Monday, November 9, 2015

THE LAKEHOUSE! Shabby Chic At Heart

For those of you that love
you are in for a treat
here today.

did a TEN PAGE spread
on Debbie Koperski's
(which is also the name of her blog)

I "met" Debbie shortly after
I started blogging and she is a
We have lots in common, she and I.

Our decorating styles are very different,
but I sure love the 
Debbie has created for herself and her hubby.

It is soft, romantic and beautiful.
The bedroom is full of cottage charm with
its deeply slanted ceilings.
Doesn't this sunroom make you smile
and go OOOOOH?
Want an extra mantle but don't have a fireplace?
No problem!
Build yourself a faux mantle.
All photos/styling/article by Lohman/O'Neill/Soria
I know Debbie is just bursting with pride
to see her home in this issue of
Romantic Country Homes!
she is too humble to brag on herself...
so I will do it for her!

I am also PROUD to call her a friend.
And, as my friend, she has promised me that
go to Walmart
dressed like this again!
Sorry, Debbie...
I just couldn't resist!!!!

okay-that is NOT her...or...
is it?????
your photo name


  1. Hi Diana,
    You are hilarious! Debbie is going to wake up this morning and see this photo and crack up!!! But seriously she is beautiful in every way. I just love her too. She speaks from her heart and her blog always inspires me. When I first saw her home in the magazine my jaws dropped because it's so beautiful. Wouldn't you love to be able to stay in her home and take it all in. What a wonderful post and thanks for sharing. I'm holding onto my copy forever and proud to tell everyone that she is a friend.


  2. That's a beautiful lakehouse!! I love the shabby chic decorating and it definitely is romantic. I'd love to have a place like that one of these days

  3. Lovely lakehouse and walmart outfit, ha ha!

  4. Lovely lakehouse and walmart outfit, ha ha!

  5. I was ooohing and ahhing over the photos UNTIL I reached that last one! Congrats to Debbie!

  6. Such a pretty house. Thanks for sharing the pictures. And no one should go ANYWHERE dressed like that. Sheesh!

  7. Oh boy, you make me laugh!! Congratulations to Debbie, it is well deserved. Her house is amazing!

  8. Well this wonderful lady sure deserves this photo shoot and to be published! She is a dear and truly an artist and her home is where her heart is...
    I am so glad you shared it with us, because she is a very kind soul, with a big heart! And her home is lovely and lived in!
    And she lives on a lake, do I need to say more?
    Hugs, Roxy

  9. But does this lady know, that she has not sized her blog sections correctly? Or else, she is sizing her pictures too big, for how she has her blog sections sized?

    I'm sure she has a great blog. And posts a lot of pretty things. But this, above, is taking away from the blog impression, she wants to make.

    Just sayin'...... Here. 'Cause I'm certainly not going to barge into her blog, and tell her.


  10. She is a gorgeous lady...well, until you got 'ahold' of her! hahaha! I love her home too and how nice to have a magazine write up like this. When I see a blogger friend featured, I feel proud too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. I saw that spread and remember thinking what a lovely home....glad to know whos behind all that shabbiness! Have a great week...hugs...

  12. Diana, wow, I love your post. Thanks for letting me know about this....I have to rush out and purchase that gorgeous magazines.

    You are funny and so dear!


  13. Ooooh I live the shabby Chic, and all the white!

  14. A beautiful home! I'm sure Debbie is lovely when in her own body.

  15. She sure has a beautiful lakehouse! I love the idea of adding a faux mantle. I've thought of doing that many times in our master bedroom. Now the wheels are turning... :)

  16. OMGosh!!!! You promised never to show that picture from Walmart, Diana!! I knew I shouldn't have worn those darn shoes!!!
    I love you, my cherished friend.

  17. I hope that you and Debbie are BFF s forever.....'cause after that last photo, you're gonna need to know!
    Sending you smiles.....
    Love the lakehouse decor she designed. Talented lady..... Absolutely!

  18. What a lovely house! Congrats to Debbie on being featured!

  19. OMG Diana how funny. Debbie is going to love this from you this morning. Wow I have never seen her whole house so I am going to snatch up this magazine to swoon over the pictures. Debbie is one of the sweetest and I am so happy for her to get this honor from Romantic Country.
    Wooo Hoooo excited for Debbie. Have a great new week my friend.

  20. How exciting! I absolutely LOVE this style, will have to check out her blog now :-) Thank you for sharing! Maybe while visiting I'll share some fashion tips with her, lol ;-) Have a great day!!


