;)
Sending love ~