Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Princess & The Peer

When the girls are at our house
 we sometimes  have a visitor,
The little Capt C,
From up the lane.
SweetCheeks, always the Princess,
decides that Capt.C  is the perfect Prince!
Okay...Hearh is whut we arhe gonna do!
I yam the moahst beeyootiful Pwrincess and
I gonna get underah a spell and
fall down.

Now I gonna sleeep for a hunndretd years..
But yoah gotta whake me up wif a kiss or sumthin,
I'hm still whaiting! Whare ahre yoah?
I can hardly keehp my eyes closeded this long.

Nana (SweetCheeks calls out)
That Pwrince never cohmed so I hafta
get myself up
And NOW- I gonna change into my spechul
Mahgical prwrincess gown with the
Mahgic crown
and grwab my own special powarhs wand (broom)

Annn I cahn rwide it somewheres
annn see whuts ghoing on over thehre.
OH NO! Issss SOOO sad!
Whatever is the matter, SweetCheeks?
My new fwriend has runned away wif
My evil sistah!
Jusss like in that stworybook!
Hmmm....I think maybe YOU have been watching
Soap Operas
instead of
your photo name


Anonymous said...

Everyday with sweetcheeks must be an adventure. How funny and sweet. I absolutely love it. Smiles, Susie

Miss Gracie's House said...

Quite the entertainment you have going on there...lucky you!

Unknown said...

Oh, how I've missed you & sweet cheeks these past few weeks. So adore your creative writes, Diana ... & her darling adventures. She's going to make someone one entertained partner in life one day.

Keep watching ... I will be posting more tomorrow ... I've never seen so many blooming (literally) roses in my life. I know I am going on a buying spree (shhh, don't tell Harold).

Have a beautiful weekend ~

Romeo said...

Oh my gosh - I'm sitting here laughing out loud - this is a great post!!!! Romeo says you have a way with words and now I believe him :)

This was just too funny! I gotta go back and read it again.....


"Her" and Romeo