  21. Hi Diana I too love Debbie! What a wonderful honor to be featured with her romantic and beautiful Lakehouse. Debbie's house is romantic and warm just like her sweet personality. i love how the bedroom ceiling is slanted and that dreamy bed tucks right up under it. Congrats Debbie we all love your style. Thank you for sharing Diana.

  22. Diana, Debbie is one of my special blog friends. She was there for me when my daughter went thru chemo , fighting breast cancer. I have to look for this magazine...I get Romantic Homes....but I have not had one of these. I love Debbie's little touches throughout her home, like angels wings or dried flowers. She has a beautiful garden too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  23. What a lovely lakehouse! I love her style! What an honor to be features in this great magazine. I'm off to visit her blog. Thank you for sharing it!

  24. Hilarious photo. Such a beautiful lakehouse. Debbie really knows how to take it to the next level.

  25. Congrats to your friend! It is fun to see our blogging friends published...speaking of which...

  26. Your friend is going to love you today, Diana!! The lakehouse is lovely and definately romantic! Kudos to Debbie! xo ♥

  27. That was a HEAVENLY Lake House - gosh - a real dream. I am happy for you and I am happy for Debbie - that is an awesome tribute to be in a magazine~

  28. That looks like a great feature! I follow her blog and really like her style too. I'll have to go look for that magazine.

  29. To fancy for me. I am just plain and simple.

  30. Wow a gorgeous home. My hubs will so not let me do this, and I probably wouldn't either, but I can appreciate her style..I've not heard of her blog and will go check it out. That was not nice to show her that way, she probably wanted to keep it a secret...I can't imagine someone going out looking like that?

  31. Congrats to Debbie. That was so sweet of you to feature Debbie. A lovely romantic look. xo

  32. you are so naughty, I hope Debbie forgives you! She has a beautiful home!

  33. Love the decorating but not the ceilings, I would bang my head so much.

  34. I like some of the items that she has around her house. I actually have the same white pumpkin. Although I'm not a shabby chic person, her home is lovely. Stop by tomorrow if you want to see my red kitchen. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  35. I'm not a shabby chic person..a little too sassy for moi, but the photos are beautiful....I'm glad she has it decorated the way she wants it. And, congrats to her for the mag. spread.

  36. LOL you are too much Diana. Love this post and so thrilled for dear Debbie on this feature. Her home is beautiful and a true reflection of the endearing person she is. I just love her and her style is charming. I don't have my copy yet, but looking forward to it arriving soon.
    Have a great night. xo

  37. Congratulations to Debbie! This is so awesome! Her house truly is amazing, but her heart even more... what a special person she is, and so glad that you have highlighted her home's showcase in the magazine!

  38. What a lovely home she has created and congratulations to her for being featured in the magazine! I rather like the knee socks with the heels, though - LOL! xo

  39. I love a touch of shabby chic. Mainly I just don't have the energy to keep all those ruffles washed :)

  40. You are hysterical! I've got to get me a faux mantle. Somewhere, somehow in some room!

  41. What a great honor for Debbie! Somehow, I'm not sure that is her shopping at Walmart!:-) xo Nellie

  42. Congrats to Debbie! What an achievement! And that photo? Yikes! Next time I'm bored, I'm going to Walmart and people-watch!

  43. LOL...I always start my comments to you out like that. You crack me up.

    Good for Debbie showing her home so beautifully in Romantic Country - one of my favorite magazines.

  44. Hi Diana, Debbie's home is just a lover of Shabby anything, it is gorgeous! But I am certain she did not get all her shabby décor from Walmart, so that can't be her! ;)
    You are such a special friend to brag about her here!
    Congrats Debbie on your magazine feature, your home is beautiful!!

  45. Debbie is one of the first bloggers that I followed. I love her decorating style!! I'm so happy for her that her home was featured in the magazine.

  46. Okay I may need to steal your idea of cropping a photo of a walmart shopper for a friend...hysterical.

  47. Hey! I think I saw her at Walmart the other day! LOL! Nah! Her home is beautiful! I'm going to pick up the magazine so I can drool over it some more! Thanks for sharing Diana! Hugs, Leena

  48. I was so thrilled that Debbie was featured in Romantic Country Magazine! What a thrill that must have been for her to have Fifi in her home! I drooled over those pages again and again, I just love her home so much. What a gem Debbie is, and a true kindred spirit.
    The scary thing about that Walmart shopper is maybe that is NOT a costume, but their "normal" clothes!

  49. What a lovely home. It's definitely different than my decorating style, but really pretty.


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