Sunday, November 15, 2015


Years ago when we first got our computer
a friend told me about on-line groups.
This was long before blogging.
There were small groups on MSN-
gardening groups, support groups,
women's groups, etc.
We all went by "screen names" 
and most times never knew anyone's
Kind of like some bloggers today.
I met Laura in a women's 
"1960's group"

I knew Laura as Thistle.
She is shown here with her hubby on vacation
a few months ago...
between treatments...
Isn't she a pretty lady?
Thistle has always been a dynamo-
living a life most of us dreamed of-
they were out of the rat-race-
building their place,
growing their own food, etc.
She was peace-filled and serene.

Fast forward several years.
The groups fell apart and many of us
lost touch with each other.
However, Thistle stayed connected 
with my friend,Jettie.
 Jettie reconnected me with her..
When Thistle was diagnosed with cancer 
she started sharing with us 
what she was going through.

By now I was calling her Laura-
and knew that she was fighting a hard battle.
It appeared the treatments were working.
She felt pretty good- tired- 
but committed to doing
what she needed to do to

She had a rest between treatments.
When she restarted treatment they told her
that her chemo 
They said that there is
for her type of cancer.

However, she DID quit her doctor 
(that she dearly loves)
and is seeking alternative treatment.
She is scared but resolute.
She feels that this is her best option
and has been studying everything 
she can get her hands on.

This means that she must leave her home 
 that she loves and go to 
another area of the country for treatment
for at least three months.

She has asked for our prayers,
good thoughts and/or well wishes.
Whatever you can give her-
she will take.
She is going into this with a clear head
and her eye on the goal of 
living a long time.

That  is what I am banking on.
I, personally, am praying for a miracle
and sending her my love and best wishes.

Thank you everyone that took the time to read this.
You are all special and,
the truth is,
this could be any one of us.

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I will be around today sometime.
Lord willing~

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  1. Diana, Praying for Laura and her family. You are so right...cancer doesn't care who we are. Blessings for a beautiful Sunday, xoxo,Susie

  2. Praying for Laura, God is the Great Physician!

  3. You know that I am praying, and wishing that I could be there with her to hold her hand. She has been such a blessing to me over the past however many years, more than 10, that we have been friends. Laura knows that God will heal her, we just aren't sure which side of Jordan it will be on.

    1. Prayers and blessings for YOU, too, Jettie, for being the good friend. You heart shows through your words.

  4. Eyes closed tightly....seeing bright light......and sending lotsa prayers and good positive mojo....

  5. I am sorry this dear lady is going through so much. I just learned over the weekend a friend of mine has pancreatic cancer. Going to do exploratory surgery in a few weeks. Enjoy the day.

  6. You are right, Diana. It could be any one of us. I will say a prayer that healing treatment can be found for your friend.

  7. I'll pray for Laura. Our God is a mighty God!

  8. I'm hoping and praying she' s getting a miracle too!

  9. Just prayed for Laura. Please encourage her to never give up. My sister was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer. Kaiser said she would not be alive in a year even with treatment. She left that Dr and went to a cancer center...endured 5 months of low dose radiation. It is now 5 years later and she is still cancer free. Yes there are BIG side effects from the radiation but she is alive and enjoying her great grand baby. My sister is my inspiration.....NEVER give up seeking answers. Blessings to Laura. Patty McDonald

  10. Sending up prayers for a miracle. They do happen, and let's hope she gets one. Sending her virtual hugs too. xoxo

  11. Hoping she will find her cure and bounce right back. I have three books on coconut oil and am finding it is an amazing product. They do cover some illnesses in all three books, of which cancer is one. I would not want to give her false hope, but I would recommend she read a book on the miracles of coconut oil. It has helped me to shed 25 pounds recently and helped me overcome a harsh case of rosacea. I try to swallow 3 tsps. of coconut oil daily for digestive help as well as cooking only with it. Yes, swallowing it is hard for me, but I chase it with a half teaspoon of cashew or almond butter. Will be praying for Laura with all my heart.

  12. I will certainly add Laura to my prayer list. I love how we as women first connect through the Internet and then by spirit. :-) Have a very blessed day!

  13. Diana, I don't even know Laura but I was heartbroken to hear of her plight. I am adding my absolute heartfelt prayers with the rest for her AND for Jettie who has been her friend (as well as you, sweetie) for over a decade. I remember those 'groups' well, and there are so many that during all the internet shuffles just got lost. All the groups were closed and it was hard because like you said, most didn't know anyone's real name or email address, so it was lost. I often think of my old groups and the great people that I knew there and I hope they are ok. But for Laura, we now know her name and it will be lifted in prayer by LOTS of us. xxxx

  14. I will be praying for Laura's recovery too, bless your heart Diana for sharing and helping your dear friend.

  15. Hi Diana, Prayers for Laura. Yes, this could be any one of us. I don't know her, but being a friend of yours makes her very special and I send best wishes with thoughts and prayers her way. May God bless her greatly in the days ahead. Thank you Diana for always being a blessing to all in sharing the needs of others. Have a nice evening. xo

  16. nana d...
    please tell her to get the book 'how to heal your life' by louise hay.
    louise also had "incurable cancer" and today she's 86 years old. she also wrote "how to heal your body." WONDERFUL works.
    i just finished how to heal your life and plan to get how to heal you body.
    she is in good hands. she shouldn't listen to those doctors. they are not God.

  17. Such scary news to get from your doctor! Prayers going up Laura! You are so sweet to start this prayer chain for her. Prayer works!!

  18. It is always a privilege to pray. What a lovely name Laura chose for herself...Thistle.

  19. I had a friend with "incurable" cancer, given 6 mouths to live, she refused cemo treatment, so she would be able to live the last days of her life , on her terms, and she survived Cancer for another 4 years, living the life she chose. God does listen..

  20. Praying, of course, I wish her strength and healing.

  21. Count on prayers for Laura from here in South Georgia.
    May the Lord touch with her in her new treatment program and strengthen her.

  22. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for Laura's healing.

  23. I just hate cancer! :( So many fighting this battle and it breaks my heart. I will be honored to hold her and her family in prayer
    and send healing energy her way. I know that many have gone the route Laura has chosen and it works! God performs miracles
    constantly and I think we should believe that it can happen for Laura!


  24. Tell her to look into proton treatment.
    The link is where she can read and then check out for the treatment in her area. It is producing amazing results!
    I pray and do hope all goes well for such a worthy woman.
    Loma Linda University Medical Center is in California, not sure where she lives.

  25. Praying for your friend, Laura, Diana. I love nicknames, and Thistle is a sweet one. : )


  26. Your dear and long time friend, Laure, will be in my prayers! You are always so very kind to allow us to pray for your friends and family. Blessings to you, Shippy!!

  27. Sending prayers to Laura, and lots of positive energy, too.

  28. Sounds like she has a wonderful positive attitude and I hope she gets her miracle!!

  29. I am so glad you shared this with us, Diana. I will absolutely be praying for Laura. I think it is so brave of her to not give up and be willing to go where she feels confident in her treatment and confident in the ones administering those treatments. I do so hope she has gone to an MD Anderson Cancer Center for help. Please keep us posted on how Laura is doing.

  30. You are such a dear friend to always make sure you let others know to be praying for those in need. I saw this yesterday and just didn't get to respond. Praying for wisdom as Laura searches out alternative treatments and grace for the journey..
    Hugs, Noreen

  31. Sending prayers and healing thought to Laura!

  32. Sending thoughts and prayers to Laura/Thistle!

  33. A woman with grit - I truly hope she finds a cure out there. Prayers to her!

  34. Lots of positive healing energy being sent her way--what a lovely caring group of people you've assembled, Diana! And the best advice any cancer patient can get is "get a second opinion"--even if you do love and trust your doctor. It can truly make a difference.


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